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  1. Lazy R

    Hillary Clinton is still bitter.

    She a dirty snek.
  2. Lazy R

    Trump's Master Spooks

    It's fun to speculate on this, but they could have a video of Hillary sacrificing live babies and nothing would happen to her.
  3. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    This is Uncle Al. Not my uncle, but my business partner's great uncle. Uncle Al was an engineer on the Al-Can highway during WWII. He had colorful stories about it. The work was brutal and dangerous, mostly danger from the cold. Lots of frostbite problems and poor gear. He lived here in town, a single man all the way to the end. It was fun when he came into the office. At one point on the project, Al and another guy put up a signpost saying "X miles to (wherever)." I understand that got right popular up there. Al lived until a couple years ago, passing at age 98. They don't make em like him anymore.
  4. Lazy R

    Coworker washed away in flash flood

    Damn, that's terrible.
  5. Lazy R

    Trump's Master Spooks

    Tom Clancy ****.
  6. Lazy R

    Jeremiah Johnson

    They seemed to blend some other western lore into the movie. There is a small range of mountains just north of Yellowstone near Big Timber called the Crazy Mountains. It's said they were named for a woman whose family was killed during a move west, and she went crazy and stayed living up there.
  7. Lazy R

    Jeremiah Johnson

    I packed me a squaw for ten year, Pilgrim. Cheyenne she were, and the meanest bitch that ever balled for beads.
  8. Lazy R

    Moron CBS reporter

    Nothing brings out the Stupid in TV reporters better than disaster reporting.
  9. Double click double post oops
  10. My cousin does psych evaluations on prisoners entering a maximum security really bad guy place. He says a lot of the worst ones you'd think are very normal seeming, intelligent guys you'd have a beer with. Until they calmly get to their weird place, then your hair stands on end.
  11. Lazy R

    Now defunct retailers of your youth

    I always wanted to find a use for the Jester hood ornament from the JC Whitney catalog that was thumbing his nose. Well when I built my sand rail I put one on the top, facing backwards, which was the angle most everyone saw it from.
  12. You just gotta be nice to them and they're humble and lovable.
  13. Why do people say "The 405" instead of "405?" If I live on Maple Street, I don't say "I'm on the Maple." It's "I'm on Maple." Maybe it's regional. Here, when you drive up to Missoula, you say "Go up 93." Not, "Go up the 93."
  14. Lazy R

    How About an Off Roading Jeep Pic Thread...

    Got up in the hills today.
  15. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    My mother, about 1945 in Sultan WA.