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  1. Raised by women, mostly. I never believed in PMS until paramedic school. The director of the school was about the size of an umpaloompa. During that certain time of the month, she turned into satan. She became a completely different person.
  2. NPTim

    Random Posting

    I can believe a 15” centipede, but not a 3’+ one for some reason. The 15” one is still a big NOPE!
  3. NPTim

    Random Posting

    Nope, calling shenanigans on this one.
  4. We have been diminished since his voice left our realm. Damn that was beautiful.
  5. NPTim

    Old Pictures

    Just like ol’ moosey, hanging around on the roof.
  6. Investigate him, if wrongdoing found, recall him for court marshal.
  7. She appears to be waiting for her next opinion.
  8. I get whiffs of sovereign citizen cum anarchist from the video. Not that I in any way agree with nz or how it was done, in dictiorial fashion.
  9. NPTim

    Mankey Fired

    I had a GF that was bald due to a medical condition. She used a tape to keep her wig on if I remember correctly.
  10. 2.5 million for 350 units? That’s $7000+ each. :alex: Is it substantially different and/or improved from the H&K MP5?
  11. NPTim

    Old Pictures

    And those officers were not unarmed or helpless. We must be vigilant, very vigilant.
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