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  1. From the movie Tombstone. Kurt Russell: "Run you cur! And tell the other curs that the law is comin'. You tell 'em I'm comin'. And hell is comin' with me, you hear? HELL IS COMIN' WITH ME!"
  2. That is one great knife! You should make more and sell them on the Internet. I would buy one!
  3. My little Midge who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 1-25-2020
  4. I'm no doctor but that has all of the earmarks of the "Wu-Flu".
  5. My heart aches, knowing what you are going through, Zonny. I put my baby girl Chihuahua mix down about a month ago. Her ashes now rest under my bed, where she always slept. Please take care.
  6. I put my sweet little one down about a month ago. She was blind, old and had other significant health issues. I'm sorry for your loss. Please take care.
  7. Congratulations and have fun!
  8. Project manager Hanspeter Aellig was quoted by EuroNews as saying that failing to do so would be viewed as leaving a “toxic gift for defendants.” Uh...proofread much?
  9. You are correct; most people don't know or don't care. I have sleep apnea and have used a nasal CPAP machine for 30+ years. I had a heart attack 25 years ago. I would be dead by now if it wasn't for that machine.
  10. My favorite line from the movie: "Run you cur, and tell all the other curs that the law is coming. You tell 'em I'm coming. And Hell is coming with me you hear; Hell is coming with me!"
  11. My condolences. I had to put my sweet baby dog down a few weeks ago. Her ashes are now sitting atop her favorite sleeping mat under my bed. She will stay there until I am gone from this life.
  12. I remember when you were selling cars...or maybe you were managing sales at a dealership? A long time ago. Congratulations on your latest accomplishment.
  13. I think we should refer to it as the Kung Flu.
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