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  1. One thing is for sure. She's never going to let a man touch her again! Gadzooks!
  2. One to four years before an "incident" happens in the US related to not knowing who is here and why.
  3. Once is enough. I like small hands.
  4. Among the more interesting events of this year was shingles. That was about a month and a half of feeling like you were being slowly digested by your own body's immune system. I recommend not getting shingles.
  5. She surely is. And has small hands. Kinda of important at my age.
  6. God might have a message for you: A woman in Canada narrowly missed being struck by a meteorite that crashed through her roof and landed on her pillow. Ruth Hamilton, a resident of Golden, British Columbia, was asleep in her bed on the night of Oct. 3 when she was jolted awake by an explosive bang, as something plummeted through the roof and showered her with debris, Hamilton told Victoria News on Oct. 8. . https://www.space.com/meteorite-near-miss-bedroom-canada That rock as been flying around space for God knows how long. Hundreds of thousands of years...and it just missed her.
  7. Brilliant in message and photograph. Amazing.
  8. The OP is much better than mine. That was a really good one. Way back when I had a friend who liked to tell the story of another guy's bachelor's party. I did not attend that party. But after hearing the stories about the beer-a-mid and a few other mild things that happened. Even the name of the brand. This story was repeated many times over the years. Finally, I slipped it into conversation that it was a fantastic party. Eventually, over time, and subtle adjustments to the story....they are convinced that I was there. They even found photos of that night...and are convinced I must have taken the photos since they can't remember who took all them...and I am not in the photos. The truth is: I was never there. But they think without a doubt I was. Thus i planted an untruth...as truth.
  9. Mrs. Historian, God bless her, has pain as the result of cancer surgery. They removed part of her lower left lung about 10 years ago. She wins for family biggest scar. About 8 inches from the back to the side. But she's cancer free.
  10. My primary care has a lovely English accent. She once said, "You have enough scars, marks and tattoos for a regiment." I enjoyed wrecking myself.
  11. I wear tips about twice a week for work or church. Whenever i have to wear a suit. It's pretty common. The hard part is finding a replacement because most people have no idea what fine shoes are.
  12. I had the same thought about nuclear power. France uses almost exclusively nuclear power for it's energy needs. They might have a greater use for batteries or electrical devices. And I agree we need more of the plants, Ours are getting older.
  13. You hit the nail on the head with this one. One of life's great joys is learning.
  14. I still wear tips. Class is class, Norton. You looked like a man to recon with with those shoes.
  15. Black market illegal Canadian leaf blowers....i'm going to become the Walter White of lawn care. I AM THE LAWN EDGER! I AM THE ONE WHO EDGES THE LAWN!
  16. Creating an artificial market....to transfer wealth from one sector to another. Explain to me how batteries can be better for the environment. I still have to charge them...and where is that charge coming from? Maybe the sun. But more than likely a fossil fuel based plant. And i have massive tool box envy. Dang!
  17. Interesting: Usually, it's the reverse!
  18. It's worse than you think. I have two friends who have kids. Those kids were made in America but assembled with Chinese parts. (Moms came from China)
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