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  1. Well, this will be interesting. Chapel Hill has 12” of “sneaky water” (snow) on the ground. No care takers. I ain’t scared. I think mom’s with it enough to got to the hotel 100 yards away if the power goes out.
  2. We call that, “A bit dog yelps first” where I come from. Giggle or shake your head and move on.
  3. NPTim

    Old Pictures

    These are “iron lungs” those are polio sufferers.
  4. NPTim

    Bygone Slang

    We were in when we still had a fair number of Vietnam vets still on active duty..
  5. NPTim

    When did we stop being the United States?

    The people I work with are liberals of the first water. We seem to get along fine, as long as the subject of politics are avoided. We are each convinced of our own rightness that it seems to have become an absolute, cut and dry. in another thread, I am convinced that we are about to be invaded and and that the use of the military is appropriate, another member is just as convinced that it is not. I just can’t see any compromise or midground on the subject. I guess it has to do with fear of invasion and change that follows that. I want people coming here that want to build us up and make us great, like we used to be. Not to bring their problems with them to spread the contamination that “forced” them to leave.
  6. It is an interesting exercise in futility. Neither you nor I can do anything about it. My opinion, just as valid as yours, is they are a poorly equipped invasion force. It’s a gunfight, if they didn’t bring theirs, they chose poorly. now, as far as issuing an EO to end “birthright citizenships” he simply can’t or any president could shred the constitution. So he can’t do it. As for posse comitatus, not in play with this situation. The military can defend our borders, otherwise why have them? when I was in high school, there was a bully that insisted that it was ONLY assault and battery if he spits in my face but it wasn’t illegal to monkey stomp me into a greasy spot. I could not convince him that he was mistaken. This reminds me of that situation except you aren’t a bully.
  7. I asked my leftists co-workers about this and they said nope, he should never be allowed to return. I was shocked actually.
  8. You bet I can. There has been violence on the part of that mob. They are burning OUR flag and demanding entry. You want them, sponsor as many as you can afford and get like minded individuals to do the same. You know what, **** it. No, you can’t shelter these criminals either. They are invading and you will never convince me otherwise. We will just agree to disagree on this.
  9. I don’t believe you are correct. I think the standing Army is allowed to protect our borders. change the script some and the caravan was made up of Japanese 78 years ago. Would it have been legal for the Army to repel the Japanese? I say yes, it’s in their job description to protect our boarders. The fact that the new invaders are using women AND children only make the vicious, cowardly, crafty, ruthless enemies, willing to sacrifice “innocents” to achieve their goals.
  10. But they ARE given citizenship to a sovereign nation, arn’t they? That nation receives free health (crappy) care from the US public health services.
  11. NPTim

    Dramatic Pictures

    I used to lead dives at Japanese gardens in that picture.
  12. NPTim

    Dramatic Pictures

    I used to lead dives at Japanese gardens in that picture.
  13. NPTim

    Dramatic Pictures

    I used to lead dives at Japanese gardens in that picture.
  14. NPTim

    Dramatic Pictures

    Kao Tau?