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  1. I think we're ignoring the big question here, which is: do toenails (as a group) constitute one big thing or ten smaller things? Discuss.
  2. Are you sure she wasn't some weird Germanic fairy?
  3. A plastic framed P7 would be an unholy blasphemy. It would also probably melt. I’d be happy if they just made parts again.
  4. We always called them cut-offs. Y'all a bunch of lazies.
  5. We have these tanks of alkaline cleaning solution where I work. I don't use it but just hanging around it lets the smell get into your skin. The current potential missus manta says it smells like inside of a tire store.
  6. You won't see those around here. But then again, I haven't seen any "No guns" signs, either.
  7. No money to send, but I have a truckload of ANUS laptops he can have for free.
  8. All the stoners, potheads, and fiends that I know say they "need" it for some reason or another. Hell.......everyone NEEDS it. Most of us do fine without it.
  9. I'm in a fortunate position where I get to see alot of casino events for free, as long as I can produce some decent photographs and share them with the promoters.
  10. Those aren't actually fails...…...yet.
  11. Here you go, slugger.... https://www.taurususa.com/whats-new-the-curve.cfm
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