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  1. For me it would be throwing a hand grenade into a family gathering! I didn't say it had to be my family.
  2. I have many of those and the other meals also. Lima Bean and Ham sucked and I got rid of them every time.
  3. Looks to have some legs. I might watch this one.
  4. Nothing goes well when they start drinking early.
  5. So much has changed since I was in school it is like a whole new world. Only thing that hasn't changed is guys will never understand women!
  6. Wood warms you many times over. Have a great evening.
  7. Been there, done that and had much fun.
  8. Will give new meaning to having the neighbors over for dinner!
  9. Little Miss Curly Top (S.T.)
  10. M-79, I have carried one in my time. Prettier than any I have ever seen!
  11. Libs irritate me so I stay away from them. No common ground!
  12. Only real rules I grew up under were be nice and respectful to all elders. Don't break the laws and get caught, bring home something to eat. If I wanted it I had to work to pay for it.
  13. Bucks can be aggressive when in rut!
  14. Don't be mad at them. Laugh at them, it makes them mad!
  15. A war is not needed for snipers to work. If you think so then I'm sorry.
  16. Buy once, cry once. Good equipment costs money but pays for itself.
  17. Tenure is racists. Down with progressive professors and teachers.
  18. Many old folk have run out of f**ks to give!
  19. Let us wait and see what the body count is when she gets out or retires!
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