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  1. Years ago they had a full body mount of a polar bear at the Spokane airport. It was so big it was hard to believe it was real. And I've been around plenty of grizzly mounts too.
  2. You must have a special cart to carry your balls in.
  3. There's a term among deer hunters called "ground shrinkage." That's when the big deer you shot seems a lot smaller when you get up to it on the ground. When you shoot an elk, it's the opposite. You're on a ridge 4 miles from the truck and you get up to the thing and it gets bigger and bigger. Now you're standing there with a thing the size of a horse, that you have to pack out of the mountains, and you begin to question your decisions. Years back a buddy and I were bowhunting a certain area. There was a bull moose living in a river bottom that we hiked through to get up on our elk hill. It would grunt at us, and we'd grunt back and it would approach. When it got within 80 yards or so, you get kinda nervous over what you'd do with this little bow and arrow if it got pissed off. Monstrous.
  4. Rinse through screen colander with cold water. Toss in rice cooker. Add pat of butter, pinch of salt, splash of lemon juice, and a couple of chicken bullion cubes. Fantastic.
  5. Did well with his diabeetuss.
  6. Talk about someone devoid of cognitive function.
  7. A friend of mine took this recently on a fishing trip to Alaska.
  8. I wander about the hills.
  9. Quite a story, thanks for that.
  10. That's sad, Walt. I hope he gets to have people he knows around him. Best wishes to all.
  11. I hear a lot of good things about duck fat, never had it. Used to jump shoot ducks off the creek back in school days, filet the breasts and cook them up for a snack.
  12. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    Oh hell yes. Sold for $20,000 then, now worth millions. And see the 65-66 Shelby GT 350 still on the showroom floor, in 1967, probably sold at a discount. Now also worth a few dollars.
  13. Every time I get to likin' someone, they ain't around long. I notice every time you get to dislikin' someone, they ain't around for long neither. Josey Wales
  14. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    We had one of those sink things in high school shop class.
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