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  1. Another one I have seen is someone stepping on brass and tripping/slipping, so I keep the area around me clear.
  2. Looks kind of bad. Get it checked out.
  3. Yes there are people out there that stupid! I am not sure this is one.
  4. I like my veggies made with vegtables and my meat made with meat, so no! Down with gobal Warming and the greenies!
  5. Knew her mother!
  6. We need to handle these laws and those who push them in the old ways!
  7. Did they ball him with the Taser?
  8. May you get well fast and stay that way young sir!
  9. I believe China with some help from the dems.
  10. Makes my head hurt just watching and listening!
  11. I do not believe that club is all that exclusive!
  12. Anyone ever done a "Scream Test"?
  13. Candy Corn Snake!
  14. If the money is there and you really want it, go for it. Life is too short to drive unhappy!
  15. Some folk have no idea how stupid they are!
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