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  1. Maxmanta

    The Fail Thread

    Those aren't actually fails...…...yet.
  2. Maxmanta

    Rant: Pistol Grips

    Here you go, slugger.... https://www.taurususa.com/whats-new-the-curve.cfm
  3. Does your concern for their well-being extend beyond the womb, or are they on their own at that point?
  4. Maxmanta

    East Coast Sumbitches

    What the hell is op bitching about?
  5. I've done some voice acting, and I've read scripts that made me want to grind my teeth. So many factual innacuracies that I had to read with the brightest, happiest voice I could muster. There was one that followed the cadence of Henry V's speech before the gates of Harfleur. I almost ended a sentence with, ".... hard, favored RAGE!"
  6. Sounds and superfluous slide racks are added for emphasis. That's all. Ever see The Fast and the Furious? Cars do not have THAT many gears. Sounds add to the overall impact of the scene.
  7. Not Giving A F*** About (what a bunch of faceless arch-conservative mavens think)
  8. Maxmanta

    are forums therapeutic?

    I feel better after I've stayed away for a while.
  9. Maxmanta

    Actors you just can't help but HATE

    Not to deride dead people, but I've always heted Chris Farley. Tried too hard to be John Belushi.
  10. Maxmanta

    Actors you just can't help but HATE

    Johnny Depp.
  11. Maxmanta

    Are Gen 3 and Gen 4 trigger bars interchangeable?

    I believe so. My Gen 3 has an almost new trigger in it (smooth). It has that speed bump that runs along its length whereas the original did not. Just drop it in and see if it works.
  12. Maxmanta

    A cop followed my wife.

    It's Glocktalk all over again.
  13. In their waterproof tube, covered in cosmoline and packed in dessicants!
  14. My last cat, Oscar, came with his name. He's crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I miss him. I had another guy named Otto who ran away. My new best buddy was named Apple when I got him. I named him Bismarck (in keeping with my germanic tradition in cat names and he's as big as a battleship).
  15. I look back at GT now and then. The front page reads like the Angry Idiot club.