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  1. I also like spinning reels but have 3 higher end Zebco spin casting reels and they perform very well. With Zebco you get what you pay for.
  2. I have known a few who did "things" and folks did not think they were any different. The bad ones do not advertise!
  3. Bette Davis! For the win!
  4. Yep, found sharp edges on the end of the decapper pin. Smoothed that up and no more. Using Lee dies for 9mm.
  5. If you do use something like that you had better get in the first hit or you may never get a second chance!
  6. Had coffee from a canteen cup many times over many years! Good stuff.
  7. DWARREN123


    Had a dog when possible. Ex did not like or care for them. Have one now who is crazy for attention but he's a big old loveable boy!
  8. I have seen similar before. Place I worked had a 2 foot snake get into some of out 5000 volt gear and knocked out our plant for a couple of hours. Did not do the snake any good either!
  9. During my mid-life I was too busy working and now that I am old I am too tired. I guess I missed out, oh well.
  10. Done this a few times. Some gave sulphur water!
  11. Mine was Mill Creek in Antioch TN.
  12. I own goofing off, according to my wife!
  13. DWARREN123


    B+, need to study more!
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