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  1. I have had a 40 MOS since March 2016. It has a Trijicon RMR07 6.5 MOA dot,and Dawsom Precision MOS co-witness sights. It is accurate and recoil is easily controllable even with full house loads. I like it so much that I sold my Gen 4 G 20 and now have only the G40 MOS and Gen 4 G29 in 10mm.
  2. G21H30

    Old Pictures

    There is also one on a hill Overlooking Fort Riley.Kansas
  3. It's not a well known or talked about subject but after our structures personal completed that bridge a outside demolition company was hired to remove the old center pivot pier. They drilled and charged the pier and set it off in a controlled explosive demolition. The only problem was that they didn't take into full consideration that the pier itself was surrounded by steel interlocking sheet piling and when they set off the explosives it resulted in a lot of the debris to be forced upward instead of outward and down which damaged the new bridge. At one time I had pictures of the damage,but I don't know if I still have them now. I've have traveled over the old bridge a few times,but never worked on that area of the railroad.I did however work on the rehabilitation of the Hannibal Bridge at Kansas City,MO for a period of three years (on and off) which was a truss bridge with a swing span built in 1917.
  4. I spent 42 years building railroad bridges across seven states. I worked the floods of 1993 in Missouri and the floods of 1998 in Kansas, When I first started we rehabbed a lot of timber trestle bridges then started replacing them with steel pile / precast concrete span bridges. We rehabbed steel thru truss bridges as well as thru girder and deck girder spans. Here are a few pictures of a project we did replacing a timber trestle with precast concrete spans. This was a double track bridge and so as we did one side,they ran trains at reduced speed on the other track.
  5. East central Kansas here. Well after having 12 inches of rain between April 30th and May 9th it has finally dried up enough to till the garden for the third time. I had just tilled it on the 29th then the deluge started. Going to be planting squash,green beans,tomatoes,peppers,cantaloupe,watermelon,and okra later today and tomorrow. We have been eating fresh asparagus for about a month now.
  6. Looks like this is what Glock will be offering https://www.gtdist.com/glock-g45-gen-5-mos-w-fs-3-mags-fxd-sghts.html
  7. My father served in Co. C 353rd Inf. 89th Infantry Division and was injured in a gas attack in the Bois de Bantheville October 22,1918. I'm almost certain that although he was fighting "For God and Country" that he was carrying a 03 Springfield or M 1917 and not a flag.
  8. Local hero from Lebo,Kansas 17 miles East of me. https://childrenofthedoolittleraiders.com/crew-members/team-members/spatz/ http://www.emporiagazette.com/news/article_1569bb6c-3d54-5af1-86f9-85009f53c360.html
  9. G21H30

    Old Pictures

    My uncle served as a Gunners Mate on the USS Savannah CL-42 and survived this attack on September 11,1943 by a FritzX. There was a large scale model (covered with glass) of his ship on my grandmothers dining room buffet. My uncle would only speak about that day if he had been heavily drinking.https://www.history.navy.mil/browse-by-topic/wars-conflicts-and-operations/world-war-ii/1943/salerno-landings/savannah-salerno.html
  10. While not in the same division as York,below is a picture of my father. He was born in November of 1895 and was 59 when I was born. He served in Co. C 353 Inf. 89 Inf. Division and was injured in a a gas attack. He returned home and was discharged at Camp Dodge,IA in August 1919. He passed away in March 1960 one month before my 5th birthday.
  11. I bought a really nice Gen 2 G17L and made the mistake of letting my wife shoot it. She now uses it to shoot Glock Girl and Unlimited in GSSF matches.
  12. From the right RL-550 , BL-550 converted to 550B , RL-550B , RL-450B , Mec-650 , Mec 77 VersaMec , Lyman Spar-T , RCBS Rock Chucker
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