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  1. NPTim

    Dramatic Pictures

    Were you getting ready for her to autograph your scrote?
  2. NPTim

    Dramatic Pictures

    I’d like to see the scars post removal of staples and straps.
  3. You do realize Ivanka and Chelsea are good friends a share many views.
  4. NPTim

    Random Political/Social Posting

    But don’t you claim he is racist? Isn’t that your party’s stand?
  5. NPTim

    Random Political/Social Posting

    Where is the “**** you” smiley?
  6. NPTim

    Random Political/Social Posting

    If he was well known, doesn’t that make him a rather ****ty cia agent?
  7. NPTim

    Random Political/Social Posting

    Go ahead and mess with one. They are quite the fighter from my personal experience. They eat blood sucking parasites. Isn’t that why I support him after all? To deal with blood sucking parasites?
  8. NPTim

    I Don't Remember The Last Time...

    I don’t remember the last time I remembered the last time I did something.
  9. NPTim

    New Here

    Meh, joke’em if they can’t take a ****. What the **** happened to the smilies? Looks like ****ing face book. :puking:
  10. NPTim

    I know there's not a lot of love

    My sympathy for megan lays in the dictionary between **** and syphilis.
  11. NPTim

    Women and stuff on rear view mirrors?

    I got pulled over on the 60 for crap my wife put up on her visor and the rear view mirror. I also has auxiliary lights on a little before sunset, but still able to see colors clearly. There are folks doing 90, but the stuff hanging down from the passenger side is his trigger. Anyway, got a warning ticket, whew, and sent my wife into orbit.
  12. NPTim

    The Self-Proclaimed Religion of Peace

  13. NPTim

    NEWSFLASH! - Muslims are inclined to kill.

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!
  14. NPTim


    What the ****y **** is this ****ery? Kale on popcorn? Can’t we just have good delicious food that is bad for you? popcorn, butter, maybe some parmigiana maybe some herbs.