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  1. It'll be fun to watch the season 4 opener. They filmed it here in town in front of Ford's Store, and had piles of bricks all over the street to emulate the bomb aftermath.
  2. You need 100 acres to put a house in the middle of to not hear the ******* white trash people's dogs barking all day. Or shoot all the dogs.
  3. Those Florida pictures are nice. This is where I live.
  4. Coast Commies plus everyone who has watched Yellowstone decided they needed their own piece of Montana. It's gone nuts here, and not just in the popular valleys, all across the state. My son bought a building lot for $120,000 6 months ago, now he's got people trying to give him twice that.
  5. Good. It has to start at state levels.
  6. A friend of mine is a nurse in Oregon. They are about to go into a full-on crisis with hospitals closing.
  7. MacGyver saved the day once with like some jumper cables and a nickel.
  8. My son and I were hunting for a round body Falcon to make a drag car but they're getting pretty tough to find these days. This hard top showed itself and I bought it. Been working on it 2 years. Original 6 car but has a 5.0 in it now. Was pretty much a bare shell when I got it, and it'll be just a hot rod not a real resto.
  9. My project is coming along. It's almost beautiful!
  10. Also to include people standing way back to take a picture of something wide with their phone held in portrait mode.
  11. Now that this is over, expect Feinstein to retire before 2022 and Newsom to name a replacement who can run as an incumbent in 24. Feinstein reportedly has worse dementia than Biden at this point.
  12. Tough question, so many are stellar. It was always Outlaw Josey Wales (a complete movie in all ways) but Unforgiven has so many undertones that books could be written about it. In many ways, I think it is his best.
  13. This makes me really sad. He was a huge talent.
  14. Yeah, you can bang away on it and it doesn't budge.
  15. The anvil I posted is about 180 pounds. Those big ones are worth a lot of money these days. My dad's friend's father bought it for 5 bucks probably well before 1950.
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