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  1. Looks like he took a hit, too! Looks like a Marine, too.
  2. Don't cut yourself so short.
  3. As a rule of thumb, I agree.
  4. Two thumbs up for the surgeons.
  5. Some say God gave the Irish whiskey so they wouldn't take over the world. They might be right.
  6. Ce qu'il a dit. or What he said. The French are doing a lot of hard work in Africa...doesn't mean i don't want some love back.
  7. If you find someone who's good at it...it's fine if that's what you want. I looked into it seriously for some rifles at one point and...did one....and i like it because i wanted a specific pattern.
  8. Precious age...and they only get better.
  9. Pretty much the way I see it, too. I like sports. Just don't watch enough of it to claim to be anywhere close to an expert. More of a baseball guy but i do enjoy college football. I'll root for a good game because so many of these are blow outs. This is one of America's biggest events. Something to be enjoyed. I hope the commercials are better this year. This one is about 12 years old...and still cracks me up.
  10. And...that's pretty much what happened.
  11. Tom Brady....that boy ain't right.
  12. There are better things to do at 4 AM. :) Congrats on your new little g-daughter. Little girls change everything.
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