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  1. Even us Scotch whiskey drinkers don't come up with crap like this for a description. Egads.
  2. Exactly. This is not a normal thing. Some people are going to get it and it's nothing. Others are going to get it and it will kill them. We had a close call as my wife was in direct contact with a patient that...should have known better than not to warn people. Two weeks ago it killed my aunt. No doubt about it. And a cousin about 7 months ago. I'd wish this thing on no one. I just want it to end.
  3. My teeth hurt watching that recoil.
  4. Lost a cousin and an aunt to it. This thing sucks.
  5. Like bat urine? Ah...i think we learned in 2020 to stay out of bat caves.
  6. And here's the answer! "It sort of started as a joke," she told host Seth Meyers. "I was with 'The Nose' Douglas Little...and we were kind of messing around. And I smelled this beautiful thing and I was like, ‘This smells like my vagina.' And I was kidding, obviously." Despite her intentions, the joke ended up being a surprisingly enticing name for Goop's newest innovation. She added, "It actually became a really funny thing where it was, A: Really funny to us, but also a little bit punk rock."
  7. Three up. I've been to both the chateus picture. I guess i was about 14 when the family did a tour through the region.
  8. Look they can say it smells just like the real thing. But none of us have proof.
  9. I am going to miss her. She had a LOT of class. Not born here in the US....but now...ours...in the US. We'll keep her! Gladly.
  10. What a shame. We could use a chief like that just about anywhere.
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