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  1. That a precious little person. 😊 I really think she likes that strawberry.
  2. Nice. I have some of that. The last two days I've been polishing an old WWII artillery shell. I found ketchup did a nice job removing bulk tarnish of over 70 years. Brasso wasn't cutting it. What? You guys think that's odd? I thought everyone polished their shells.
  3. We have a BUNCH of red tailed and red shouldered hawks where i am...and love to see them. Today i was on a zoom meeting and one landed on the fence behind me. Everyone was interested in that. I also saw a hawk today swoop down and piss off a crow. That was worth the laugh. At night we hear almost every night owls of at least two types. Great and a smaller variation. I once heard a screech owl right outside our master bedroom window. I grabbed a pistol and a flash light thinking the neighbor was being attacked. The bird went off just as i went under an oak tree. Scared the crap out of me but was not a danger to anyone (the bird)
  4. That program was started by a reserve unit. It is one of the greatest things the Marines ever did. It was an example of just doing the right thing. By the way do you know the story of Norad ad Santa? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NORAD_Tracks_Santa And i might add every year: Each nation's air force escorts Santa. As I understand it...the Canadians hand it off to us. The Canadians escort Santa with F18s. And my bet is Commander Hadfield probably leads this team. That Canadian has done everything.
  5. Actually. While good at violence. They tend to do much more regularly. I am actually kind of lost trying to come up with a complete list of what they can do. They have everything from world class cooks, doctors, pilots, musicians, you name it. Hell the navy band has a country group called Country Currants that has a standing yearly offer with the Grand Ole Opry, The US Marine Band in DC is as good as any symphony anywhere in the world. Just google the name Jonny Kim. Not sure what that guy hasn't done...but he was busy being a Seal, Doctor and Astronaut, ham radio operator, pilot, husband, dad, brother. (Seriously dude, if you're reading this give the rest of us a chance.) Bet he becomes the 1st and only...door gunner on the ISS. I guess they don't have an in house golf course turf management program.
  6. Can't seem to find any for sale, sadly.
  7. Well they picked a good place for the kids!
  8. That is one fine bird there. Thank you for sharing that. I'm going to pass it along. I saw they were having fish for lunch. Good to see their eating well.
  9. Don't think I've ever seen anything like that before. But found myself cheering for the little bird to get up and get at it! Get out of the egg!
  10. Oh wow! That was worth watching. Something good in the world.
  11. I got a high and tight on what is left of my hair just before stuff shut down. That being said...I'm about two weeks away from being driven nuts but the growth.
  12. Seriously nice kitchen and storage. You have some excellent copper cooking equipment....and I bet gas. You sir, like to cook, and do it well.
  13. We had a very close call and perhaps the experience. Little historian was hit with something that lasted about a week and was mild with a 101 fever, cough, sinuses and we thought it was just something kids get. The wife on the other hand has a patient who was just removed from a ventilator. He's breathing with o2 and getting better every day...but both he and his wife had it. To some extent were sitting ducks as the wife is a nurse and i work in public safety.
  14. This feculence is the bane of my existence. I am extraordinary exasperated and superannuated of this seasonal distressing experience.
  15. I so need to get some of this. Maybe Mrs. Historian...will...well...this could get interesting.
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