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  1. Not as much as i used to. But back in the day i sure did enjoy playing Atomic Games Battle of the Bulge and A Bridge Too Far. Great games. In my youth i was a hell of a fine arm chair pilot having shot down 27 Iranian aircraft in one mission about 1993 in an F117 (That was the game) and actually few an Apache (Gunship 2000) into a tunnel to get a Russian train. Games are interesting. They drive a lot of high end tech. that is used in other places.
  2. Flower shotgun shells. Well...i'd probably use a few. I'll still hunt...but hey...sounds like fun!
  3. Have mercy. Upper management where i work. Throwing another load of poop at the employees.
  4. The Beatles of the bird world. She said yeah yeah yeah...or something like that.
  5. Just for the record as a former road officer. This sounds incredibly reasonable!
  6. It's complicated: I drop it. Like load in my shorts.
  7. That was one hell of a pot hole!
  8. Yeah, swamp. I was 25...and dating a smokin little hottie who became Mrs. Historian.
  9. When is started out in a rural county as a cop the feeling was totally mutual. We had a wonderful appreciation for each other. I work for a larger place now. But that first department was 18 men strong (a couple reserves) and no cop-ettes. The entire department would march in the 3rd of July parade. The SO would put an extra unit in our area to cover us. I remember after the parade walking through an arts festival held at the same time...and was invited to have a plate of homemade fried chicken, potato salad and collard greens. We knew the family. They fixed all our cars. That was so log ago..we carried spears for side arms. I drove a Ford Crown Brontosaurus.
  10. My county pay check will show up tomorrow night close to 11PM but will be held until sometime on Friday...and flushed through to me by late Friday.
  11. Lots of banks play games with money. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-1985-04-23-8501160053-story.html Banks and savings and loan institutions make millions of dollars each day by holding checks for up to two weeks before giving customers access to the money, a consumer study concluded Monday.
  12. A guy i used to work with got upset when i told him i did not expect him to be at my funeral some day. Then i explained as a dead guy....i had not expectations. When he's 98 he's going to buy green bananas.
  13. Thats just love of craftsmanship.
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