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  1. NPTim

    Random Posting

    First off, HELL YES! Second, what is egg coffe, or shouldn’t I ask?
  2. Dude the smiles indicate I was just messing with you and making light of a heavy situation. I’m inappropriate.
  3. Be a much more interesting game if all had bats, offense and defense.
  4. Have you tried the summer solstice Hendrix gin? MAN, smooth with very interesting botanicals.
  5. Very funny, it’s not nice to make fun of the deef. 🤣 Can’t wait to “hear” what you have next.
  6. * the desert after the rain * fresh mowed grass (yes, I know it is a distress signal, don’t care.) * jet fuel as it is burned * fresh baked bread * White Diamonds and Channel #5 on a hottie * this one is weird, fresh asphalt.
  7. Just for the halibut?
  8. Does this bring back any memories?
  9. NPTim

    Random Posting

    Just amazing that this was done with spray paint.
  10. Not if’n You’re on a ipad.
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