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  1. Those are priceless mementos. I have my father's WWI victory ribbon, dog tag, framed promotion to Sergeant, and discharge papers from August 1919. He passed away one month before my 5th birthday
  2. I have two on order, one for my wife and one for myself. We plan on using them in GSSF matches in the new rimfire division. We already have a couple of Advantage Arms conversion kits and they work well when fed CCI 40 Mini Mags or Remington Golden Bullets.
  3. The above is quite a coincidence. My father was a railroad clerk before enlisting and when he was discharged he was able to resume his job with the AT&SF railroad. I spent 42 years with the AT&SF / BNSF building bridges. My dad passed away one month before my fifth birthday,but he did indeed see and experience a lot during his lifetime.My older brother got his railroad watch,but I have his dog tag,discharge papers,WWI Victory ribbon and promotion to Sergeant certificate.
  4. G21H30

    Old Pictures

    Yep Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller
  5. My wife and I went yesterday afternoon. A very realistic and gripping film. The cinematography was very realistic and the battle scenes were not over done . I have a great interest in everything WWI. My father fought in the war with C company 353rd Infantry,89th Infantry Division and was gassed in the Bois de Bantheville ,France in October 1918. He then developed pneumonia but luckily for me he survived the war and returned home in August of 1919. He married my mother in 1941 who was 18 years his junior and they had 4 children,myself being the youngest born in 1955!
  6. I retired 4 1/2 years ago at age 60. I had spent 42 years building railroad bridges across 7 states. I was a 3rd generation railroader and both my grandfather and father died before they could retire. My older brother also a railroad engineer was injured in a train wreck and on a disability pension for 21 years before his death at 64.I made up my mind that I would be the first of my family to draw a full pension as soon as it was available. My wife who was a RN was also able to retire at the same time due to being able to draw on my pension. Since my wife is also a cancer survivor I have never regretted my decision.
  7. Too great bands along with The Guess Who , the music of my youth!!
  8. Great job! Congratulations !!
  9. I got this deer on my oldest son's property. 40 years ago at age 24 I took my first buck ever,five weeks before he was born. I taught him how to bow hunt and field dress deer. When we recovered this buck,he just took over and field dressed most of it and caped it for mounting. He would hardly let me help and was really excited for me. It made me realize how lucky I was and will always be a special memory for both of us.
  10. I was fortunate enough to get this 12 pt Monday evening. 16 yard shot. I harvested a doe from the same stand on Halloween.
  11. On two occasions over the years I worked for the railroad we delayed Amtrak. One was when a hyrail boomtruck broke a hydraulic line and we couldn't remove it from the track for 20 minutes. That cost the railroad $30,000 @ $1500 a minute,which was charged against our operating budget. The second time our foreman decided to leave a passenger platform unfinished overnight and as a result two opposing trains met at the same time and couldn't unload passengers. That one cost $50,000. We were also not allowed to get Track & Time to begin our bridge projects until after Amtrak had run.
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