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  1. Pisco


    If I had to pull for one, it’d be UNC. I’m a UK fan so I’d rather see both teams lose but I can’t root for Puke ever. note: it has nothing to do with Christian Laettner either. That shot only lasted six years anyways.
  2. Thought it was gonna be a Breakfast Club thread
  3. Show it. That license is needed for out of state travel anyways
  4. Took some time to get Republicans on board, but we got it effective July 1. With Bevin up for reelection this year, should get a strong NRA endorsement.
  5. Wonder if prison will be a Full House?
  6. Just made the announcement. Jokingly said he’s got to beat it cause he’s got 3 years left on his contract. Get well Alex
  7. Anyone know what happened to GKL on TOS? Besides that, everyone doing good?
  8. They got a spinoff movie coming out this year. Bet it sucks. They're supposed to film two more F&F movies then it's over
  9. A little tingly. We had a good time. She wanted to go out with me for awhile. We went to the Thai restaurant and got some sushi and drunken noodles. That of course was an hour after I showed up to pick her up. You can guess why the delay. She's about 5'4, 110 LB's. Blonde hair, blue eyes. She looks good. I don't know what I did in life to deserve her.
  10. This thread should be fun. Should I make mention that she told to prepare for sex?
  11. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/07/26/eric-church-says-nra-is-to-blame-for-las-vegas-festival-mass-shooting.html Who the **** is this guy?
  12. I passed with a 79.60 Not exactly where I set the bar at, but I'm still eligible so that's what matters
  13. Probably watching wrestling and playing Super Nintendo
  14. I got caught drinking at the court square when I was 18. I was a real rocket scientist back then
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