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  1. Historian

    What is Your Favorite Glock and Why?

    G26 is a fantastic little carry, backup, all purpose little pistol. G29 because (spinal tap moment) sometimes I need 1 mm more. Just to push envelope.
  2. You either is, or you ain't: What people do after that gets very confusing some times.
  3. Historian

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    A professional chewer: We have to keep a supply of things for him to chew on...or i lose fine neck ties. And let's face it: Modern ties look like a Jihadist clown blew himself up. Who wears this crap?
  4. Historian

    It's just meth

    Having seen this up close: It's a vision of hell. As deadly as crack is. I've seen worse with meth users. It's like it eats souls.
  5. Historian

    What does your spouse carry?

    A 3 inch Smith and Wesson .357 with full loads. She runs it like a scalded cat!
  6. Got nothing to say after that. Seriously. When you are an officer of the law everything you do or say is judged. Sometimes on the street, sometimes in the office, and all the time in court. It's fine to make an honest mistake: But if you lie: You hurt everyone.
  7. Get his affairs in order. This happens quite often.
  8. What a shame. He had a chance to make a difference. I would have done much to have the honor of being an agent. He threw it away. Along with his honor and hurt his fellow agents and agency.
  9. Historian

    New Cookie Recipe?

    Let's eat, grandma! Commas save lives!
  10. Historian

    Assaults on Republicans Growing

    I promise not to leave any identifying marks on the leftists.
  11. Mind...blowing..pun intended. Damn it man. Where is that bottle of Shakeltons scotch! A dram...to the Endurance!
  12. I had one of those moments last night when my 4th grader asked about how they first measured the speed of light. As a history of science junkie she got a 3 minute lecture that resulted in the wife asking for a translation into English. Great times. We need more electronics kits. Somewhere I saw a build your own enigma coding machine kit. You too can pretend to be a uboat commander!
  13. Built a couple radios with them: Among them the HW-10 Shawnee transceiver. 73s.
  14. Historian

    Finally! Wine for us rednecks!

    This strikes me as a fine regurgitating red. Easy going down or up.