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  1. Wwii era 1911 would do it for me. The tanker looked lovely. Great rifle.
  2. He was right. Those rose colored glasses will not help you understand history.
  3. I guess since the bell isn't there we can't have the conversation that should come with looking at history. History is an often grim topic. Get over it.
  4. Historian


    That operation was a freak of nature. One of the greatest untold stories in history. I think it was interesting: Everyone thought Trump would bomb the crap out of them. Now...he shows them kindness. And Iran looks like a nation run by ass clowns. It's not like everyone doesn't know what they did. There's only so many times you can wag the dog (rather than the do wagging the tail). I want to know what the rest of the world is going to do. Oh wait. I'm sorry. We clean up for everyone else.
  5. Historian


    My guess is there is some dirty little trick that is about to happen in Iran. They earned it. It might have been there is a better more devious way to deal with the situation rather than a large scale attack.
  6. Hey, Bob! The wife says i have a glow about me. What a dame!
  7. The only group more dangerous that i know of is the Bangor Maine Sewing Circle and Terrorist Organization. I dated one their members once.
  8. Probably red handed with a bycle innertube repair kit.
  9. He stole a bacon shaped and colored float for sexual gratefication. Now that's a unique perversion.
  10. All the ones in my area carry something. A decent number of common firearms. You can get a decent deal on a 30-30 there.
  11. NoSeriously. Wal-Mart. I would do wrong there. Everyone is either armed or knows where the sporting goods section is. Some guy names Ash will.jump on a cart with a 3030 or 12 ga. Boom stick and take care of the situation.
  12. Oh, Lord, is that ever true on my part. I have great sympathy for my guardian. Much like any priest that hears my confession. I've been known to bring snacks for them.
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