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  1. One thing to qualify here, is the length of your investment term. 3-5 years? 10-15 years? The balloon in muscle car values will not be a constant trend. People who lusted after those cars as youngsters are getting pretty old now. Many have been successful and have disposable income to spend ludicrous amounts of money for cars just to say they finally have one. That generation is going away, at least out-aging spending half a million dollars on a car because of its pedigree. It's like art; the piece is only worth what others are willing to pay. Not many millenials are going to pony up huge dollars for old cars for the image. They won't become worthless by any means, but the up trend is finite with a lot of down potential.
  2. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    I had that same Pioneer Supertuner II in my 1968 Cougar XR7.
  3. Ice, often. Ibuprofen. Roll-sprains were a regular thing for me growing up. Also did a triple fracture once. All of them sucked.
  4. When you're boiling noodles, to keep it from foaming over, lay a wooden spoon across the top of the pot. Dunno why, but helps keep the foamy boilover from happening. Years ago my ex was making hard boiled eggs. She came downstairs and was doing accounting. After a while I hear M80's going off in the kitchen. The heck? Ran upstairs and the water was all gone from the pot and the eggs were exploding. I sure miss her.
  5. Lazy R

    Steve McQueen

    In the motorcycle movie On Any Sunday, he's in there a lot riding and hanging out with his buddies. Just seemed like a good dude and was the real deal on bikes. "Harvey Mushman."
  6. Smoked a big chunk of pork loin on Friday. Eating on it for all week. Also have a bunch of chicken in a brine, grilled some of it Saturday. Will keep grilling that to alternate with various pork dishes. Pork stir fry last night was good.
  7. Peep and post is very easy to use and for a kid to understand how to line up. That'll work perfectly.
  8. My youngest has shot a lot of these things. All growed up now, he hit this one last year at 280 yards running, one shot.
  9. It's great fun teaching a kid to shoot. Mine shot very early on, just so they could pull a trigger and know these things they see on TV are serious. I bought a Marlin single shot bolt youth .22 for them. We'd go out in the fields and I'd lay a blanket down, and dump a box of shells on it. They'd sit and load that one round at a time, and in very short order were hitting things because it took time to load and they wanted to make it count. I've had other guys bring their kids over, with semi-auto rifles. They'd shoot one or two rounds, then just spray as fast as possible till empty. They weren't learning ****. My kids are good marksmen now.
  10. I don't get stressed much these days, but if I do, this gets it worked out just fine.
  11. Been watching this all night. Really well done and researched. Fascinating explanations of ancient engineering. Thanks for posting!
  12. We have a winner!
  13. You have a brain cloud.
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