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  1. Good. It has to start at state levels.
  2. A friend of mine is a nurse in Oregon. They are about to go into a full-on crisis with hospitals closing.
  3. MacGyver saved the day once with like some jumper cables and a nickel.
  4. My son and I were hunting for a round body Falcon to make a drag car but they're getting pretty tough to find these days. This hard top showed itself and I bought it. Been working on it 2 years. Original 6 car but has a 5.0 in it now. Was pretty much a bare shell when I got it, and it'll be just a hot rod not a real resto.
  5. My project is coming along. It's almost beautiful!
  6. Also to include people standing way back to take a picture of something wide with their phone held in portrait mode.
  7. Now that this is over, expect Feinstein to retire before 2022 and Newsom to name a replacement who can run as an incumbent in 24. Feinstein reportedly has worse dementia than Biden at this point.
  8. Tough question, so many are stellar. It was always Outlaw Josey Wales (a complete movie in all ways) but Unforgiven has so many undertones that books could be written about it. In many ways, I think it is his best.
  9. This makes me really sad. He was a huge talent.
  10. Yeah, you can bang away on it and it doesn't budge.
  11. The anvil I posted is about 180 pounds. Those big ones are worth a lot of money these days. My dad's friend's father bought it for 5 bucks probably well before 1950.
  12. Peter Wright anvil. Made between 1865 and 1889 or so.
  13. 400 hp is plenty in a car like that. Also, with the twin turbo, it likely has a wide flat torque curve so there's power all the time. My F-150 is rated at 375 hp and 470 lb/ft torque, and the way it's delivered, it's a **** load of power in a 5000 lb truck.
  14. That'd make a nice lamp.
  15. Barking dogs. People who take pictures and video with their phone in upright portrait mode. Especially the videos where they swing it back and forth to get everything in. People turning right into a parking lot who come to a virtual stop while still half in the street, to examine the parking lot. Pretty much anyone driving a Subaru.
  16. A guy I know built an overlander van thingie and put a composting toilet in it. He stayed at the house once and showed me the rig. You couldn't even smell a thing with the composting toilet, it was amazing.
  17. For tent camping, I use a small cot that packs down to motorcycle carrying size. That with an Exped Synmat, it's very comfortable and your several inches off the ground.
  18. Mine is an Eno. Packs up to just bigger than my fist. Reasonably priced and good quality. Great for motorcycle camping.
  19. Hammock with a tarp above it. I sleep like a baby, even better in the rain, and awake rested and feeling great.
  20. The Sibley Breaker. For processing coal.
  21. My first 4WD, in the early 80's. Had a couple other later on.
  22. Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, "Cadzilla."
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