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  1. If you have an Android device, navigate to Settings, tap Backup & Reset, and then select Factory data reset. This will erase your phone and replace it with a fresh version of Android. For added security, it's recommended you update to the latest version of Android as well. I don't really trust this to keep my contacts, pictures and other stuff. Will it?
  2. Good job and good luck in the future.
  3. Good luck with your complete recovery. Stay well.
  4. WOW! I remember the post that began the phrase "Jambog". It sure has been a long time...I wonder if Jambog is still active here or on the "other" site?
  5. Hose out your OTF with lighter fluid and let it stand for 24 hours with the blade opening down. If you have access to an air compressor, use it on the knife to blow out any residual gunk and it should be good to go. OTFs are notorious for collecting lint and other detritus inside.
  6. I put one on my 1962 Impala. I replaced a perfectly good factory muffler. Oh well, it sounded cool.
  7. I just bought a Bluetooth headset. That is an application I hadn't thought of. Thanks!
  8. I saved it to watch later. It looks good. Wife is watching something on TV now and I can't hear anything on my computer while she's in the room.
  9. Makora 2 clone in Kydex sheath and a small flashlight. I've been carrying this setup around my neck for years.
  10. Be sure to visit the shrine to King Kum-on-i-wanna-laya.
  11. Still a couple of hours before it airs here out west. Looking forward to it.
  12. I do not store any of my knives in a leather sheath. There are too many chemicals that are used during the tanning process that are not good for a knife blade and/or scales.
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