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  1. For me it would be throwing a hand grenade into a family gathering! I didn't say it had to be my family.
  2. I have many of those and the other meals also. Lima Bean and Ham sucked and I got rid of them every time.
  3. Looks to have some legs. I might watch this one.
  4. Nothing goes well when they start drinking early.
  5. So much has changed since I was in school it is like a whole new world. Only thing that hasn't changed is guys will never understand women!
  6. Wood warms you many times over. Have a great evening.
  7. Been there, done that and had much fun.
  8. Will give new meaning to having the neighbors over for dinner!
  9. Little Miss Curly Top (S.T.)
  10. M-79, I have carried one in my time. Prettier than any I have ever seen!
  11. Libs irritate me so I stay away from them. No common ground!
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