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  1. I have had those type of days!
  2. That is such a cute picture, Little Elvis!
  3. Both look like they could go on a diet and it not hurt them. But so could I!
  4. Looks a lot like me, according to my wife!
  5. I worked at a ESSO station during the mid sixties. Made a $1 per hour. Summer the women would come in dressed in very little. Heaven for a 14 year old guy!
  6. Liberals Go Home! At least you can't come here!
  7. Drugs/alcohol was involved!
  8. I believe most thought he would never make it to trial!
  9. Strange folk running around nowadays!
  10. Sounds about right for the bloated Windows system.
  11. Clinton Killer Clowns from Space!
  12. Not wealthy enough to go to a wealthy mall, not dumb enough to go to any mall!
  13. Grand Power P-12 I believe. Not a great pistol and had problems with the chamber. They wanted to recut the chamber, it was already to large for the last 2/3's of the case. The one that surprised me on how good it is was the Glock 48, polished internals and replaced 2 springs and it is fantastic.
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