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  1. But American whiskey...was made by Scottish immigrants. So..it's American Scotch.
  2. "National Security Hotline, where's the issue?" "Wait! Wait How the hell did you get this number. This is a highly secure facility. We are going to have to trace this line. What's your name? Your location. Never mind we will find you. You are going to have to be questioned. You might want a lawyer present." ------------ Hey. I have made an insurance salesman cry. I enjoy this sort of thing. I also asked a lawyer to define a batter because he was attempting to stick is toung in my ear. He asked me what i would do about it. I cleared my side of the bar with the answer. Some people need a dose of what they give.
  3. I have done something similar to this.
  4. Give'em two weeks. Wish them well. If he gets canned it will be an interesting story in another story some day. I tried to do the professional thing and they fired me. I wanted to wait out the two weeks and pull my share of the load. Do the right thing. They...did not...
  5. My dad was one of the commissioning officers of the Abe. That was a long time ago.
  6. Oh, there is a classic. That movie had EVERYTHING in it. Amazing movie.
  7. I remember when women dressed like that. And those gas prices. The were high for the time.
  8. If i don' know the number I usually answer, "XXXXXX county morgue.....do you have a pick up or delivery?"
  9. So Clint and I have an interesting interlude. The only book burning i ever went to involved, "The Bridges of Madison County." I was in college at the time...and came home from school. My neighbor was starting his grill and said he had a second stake....bring something over...and we'd eat. So I brought over something (cant remember what) and some beer and whiskey. His wife was out of town at the time. So as he starts the grill i look down and saw a book under the coals.... I as amazed and asked him about it. He said his wife had read the book three times. And as she read it would smack him on the shoulder and blurt out, "Why can't you be more romantic!" She would start to cry. He HATED that book. And that's how i ended up at a book burning.
  10. The Outlaw Jose. The Good the Bad and the Ugly Fist Full of Dollars (Amazing ending) Just so many.
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