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  1. Well someone should feel better. 48 hour shift with about 4 hours sleep. Finally got about some rest starting about 2 AM. I'm taking the day off and having lunch at Hooters. I want a breast sandwich.
  2. Right. Then I'll have my sorry arse back there at 2 for another 20 hour shift. Gotta pay those taxes to help those who don't pay taxes.
  3. It gave me hope that i can improve on my standards.
  4. I am not remotely clear how drunk you have to be to make this happen. It's a real story.
  5. God bless you brother, stay safe. It surely does feel good.
  6. So is my sister-in-law. Sorry. I'll be here until monday... Try the veal. And remember to return your stewardess to her origional....upright positionl
  7. Yeah, i know exactly what you mean. IBM had a keyboard that sounded like a Browning 50. They were good times, Eric.
  8. You should look at the Case knife forum. They have a wealth of information. I'm a member of the collector's society. Case knives are like potato chips. You can't just have one. I have a jumbo stockman that is a beast. That is my go to when working on a fence line or something. It's just the right kind of knife for the right reasons. But it is fairly big.
  9. John Adams once said being president was a job so bad he would not wish it upon his worse enemy.
  10. Oh, please, have mercy! Yes! I will pay twice the amount!
  11. I'm having a rye, Nancy. Here's your chance!
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