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  1. There is a movie about this isn’t there.
  2. Wait! The robot makes you prove you’re not a robot? That’s profiling, and as we have rammed down out throats ad nauseum, profiling is WRONG!
  3. I love the smell of burnt JP4. Well, as long as it’s not mixed with burning flesh and hair.
  4. Looks like they got the roles reversed.
  5. On my weekly shopping excursions, I’m seeing 100% compliance, except the incident I mentioned. Now I see a **** load of noses, a few old ladies with neck masks. I never say anything because, in my opinion it’s just theater of infection control. I’ve gotten the hairy eyeball from a couple of people, but except for that one karen that complained about me to the TJ’s manager, no one has said boo to me personally. There needs to be an endpoint established, an not a, “when there is no virus” or “when there is one death a year from kung flu.” Or “When no one dies anymore.” It needs to be 2 months and done, or 4 months and done. Will flu season be canceled this year? Will cdc even be tracking it? Everything is kung flu now. Have flu symptoms, wrong, you got the kung flu.
  6. I saw an older couple with P100 masks on. I was rather impressed, truly trying to prevent contracting the kung flu, well except for about the two dozen other steps in real infection control.
  7. Who wants to be the test case, like with concealed carry comes into question.
  8. There is no diagnostic test that has a specificity and a sensitivity of 100%. It doesn’t exist.
  9. Well, when there are local ordinances requiring them and there are monetary penalties, for both the citizens for not wearing and (in our case where I live) a fine for the business as well. The business can deny entrance. I was at sprouts (a hippy dippy food store.) and this lady comes in without a mask, they tries to deny her entrance, but they were on the wrong side of the table to stop her. The contacted the manger and they dispatched the sprouts posse to explain the sprouts life to her. The posse returns and I hear the manager calling 911. I find her, fairly attractive, holding her blouse collar over ther mouth and nose. I told her that the cops were coming and sprouts wouldn’t let her buy anything. I offered her a face shield, she declined. a face shield is acceptable everywhere I’ve been to. My wife got these. https://www.amazon.com/All-Round-Spitting-Anti-Fog-Lightweight-Transparent/dp/B08F7W2MVJ/ref=sxin_7_se-bfs-1_e2625d5685d42d9a9d463c6f07289c73567abed7?crid=3JXH5818ESJ6I&cv_ct_cx=face+shield&dchild=1&keywords=face+shield&pd_rd_i=B08F7W2MVJ&pd_rd_r=8c3c94c6-f031-424f-869e-669c1ed0bab5&pd_rd_w=KAay5&pd_rd_wg=RW5Tt&pf_rd_p=dacc3d0b-3710-4690-aff2-b50ac098f37c&pf_rd_r=RGGBPZEC4PB44V4NYEPN&qid=1599202764&sprefix=Face%2Caps%2C215&sr=1-3-86c99a66-0468-42bb-9d10-9d8c8aee00c1
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