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  1. will need to seek one out ...
  2. I picked up a starter pack at Target. Great price but they were not as good as my gilette whatever. still, used them up.
  3. how does anyone even start thinking about this? 😞
  4. not quite right, he's continuing to refine his "look"
  5. G23c


    not too many guests, but its a lot of fun when we do. kids really like having family (mostly) stay over.
  6. Airwolf! from Blue Thunder, "were gonna need a bigger bird."
  7. nice, we could use that ditch bucket here in Houston after the floods ...
  8. this is why we need a "wow" reaction button ...
  9. that is priceless, it's the original prototype of the shockwave, with the codename "mockwave"
  10. I don't fly, but this little guy will give you some fun ...
  11. G23c

    Random Posting

    oh, random posting, my bad.
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