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  1. Nope but I have been to places that has stuff that would kill you quick just never caught anything. Probably die from being old.
  2. I shave my face and head so no I do not look like a hippie. I have never looked like a hippie, always a high and tight type cut. I like short hair.
  3. Whole lot of ugly right there!
  4. Does sound good, don't know if true.
  5. Oh, the DNC will not be happy with her!
  6. That last one, someone was very bored!
  7. Sticks are easier to load/reload and not as heavy, also easier to use.
  8. Used for when the stuff got tight on the ground! Love these birds!
  9. Less alcohol and drugs. Some folks roll thru life!
  10. I like part of that especially about no one in the state being able to curtail firearms ownership but some of the other areas may be crossing the line somewhat. At least it is something.
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