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  1. Like a lot of things, they have come a long way with all the new tech put into them. Batteries, especially, have improved greatly over the last few years. It does make jobs and life easier.
  2. That is going to hurt, a lot!!!
  3. Hope all goes well and you recover fast! GOD Bless.
  4. Yes, glad I gave up drinking!
  5. No but here is hopes for a fast recovery and healing!
  6. He is doing his job of standing up for his community and people! What all elected officials should do.
  7. Hit the rioters with dye so they can pick them up at their leisure! Why they ever let it go this far just shows they are bigger idiots than most thought.
  8. Just shoot him a little bit, would have ended the crazy sooner.
  9. Cost us $35 dollars to get married. Married in Seoul, Korea, wife is Korean. Be married 42 years in February!
  10. Love these birds! I have had them support me a couple of times.
  11. Still moving and sucking air? Then everything is okay!
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