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  1. Ok. That's too far a haul for me in case you decide to sell. Nice year truck !
  2. What state are you located in
  3. spurgon

    tick shortage

    Im in the piedmont. Last year i had 20+ ticks by this time. This year so far, one. Spurgon
  4. God bless you and yours brother. It's a tough place to be Start each day fresh.
  5. Ive got an 870 doing predator duty this summer. It's got a rough finish instead of bluing. What produce do you recommend to remove the sweat and protect from rusting? Thx in advance .
  6. Hey I'm new to this site. I too read the thing at the other site. good to be here. spurgon
  7. hey, Whats your opinion on this pistol chambered in .40 cal? thx spurgon
  8. Hello from spurgon. Nice to have this new site Eric. thx spurgon
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