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  1. Happy birthday from this very dormant member
  2. Pisco


  3. Pisco

    State Hate

    Kentucky hates Tennessee. Must be a Jim Beam vs Jack Daniels
  4. Depth at DL ain’t a problem. You just ran into a buzz saw offense you’ll never see again. Clemson’s recruiting class is loaded with top defensive players. Clemson will likely be preseason #1 again, especially with Lawrence and Etienne returning. They’ll blow through the ACC again. LSU will be back to 9-10 wins next year. Coaches and players are bailing big time. This was their one hurrah. I think BAMA and Florida are top dogs next season in the SEC. Even if Tua gone, it won’t matter. Staying healthy on defense, that’s the big issue.
  5. Well I tied the O/U so it wasn’t a total loss. This was a stars aligned year for LSU. They’ll never do that again from an offensive standpoint. They’re already paying the price for it. Joe Brady went to Carolina as OC and so far 7 players have declared for the draft. I hope BAMA, with the talent we have coming back, beats their ass like a rented mule in Baton Rouge this November.
  6. SC Tiger, ******* destroy LSU but no three consecutive scores. I got a $50 prop bet on NO
  7. Aunt Bethany, does your cat happen to eat jello?
  8. I’m just gonna say this. Clemson is gonna repeat. I’m not trying to jinx you SC, I just think Clemson has got it. Piss on their weak ass schedule. I was gonna root for LSU, but **** that, root for the BAMA grad. I’m happy BAMA got the Citrus Bowl vs Michigan. Nothing better than the opportunity to whip Jim Harbaugh’s ass at Disneyworld. I expect the entire SEC and the Big 10 to root for us.
  9. The baddest ************ to play guitar murdered on stage in Columbus, Ohio. It happens to be same day John Lennon was murdered. Also, 20 years ago today I saw Rage Against the Machine in Nashville in concert. Weird day of anniversaries
  10. Georgia took the ass whooping I expected to happen. LSU is having that kind of season. Burrow will easily win the Heisman along with a lot of other awards
  11. I wanna see Texas A&M and Texas play. They meet the criteria for each other
  12. Latest projections given LSU wins LSU: playoff UGA: Sugar Florida: Orange Auburn: Cotton BAMA: Citrus I hope BAMA gets the Citrus Bowl vs Wisky, Minnesota or Michigan. Nobody wants to see BAMA vs Memphis in the Cotton Bowl. Unless maybe Boise State got in cause they talked trash saying they could beat us years ago.
  13. If you go back to last 3 Auburn wins, it's always been two things. Veteran o-line and defense. The year after, they lose everything. Auburn loses 4 starters on the line and almost their entire defense, including star d linemen, this offseason. Its always some wonky stuff when we lose to them. What gets me is all the haters saying Saban has lost it. We lost by 3 points after scoring 45 points, at Auburn, with a backup QB who did throw two pick sixes, but came back and goes 335 yards and 4 touchdowns. We don't spot them 14 points, we win by 2-3 scores and make the playoffs. What game do these people watch? I know a lot of Auburn fans and they still want him gone. He's not consistent enough every year. He pulled off a 9-3 season against a tough schedule and I give him credit for that, but I want to see it next year. And the year after that. He does just enough to save his job.
  14. I think honesty is the way to go on this post. We outplayed Auburn, but we lost. This football team has been undisciplined all year with penalties. It's hard for me to believe that just three years ago, we had the best defense in college football. Part of the downturn has been players leaving early for the NFL. The overturn of assistant coaches/ coordinators. When Pruitt went to Tennessee, that began it. From an offensive standpoint, awesome. Mac Jones threw two bad passes for pick sixes, but still threw for 335 and 4 TD's and we lost by 3. The future is bright for him next year. Our DC is likely toast this year. I don't think Saban will promote from within anymore. He'll find someone to fix this defense. This team went 10-2 in a year we lost our best offensive and defensive players for the year. Plus a ton of injuries on both sides. Penalties galor. Played an ass load of true freshman this year cause we had no choice. I'm kinda thankful we didn't make the playoffs cause Clemson and Ohio State would've killed us. With all that being said, first time since 2014 we've lost two games in a season. First time since 2010 two regular season games. That's pretty damn good in my book. A lot to learn about ourselves and we still got I think a New Years Six bowl game ahead of us.
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