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  1. Fair winds and following seas Mr, Bruner. You sure as hell earned it.
  2. Since my first few thoughts have already been posted, I'll throw in a George Strait song and maybe take some heat.
  3. Penicillin and poison ivy.
  4. Vinegar based, but with sugar, and several different spices in it.
  5. I never smoked, but had one as a kid for camping. That click and smell always reminds me of the campfire.
  6. Add some Eastern style North Carolina barbecue sauce and I'm with you.
  7. I always keep them simple. Coarse ground pepper and salt. You can always add a grilled onion on top if you want to kick it up a notch. Slice a large onion thick, cover with olive oil, salt, & pepper. Grill with the burgers then put on top when done.
  8. Too bad this probably won't catch on like lip sync challenge.
  9. Not that an explosion is good, but that's a relief. Far better than some nut with barrels of ANFO.
  10. I think the concept that's lost on a lot of people is that the proper use of a SWAT team often winds up in less violence than without one. The concept being that there are more tools, tactics, and often manpower available to lead to non-violent resolution.
  11. You have to sneak it into the back of the safe. Then when you take it out it goes right into a case. When she finally sees it months or years later (if you do it right), you say "That? I've had that forever."
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