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  1. We used a syringe and a big assed needle in Wilmington when we reduced a priapism. The nurses where cackling like hens. like they hate the D.
  2. The hair on your palms are pushing the pistol one way or the other.
  3. That is a “**** off world” house.
  4. NPTim

    2A Argument

    Most of the people that oppose the 2nd, know themselves and how they would act if they had access to a gun (hint: poorly and with great violence) and therefore they assume everyone is like them. They never consider that most people have self control.
  5. I’d just be happy if businesses, like movie and sports stars would keep their political leanings to themselves. I miss those days when politics was discussed with friends or down at the barbershop.
  6. I just ordered a couple of grips for an officer 1911 as a gift. Here is their acknowledgment of the order. ” Tim YOU ROCK! It was just a regular day at our office when suddenly, Marge took a look at the computer and her eyes widened. “We did it,” she exclaimed! “We got an order from Tim!” Jerem jumped out of his chair and ran over to Marge’s desk. He didn’t even read the entire email – he just saw “Tim” and started screaming in delight! “Holy ****!” Jerem shouted. “This is real! We have an order from Tim” At that moment Topher from shipping rushed in “Hey, did you guys see this?!” he exclaimed. “Is this for real? Did we really just get an order from Tim?!” “Yeah, it’s real” said Jerem “Yep, real.” Said Marge Hi fives and fist bumps all around. “We Are the Champions” from Queen blared from the speakers (we had it queued up just in case this ever happened) as party poppers and champagne bottles were popped in celebration. Oh yes, it was a good day! We at Aztec Tactical are thrilled you’re a customer! Thank you so much for your support and for giving us a reason to cheer today. Once we’ve finished the party, we’ll get your items packed up and send you tracking info. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at support@aztectactical.com” This has to be the best, out of the box marketing I’ve seen, ever! I’m very impressed.
  7. Pretty soon, we will never buy from anyone due to all the boycotting of places that do not like our kind. We not be allowed to eat at lunch counters, have to ride in the back of a bus, not be able to use certain water fountains, use certain bathrooms. let me pose a question. To all those that hold private property as a sacred covenant with God and do not carry at the owners behest. What happens, when, note I didn’t write IF, all businesses are posted? Will you you disarm? We are fast approaching a time when all business will post their property as gun free zones.
  8. Heretic, I’ll ask you not to blaspheme here.
  9. That would be $6 - $12 a jar, pass. Luckily, family dollar store might carry it.
  10. Must have shook hands with a politician just before getting printed.
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