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  1. "I am literally shaking right now." Classic!
  2. Lazy R


    I have talked to several people who knew Bill Clinton when he was governor in AR. I'm in the lumber business and these are mill guys down there. They said he is one smooth operator, and when he meets a room full of people he remembers every single name. I think he's a total crook but the dude is highly intelligent and a real charmer.
  3. Lazy R


    Watched the sky turn black and go fully dark in the middle of the day when St Helens blew. Shot at and missed a couple times. Marched in the Bicentennial parade in Philadelphia 1976. I don't have much!
  4. Lazy R

    Mom passed

    Sorry man. Peace be with you.
  5. Well this is a fun thread. Props to you master chefs. I'm a fan of fire and smoke and meat, but like to try all kinds of things. Like Crockett, my mom wasn't much of a cook growing up and one day I discovered a show called Good Eats, and I saw the light. The Kamado has been endless fun
  6. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    Lotta chicks in these old pictures don't look too thrilled.
  7. My fitted sheet has those side/top-bottom markers. Quite handy.
  8. That right there. Gonads just went inside.
  9. I mighta had a beer at the brother's place and waited a while. I'd enjoy a beer and cigar at a campfire with you. We could tell stories.
  10. Heights never used to bother me until a friend died in a small plane crash. Now, those internet pictures with people on top of a tall tower or looking off a cliff etc make my balls shrivel up.
  11. Been hunting in a snowstorm and cut fresh lion tracks, like right now fresh. Scanned the hell out of the trees and hillside it had gone up and vamoosed. My .270 was of small comfort.
  12. Lazy R

    Old Pictures

    Russell sure had the badass sheriff look to him.
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