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  1. Some people should not carry. Probably shoot himself trying to draw!
  2. Never had a smart phone only a flip phone and it does what I need.
  3. A general chewable multivitamin. If in doubt ask your doctor if you need some and which one(s).
  4. Been there and done that, often!
  5. Every body needs a hobby!
  6. I understand he slept with a 1911 under his pillow for the rest of his life. Hell of a soldier!
  7. Why is there pyro at a wrestling match?
  8. There has been some nice weather this winter but also some not so nice. I try to enjoy days like this, hope y'all do to!
  9. They should have backed up and got him a second time!
  10. I do believe they need to be bitch slapped and hard!
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