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  1. Hell of a story, Walt. Hard to imagine being that close. I lived north of Spokane. Was hanging out with some guys in the afternoon, and the sky turned black like a lid was being slid across, then was night at about 2pm. Ash began falling and we went to the store and bought beer. It was being cleaned out. Went to work the next day; we were closed but we cleaned up ash which took a lot of work.
  2. The thing is, protecting your own property is not the definition of vigilantism. Vigilantism is going out and seeking people to exercise justice; finding a bad guy and hanging him. The media people are either stupid or biased or (most assuredly) both.
  3. See it all over out in rural MT. I hate that crap. I classify it with going to an area that's okay to shoot and finding it littered with shot-up trash.
  4. The stoopid news people were calling the Rooftop Koreans "Vigilantes" while it was going on.
  5. A lot of incredible stories from that war. Thanks for posting.
  6. That's just a tough deal man. Sorry to hear about this.
  7. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    Game check station, Darby MT, early 1950's.
  8. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    My dad and his buddy Gene. North Cascades Smokejumpers, 1958.
  9. Yes. Not real far from here.
  10. Not good pics I took, but this place is cool.
  11. Lazy R

    Random Posting

    Dirty Marry Crazy Larry car? Edit: Just looked it up, that was not it.
  12. I played Asteroids and Galaga. My son tried to get me going on Call of Duty and it all moves so fast I get a headache. Oh, and get off my lawn.
  13. One of the greatest, ever!
  14. Sergeant Jato was the story. It was in the Darwin stories book. Was completely fabricated. Fun story though!
  15. A friend of mine who is a mechanic by trade has done several of the bolt on throttle body injection kits to old carb engines. They work well and are easy to tune.
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