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  1. A Remington model 33 single shot .22. My grandfather passed it along to my father who gave it to me. It's been shot and cleaned so much the rifling is pretty worn, but it still shoots well enough. The first one I bought was a Mossberg 835 Crown Grade.
  2. No love for the Dukes of Hazzard?
  3. The founding fathers of this nation respected states' rights. It's a concept that seems unfamiliar to too many in office these days.
  4. Is the father named Smokey?
  5. So she committed a couple of criminal offenses (trespassing and indecent exposure at a minimum or whatever the equivalents are there) and was apprehended using reasonable force, but now whines about her boo-boos?
  6. I've spent way too much time in one of those for someone my age. The last one was sweet though. It had headphones with music you could pick from to listen to during the MRI. I almost fell asleep in that thing.
  7. Good point. Around here, I've seen them on main street early morning when I worked midnights. They were usually trotting for cover in nearby woods and pretty skittish just at the sight of the few cars driving by and perhaps the lack of cover.
  8. Clear sign liberals have gone way off the deep end. Even the English are tired of hearing it.
  9. Fair winds and following seas Mr, Bruner. You sure as hell earned it.
  10. Since my first few thoughts have already been posted, I'll throw in a George Strait song and maybe take some heat.
  11. Penicillin and poison ivy.
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