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  1. The actor mentioned above...actually has a stage named after him at the acting school at the university of florida...He donated a lot of money the school he graduated from. He actually has a rather long career.
  2. Oh, dang. Wow. Nicely, done, sir.
  3. Yeah but not like necrotic arse!
  4. Viva la revolution! I got screwed on Friday last week when i removed the plastic packaging on a can of smoked herring. The can was broken and the contents were fermenting in my hand and released a foul order that was on a Biblical magnitude. And when i say magnitude....a couple of us have been on scene when a hooker was found at low tide. We know stank smells. This....was beyond description. Quickly i wrapped the can in a plastic grocery bag and ran down the hold as if it was a found live munition ready to blow up. It was tossed from some distance into a nearby garbage can that became a very special can shortly there after. Six offices were evacuated and a new policy was mandated by management regarding canned fish. Not in the building. The policy was named after me and is the second time that's happened. So let's unite as lunch eaters! Your flawed packaging is shall not prevail!
  5. That is going to be one of the major issues. Florida has demographically changed so much its in play in any election. Fifty years ago you could almost bet it was an instant win for the conservative. Even our democrats were conservative.
  6. If you or your area blown up or shot while I was drinking beer and growing fat...we got this. Your blood paid your debt.
  7. No kidding. If i wasn't married I might have an option. 🤪 Not sure my sorry arse is worth the citizenship.
  8. Meanwhile i have two wonderful people who work with me who are about to either go back to India or find new jobs because we (state gov) won't sponsor. Two people who worked hard, have great work ethic, played by the rules...get screwed over because we won't do it...and some dude who jumps a fence gets all the help me wants. Not...right.
  9. There are an astonishingly large number of Africans living in Maine due to programs developed under the Obama administration. It's really weird to see how Maine has changed. I lived there.
  10. Eric it's the only way to cook thick luscious steaks.
  11. We must give time to and accept: Madam Florence Foster Jenkins for her skill and talent. She had a lot of money and basically paid her way into high society. Scotch me again.
  12. I guess it won't be over until the fat man sings. Please...Scotch me.
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