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  1. NPTim

    Looking for a .45 ACP CCW

    1911 officer
  2. NPTim

    key west bans certain sunscreens

    The top of my head is hydrochlorthiazide. Then the “cyclines” antibiotics.
  3. NPTim

    Dramatic Pictures

    I’m calling shenanigans on this one.
  4. NPTim

    Anyone Carry A Flashlight?

    At least 2, two is one, one is none and all that. Another in my murse. oh yeah, I forgot, a little flashlight in my tool kit with an secret auto knife and a leartherman scissors carabiner clip.
  5. NPTim

    F cancer

    Prayers inbound for strength and for her kicking cancer in the sac.
  6. NPTim

    Which Do You Prefer, Deplorable or Rube?

    Patriot is more accurate, but I can live with deplorable.
  7. NPTim

    Trivia and useless knowledge

    It’s my lie, I’ll tell it the way I want. 😛 👅
  8. NPTim

    Trivia and useless knowledge

    I once had a job sorting out the misprint “wws”.
  9. TBO, what’s up with the title. The title leads one to think the Police walked up to him and aced him. How about, “Police neutralize violent armed man in a school?”
  10. NPTim

    Eat goat meat!

    I don’t like mutton or lamb, would I like goat or kid?
  11. Please explain the “OODA loop”. My understanding is, and I may be simple, but you interject something between the observe, orient, decide, act. How do you mean behind the OODA loop? The loop is the loop, I didn’t know there was a specific timing to it. Thanks
  12. NPTim

    Old man habits?

    The least the doctor could have done was make the scar look like a lightning bolt. Heal quick chief.
  13. NPTim

    Old man habits?

    Way the **** more than I wanted to know about your junk. For the poster about the balls in the water. Simple solution, staple them to your taint, or get a rubber band and make a REAL manbun.
  14. NPTim

    Old man habits?

    Not if he keeps up the passionate love monkey sex routine 27 days a month.