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  1. I went from my 6 to and LG Stylo 4. OMG, and Android! Android is ok, but went back to my I6 mainly for the size and I do like the OS a little better. Android is ok, but my next phone, and there is no rush, will be a similar sized as I HATE the bigger phones! If I wanted to carry a tablet, I wold buy, a tablet!
  2. But you don't understand, you see, mine works!
  3. Cougar, I am so sorry as to break this to you, but this is not at all as hard to get as you thought. I dug this one up in my backyard, but do not tell anyone.
  4. Similar to the "protection" racket that local crime orgs do, except on a corporate level. Hmm, maybe your state's Attorney General's office might be interested?
  5. And the liberal MSM and such say their culture is morally equivalent to ours. Uh, ok, but actually, no, it is NOT.
  6. She has a loving mother (you) and she loves you, that is the most important thing.
  7. Did anyone say, submarine service, so some degree?
  8. Are you the hottie with the blonde hair?
  9. Thank you for the warning. Except for the times I have to put my CCW in my POV due to the stupidity of some place/business that I have to be without my CCW, I never leave my firearm in the vehicle. I have thought that the idea is not wise for just the reason your post states. Now if I had a for instance welded car safe, maybe the practice is something I might do.
  10. Well, that is some food for thought! (sorry it just came out) As I understand this it would not matter that if that piece of food I am eating today was partially at some molecular level something not palatable in its prior cohesive pattern. Though it some respects is that not how it works to some degree in today's non replicator way?
  11. As an amateur Star Trek nut, though I have only watched one(?) episode of Discovery, I had assumed they make replicator things from something that is VERY dense into something that is not as dense. Note I had one class in Chemistry, and I am not proud of the grade or effort I put into learning that subject.
  12. Voluntarily left the other place, after not too happy with observing some things. I requested they delete me there, and they did. I also have found my interest in firearms has matured (my opinion) as of the last few years I have acquired then traded/sold every firearm I had ever wanted. My small collection is now very stable and I hope to learn more on things like reloading, and ammo, and better care of what I now know that I like and am suited for. Went from 27 to now 9 and I love the 9 that I have. Also it is fun to read others opinions on national and world things with those who usually agree our freedoms, especially the the 2A (and the others) must never be trampled on, ever!
  13. I have had that Black Silk when visiting my relatives, and I agree it is as advertised, very smooooth. For the last few years my favorite is the individual packets (instant coffee) Starbucks Columbia, followed by Italian. The others are garbage in my opinion.
  14. I was in Basic Training at LAFB when this happened and do remember it in the news, albeit not until I had graduated I think. I served in one assignment in ACC and on the Missile/Space side, they were beyond anal, and I am surprised that in SAC that this happened. I do like the resume reference that someone had made.
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