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  1. Who! What day this month. I know four people who have birthdays in Sept.
  2. My state has no native porcupines. It is, however, illegal in my state for someone to have sex...with a porcupine. I'm guessing since a deviated prevert would have to import against state lines....it's a federal issue.
  3. The FCC usually uses the US Marshalls for their law enforcement actions. At least these days.
  4. That pretty much came from the movie. But he would have agreed. The movie had little to with the man in reality. But it was a well told story. You should read his book, "War as i knew it," by GS Patton.
  5. No kidding. If you guys are interested in a fine first person account of the war that involves a BHP...then you might want to read, "Whatever it tool," By Henry Langrehr. He was in the 82nd before be sent to a work camp deep in central Europe and walked his way out with a BHP. That man was one to recon with. This is likely the last book written by a living American paratrooper of WWII...just came out.
  6. I kinda hoped the guy who it was first issued to...didn't need it after the American was finished with him.
  7. I am SO In for this job application. My mom and her cousin did this, actually. Obertino is Italian...apparently he got a little drunk from the fumes that day.
  8. And not all of them physical. Sometimes the stuff between your ears is worse.
  9. Right there. Perfect. A most well worded posting, sir.
  10. She has more decorations that matter than me, man. She did the best she could, i imagine. Look at that list of injuries. She was a young woman. God help her.
  11. This is a wonderful thread...pun intended in some cases.
  12. Things like that...make me wish they could talk. That's pure culture.
  13. Lots and lots of negative things have been said about her. I wasn't there. Ain't going to judge. I wish her peace in life.
  14. That last one is really a priceless national artifact. The old blanket.
  15. Ok, confession. Just after college i was buying a tea cup at an antique mall. The future Mrs. Historian has a lovely collection of fine old mismatched cups. In fact we used to have nothing but the very best mismatched china to eat from. Didn't have much money between us...but we sure had very nice English, French and some German china. Anyway. I was going to buy her a pretty cup....and noticed in a small case...a Browning Hi Power...with very little finish. I asked to look at it...it worked. I put a pencil down the barrel and the retailer (a woman) looked at me like i was nuts...as i shot the pencil a few feet into the air. Then i asked if i could take it apart...she didn't know what i meat...and should have likely called the owner...but i took it apart and everything seemed normal. I looked down the barrel and it was ok. She must have thought i was some kind of arms expert. I paid her $300 bucks and walked out the door and down to my buddy's gun shop where the gunsmith declared it functional and safe. It was a German made Browning made in late 1944 with Eagle marks. Shame i lost it in the whaling incident.
  16. Me, too. She went through a lot. Way more than she should have.
  17. Our ever greens are living up to their name. No real changes in color this far South....sadly.
  18. Right. Usually it's a bad connector or wire. You are an engineer so you'll get a kick out of this. The guy who had my job before me and i worked together for a few years before he left and i was promoted. Anyway. He ran a serial cable from the back of a nice IBM server to the backside of our very nice large scale enterprise storage device (NetApp). When the email administrator retired and shutdown that IBM server it was attached serially to the storage device (the other guy used to telnet from the machine to the device)...and within a few days we started losing access to user data...not other types of data...but user data stored on the system. As I was watching a Putty (telnet) session i noticed the device suddenly blurted out a bunch of garbage. The clock was also off. I fixed the clock and the data came back. About 30 minutes later it dropped again after several screens of garbage. What was happening (and this is how we became a white paper) was the serial cable was acting as an antenna and periodically was transmitting a blurt of useless data to the storage device. This timed out the device CPU and we eventually lost more than five minutes of network time. After five minutes shares stop sharing. Fix the clock and they comes back. Took us almost two days to noticed the blurted data as it was so fast.
  19. Dunno. I've got about 14 years in Aikido...going on 15....most people i get a little distance.
  20. Ahhh i've seen something like this once with a coax cable connection. The FCC eventually showed up and fixed it.
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