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  1. I think we should refer to it as the Kung Flu.
  2. I didn't see how it closed, Eric. Also, any kind of safety to avoid accidental deployment? Not being critical, I'm just curious.
  3. I'm looking forward to the smell of the Cracker Barrel restaurant this year.
  4. No air compressor, but the coffee maker is only a couple of weeks old. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
  5. Congratulations! You deserve it.
  6. I am enjoying all of these great pictures Tom. I have a 2012 Jeep Wrangler in a Nehi orange color that is bone stock with 53000 original miles on it. Thank you for posting all of the pics.
  7. Do not get a Hamilton Beach side-by-side (drip and K-cup maker). The Keurig side takes forever to make a cup and tastes awful. The only way to get a strong cup of coffee is to put less than an inch of water in your cup and then pour it into the machine. It doesn't have a regular reservoir like a real Keurig. It's really frustrating. I haven't tried the drip side yet.
  8. I have seen red and black Australian licorice at my local True Value hardware stores, of all places. It's kind of pricey, so it might be the real thing.
  9. I spent Sunday in the hospital surgical waiting room while my wife had pins and a rod put into her hip and leg. She fell Saturday night and broke her left hip in three pieces. The paramedics gave her fentanyl for the pain and transported her. Broken hip at 57 years old. Maybe osteoporosis? They will perform a DEXA bone density scan after she recovers.
  10. Here, ours have formed clubs and lodges. Crazy!
  11. Pima Pants


    Doesn't that female seated on the fella's lap look like GK&L from the "other site"?
  12. I'm a flashlight guy too but not $500+ dollars worth! Glad you like it!
  13. Good job! Congratulations!
  14. If you have an Android device, navigate to Settings, tap Backup & Reset, and then select Factory data reset. This will erase your phone and replace it with a fresh version of Android. For added security, it's recommended you update to the latest version of Android as well. I don't really trust this to keep my contacts, pictures and other stuff. Will it?
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