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  1. Lazy R

    The Kind of Men Who Carry Pocketknives

    Called 'em Jack knives in school. Always had one in the pocket as well as the other kids.
  2. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    At my small town school we had these farm wives who cooked lunch. We'd have buttermilk biscuits now and then, and they'd always make far more than needed. After everyone was served they'd put a tray or two of them up on the counter to just take. I'd eat myself sick on those things. Man were they good.
  3. I use weights some, but also have a TRX strap system thingie that hangs from the ceiling. I enjoy it more than picking up weights. You can regulate the amount of resistance by simply changing the angle you lean from. It's very safe on my aging joints, and helps me keep all my shoulder junk together. After a shoulder dislocation/broken humerus, and also after neck fusion and partial nerve damage and muscle damage, it's been very helpful for recovery.
  4. Lazy R

    Co worker's husband found

    That is very sad, sorry to hear this.
  5. Lazy R

    Progressive Snapshot program - No bueno.

    Just like putting an Alexa in your home. We're turning into Orwell's 1984 and people are volunteering for it.
  6. Lazy R

    F cancer

    Sorry man. Hoping for the best outcome. **** cancer.
  7. Bet he didn't say anything about some gay ass wind chill too.
  8. Lazy R

    The coyotes were howling last night

    I hear em from my house once in a while. I like hearing them when I'm out camping.
  9. Attached to da house garage The shop from a couple of angles
  10. Lazy R

    Damn. Just damn.

    I'm a member of another forum that is absolutely huge, like 300,000 registered members. Thanks to a small group of **** heads, and a change in ownership to a bunch of leftist social justice warriors, the entire site is grenading. Never too big to fail, and it all comes down to people simply acting in a decent manner.
  11. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    My great uncle Ike. Carried a 50 BMG and was killed by sniper fire in Okinawa.
  12. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    Wild Goose Bill, whom the town of Wilbur, WA is named after, died in a shootout with another guy (who also died) over a woman. The gun is at the museum there. My dad got to hold it. Still has the empty cartridges in it.
  13. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

  14. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    My great grandad built houses in this town and played his drums in the silent movie theater.
  15. Lazy R

    I'm sorry.

    This thread delivers. Like the late hours at a party when all the inner stuff starts coming out. If nobody cared about what Hannie posted, nobody'd follow the threads. I thought they were fun, she'd post up some inane question, then close it by saying "Just being nosy, that's what I do." Followed by ten pages of enthusiastic responses by all these people who were supposedly not liking it or something. GKL I hope your neck holds up a while. I had C4 through C7 turned into a fencepost a couple years ago. Only a matter of time before the next one. Holding out till the last minute. Can't go back now and 'not' do all the things I did growing up and growing older, damn. And, sorry a couple years back I doubted your D size. You have proven me quite wrong tonight. Folks get too worked up on the innerwebs.