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  1. Packed. But im also trying to stay out of them this year. I have a tendency to fall in love and adopt things i don't need.
  2. What he was accused of doing was vile.
  3. And depending on where you live state and local taxes. Moon river! It's like the doctor uses the entire arm during the exam.
  4. Cool! I've been a mead maker for about 15 years. I assume you use your own bees? Truly impressive. That takes it to an entirely different level.
  5. When i was an contractor for about 9 years i regularly sent checks to the US Dept. of the Treasury in amounts that made me think they should name a ship after me.
  6. And i have read this in some Christian scripture. "And the only fruit flavored beer shall be made by Belgians...and it shall be Lambic." The rest are sad imitations.
  7. Every president i've ever seen entered looking their best...and left looking tired and gray.
  8. But lord they will try everything they can to stop him from doing that. Obama had a pick. And we were lucky they held of on a vote.
  9. Gotta love the creativity of those masks!
  10. I've been brewing my own for 20 years. I have never, been so drunk, so confused, some disoriented, that I would even consider making that beer. In fact, if i thought i should make that beer... I'd go see my priest and tell him i had sin on my mind. If i did it: If I brewed that beer. I would seek salvation by joining a religious order and taking a vow of silence....so i could never admit to anyone again...the nature of my sin.
  11. A peanut butter biscuit stout with no biscuits, butter or nuts. Awww hell no....just because you CAN brew that crap...does not mean you should! Beer should taste like beer. Some people have no respect for beer or themselves.
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