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  1. I put one on my 1962 Impala. I replaced a perfectly good factory muffler. Oh well, it sounded cool.
  2. I just bought a Bluetooth headset. That is an application I hadn't thought of. Thanks!
  3. I saved it to watch later. It looks good. Wife is watching something on TV now and I can't hear anything on my computer while she's in the room.
  4. Makora 2 clone in Kydex sheath and a small flashlight. I've been carrying this setup around my neck for years.
  5. Be sure to visit the shrine to King Kum-on-i-wanna-laya.
  6. Still a couple of hours before it airs here out west. Looking forward to it.
  7. I do not store any of my knives in a leather sheath. There are too many chemicals that are used during the tanning process that are not good for a knife blade and/or scales.
  8. I remember DevilDog when he was selling cars.
  9. I have a 2012 Wrangler with only 50,000 miles. It might be worth $20,000 on a trade (if I'm lucky) but no way I'm financing 40 grand. I will probably just keep it.
  10. I'm so sorry for your little sweetie.
  11. That is a possibility. The only other person I would want to transfer it to is my brother in another state. I may look into that. Hopefully, I will live for a few more years.
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