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  1. Historian


    It's not about viewers. It's about how many people will pay to see it.
  2. I'm good with them as back up. Ironic wit mr. Ice t singing the way he did. He's actually a really good actor and army vet.
  3. I eat cows to prevent global warming. But I am only one man! Do your part! Eat a ribeye!
  4. For short order cooking they do it amazingly well. I love the little tbone and eggs.
  5. Bring the coffee. Its freakishly good.
  6. You guys just cost me a new 22 magnum lever. I'd show it to you guys but I'm skipping the department holiday lunch and injesting a Rocky Patel edge and a glass of Larceny. Historian: reserved table party of one my back yard.
  7. Historian

    Hey Walt!

    I think I'm a boat load closer to retirement. All I need is whiskey cigars and something to shoot for dinner.
  8. Historian

    Hey Walt!

    I get the feeling the grocer is s long way away.
  9. Lung cancer. The guy acted everywhere and had a two to read resume.
  10. It's actually aggrivated battery. You made contact by use of an object with intent to do harm. Should be felony douchbage.
  11. My coffee cup at work. People get the message.
  12. I pack a couple of handcuffs for them.
  13. I have sympathy for people who work in places like this. It's not an easy job. Why be a jerk to people like this? They are trying to keep on keeping on just like everyone else.
  14. Bubba should...be shunned by the community and sentenced to watch Sgt. York twice in a row. And write a book report on A Rifleman Went to War. Then seek a priest for confession.
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