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  1. I go by there every week or two, right up north if Missoula.
  2. Supposed to hit about 80 today. Mid 50's tonight. Rained a lot the last couple weeks. Should be an easy fire season.
  3. Lazy R

    Ghost Towns

    Bannack, MT is an extremely well preserved ghost town. They were mining silver and gold there, and it began to peter out, then big strikes were hit in Virginia City, and just about everyone picked up and left at once. The jail What'll ya have, mister?
  4. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    Wow! Any back story on this?
  5. What's the rip cord do on the canoe?
  6. So much cool stuff over the years. I have to say, the new technology is really out of this world. I saw a show on the development of the Ford 3.5 V6 Ecoboost engine. Everything designed today on computer modeling and this engine was really designed to withstand stress. The block design is a thing of beauty. It's direct injected (fuel spray injected into the combustion chamber rather than intake port) and of course turbocharged. They had one on an engine stand dyno, and put stress on it simulating a Formula 1 car going around such and such a track. They throttled the piss out of it and let it run this course continually for like a week so see what would fail. Nothing did, and the exhaust was glowing the whole time. I just bought an F150 with this engine. It has 375 horsepower and 470 lb/ft of torque at 2500 rpm. From 214 cubic inches! It's incredible, in a 4wd truck getting over 20 MPG and will boil the tires. Feels like a big block. The high output 3.5 Raptor is 450 horsepower and 510 lb/ft. Tuners are getting in the 600 horsepower range without going inside the engine. Again, 214 cubic inches. We're living in the golden age right now.
  7. Ah, the good ol' Small Block Ford. Pretty good run for over 30 years, in various displacements but all very closely related. Built a good handful of them; easy to build and can make surprising power; small and simple. Millions of them produced in everything from Falcons to pickup trucks and boats. Of course the new 5.0 Mustang engines are a completely different animal.
  8. One of my son's friends had a pet bobcat. I walked into their place and it jumped up on my shoulders. Most loving thing you could imagine. It was really cool. They said it was super intelligent.
  9. No worries man, I do like to hear the stories from back in the day even when the details get a little foggy!
  10. There was no 351 in 1968. 351 Windsor (a tall deck 302) was introduced in 1969. The 351 Cleveland was introduced in 1970. Its "father" was the 1969 Boss 302, a Windsor engine with the Cleveland heads. However the 69 heads (pretty much the subsequent 4 barrel 351 Cleveland heads) had too large of ports and didn't make power till like 6000 rpm, and the 1970 Boss 302 went to a smaller port so they'd have power a bit further down in the RPM range. The 70 Boss 302 heads were more like the 2 barrel Cleveland heads. Funny that Ford had **** heads on everything through the 60's muscle car era, then plopped these heads on a small block that had such huge ports they didn't work till the last bit of RPM range. And the plain jane 302's had the same crappy heads all the way through 1995. Exhaust port so small you couldn't put your thumb through it. The 351 Clevelands made better street engines with the 2 barrel heads. The 4 barrel heads had very large ports and valves. I don't know what Ford engineers were thinking through all this. 351 M (Milford plant manufacture) is just a heavy crank truck engine. Gapp and Roush killed with the Cleveland in Pro Stock in a Pinto in the early 70's.
  11. I have the Northern Flickers around here. They eat my house. Shoot em every chance I get.
  12. Just sold Ol' Red after 16 years and a quarter million miles of faithful service. Bought a new F150 with everything Ford knows how to make on it. Has that gay tailgate step and the cripple stick. Actually seems pretty handy for an old busted up guy like me.
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