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  1. Historian

    It tastes like crick water

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y09YOkVmGg0 I was usually drinking on our beaver hunts..
  2. Historian

    Poll numbers

    You are a banana?
  3. Historian

    No more *** to give

    Reminds me of Mr. Shankly by The Smiths.
  4. Historian

    No more *** to give

    I think the executive summary of this song shall be delivered to the boss within five years.
  5. Historian

    Two Men Stole Guns at SHOT Show

    Get what they deserve in court. I hope.
  6. That...is sad...there goes his coffee ration.
  7. French press or perculator if I have time. I like my coffee black with anger added.
  8. Actually. They don't. And the members of the press know it.
  9. Historian

    Guess which state, go ahead I dare you to guess

    Hmm that's odd. This sounds more advanced than the standard door knob licker.
  10. Historian

    Social Justice What Does It Mean to You?

    To me it's doing something. Just finished a fund raiser for a Gold Star Memorial. Going to help with another fund raiser locally that will produce $250,000 to feed the hungry.
  11. Historian

    Weed and memory...

    Rodio sex: When your having sex and suddenly hit a low D on the tuba and try to hold on to her for 10 seconds. Aparently it's a suspicios sound that causes great concern for her.
  12. Historian

    A Rare S&W M19-3 with Fixed Sights

    And they were wicked good with them.
  13. Historian

    Weed and memory...

    You know what you get when you spell Tupac backwards? Caput! That was so insensitive of me.
  14. Historian

    Weed and memory...

    Seriously, tuba players need love, too.
  15. Historian

    Weed and memory...

    Ah...i can't add anything to that. I will however, go polish my tuba.