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  1. Gone from our small county of 34,000 : Howard Johnsons ,Sears,Montgomery Wards, F W Woolworth, J C Penney,A&P Grocery, Safeway Grocery, K-Mart ,Gibsons, Western Auto ,Allis Chalmers , American Motors, MKT Railroad, Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF still has a much smaller yards and Maintenance Of Way presence here) KP&L Generating Plant, Rambler American Motors Dealership, Volkswagon Dealership, 3 different motorcycle dealerships, AT&T / SW Bell Telephone Gas Stations Sinclair , Mobil , Skelly , Derby , Standard ,
  2. Sorry for your loss. It's difficult to lose a fury friend. They always give us unconditional love and brighten our days no matter what else is going on in our lives. The longer I live the more I like cats over people.
  3. G21H30


    The completed bridge .
  4. G21H30


    A few more pictures of the substructure placement .
  5. G21H30


    I spent 42 years building railroad bridges across 7 states for AT&SF . Most of the jobs we did required that we work "under traffic " and do as little as possible to disrupt the movement of trains. On actual "tear out day" we received a time "window" to remove the old structure and complete the new one. This window could vary in time from as little as 6 hours to as much as 24 hours depending on the complexity of the construction and amount of expected train traffic. Below area few pictures of a bridge project I was the foreman in charge of which took 9 months to complete. The actual tear out was over two days at 16 hrs each day. The steel H-Pile substructure was drilled 30" x 17' casings , then 24" x 10' into solid bedrock then encased in concrete. The substructure was all completed under traffic over a 8 month period and in spite of a flood which came to a depth of 8' under the bridge.
  6. My brother in law spent 3 years rehabbing this to keep himself occupied after my sisters death. I'm lucky enough to store it for him in my shop and get to drive it now and then.
  7. G21H30

    Old Pictures

    Also know as the CL77 . Made from 1965 trouugh 1968. I had a buddy that had one.
  8. In her eyes ,as well as all of her Dem supporters the laws that they force on others don't apply to them !!
  9. After reading the States Attorney's full explanation it was definitely a justified use of force by the homeowner. A 6'3" 269 lb is a full grown person 17 years old or otherwise , especially if advancing on a person who has already confronted him in the act of committing a crime.
  10. $1.93 normal price and $1.77 at the Indian Casino North of Topeka.
  11. When I added another barrel, scope,and suppressor my wife made this meme about it. lol
  12. I purchased this Pelican SCAR PWS case for my SCAR 17s
  13. My neighbor who is employed at Tyson was positive and his only symptom was shortness of breathe. He is 59 , 6' 3 , 370 lbs and had a triple by-pass last year and is also diabetic. He was never admitted to the hospital and quarantined at home. His 23 year old son who lives with them also tested positive and his only symptom was loss of taste and smell.Both his wife and other son (31) were never tested but showed no symptoms and quarantined for 14 days. All have made a full recovery and so far show no ill effects.
  14. My wife and I both shoot GSSF matches. She shoots 4 Divisions and I shoot 6 Divisions. That's a total of 1500 rounds per match in 5 different calibers. This year we will both be shooting the new Rimfire Division which will add 300 rounds of .22 LR. I agree totally with you about constantly replacing components and keeping track of current inventory.
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