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  1. I think he is pissed because the President does not ask for his input!
  2. How can one be a person of GOD and believe abortion is right? Too bad her parents did not support and believe in abortion.
  3. I don't know about President Trump but he did something I do not agree with!
  4. I have used finger nail polish to paint sights, mark magazines, as Loctite and a few other uses. Hey if it works and is cheap then I have probably used or done it.
  5. Never had trouble with a OEM battery. Some have lasted over 8 years. Knock on wood my luck holds.
  6. Prayers sent for the family and friends! I have something similar, a bad nerve going to the left side of my hearth. Causes my hearth beat from left to right to get out of sync and causes some problems with blood flow, especially to the brain. When in sync everything is great but if it gets out of sync I am very weak.
  7. Ba safe and have a enjoyable time!
  8. Good thing you said you were kidding. There would have been a group of folks outside your door with torches and pitch forks otherwise!
  9. Yes. Meat or something on bread is a sandwich!
  10. I saw some Black Friday shopping on tv this morning. It was horrible!
  11. I got the same but never opened it!
  12. New Jersey for you, they can't get anything right.
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