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  1. Glockworks

    Lone Wolf Distributors

    I just purchased an Alpha Wolf Barrel for my Glock 40. All 3 types/brands of 10mm do not load properly in it HSM, Remington, and Sig Sauer. I have called their customer service and they said they will fix or replace the barrel after I send it in. I will send it in, but if and when they find it is their problem, I will ask them IF they do not offer to pay for my shipping it back to them. Again, IF they do not offer something fair, like that. They were wonderful on the phone and I realize not everything can be perfect always, so I will wait and see what happens.
  2. Glockworks


    I really did not see your post until after I did mine. Yours got the same message except you did it in fewer words. Alas, I do not have the few words ability to get my simple thought across. Hats off to you!
  3. Glockworks


    It is sort of like a story I remember from somewhere. A person made a bunch of brownies. Except this time they put just a very small part of poop in the brownie mix. Would you eat those brownies? The NFL allows some of its pampered poodle players to disrespect the US flag during the opening ceremonies. While there are some good folks in the NFL, like most of the ingredients of the brownies are great, I will not eat the brownies, and I will not in any way, support the NFL unless they fire those pampered poodles, immediately.
  4. Glockworks

    The Book "One Second After"

    Of course it (the book) is a work of fiction as is also Tom Clancy's novels, but.... My last assignment in the military was NCOIC of Base radio maintenance. My guys maintained some equipment that were SPECIFICALLY designed and thoroughly maintained to work, after such an attack. Most people know zero about this danger, and many who think they do, know almost nothing about it too. I was not specifically trained on its maintenance myself, that was for the guys who went to that training. I of course hope we never have to find out if it is as bad or worse than we think if it happens, but many people love to poo poo things. Like the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor, or pre-911 saying it could never happen. We, the government spend a lot of money on this thing to just dismiss it with our supposed expert opinions. Oh well..............
  5. Jeannine from Foxnews.
  6. Glockworks

    1911 Fanatics

    I do have one wish on how I am reported to have died, whenever that happens. Please oh please, never let it be reported that I was killed with a High Point being the gun that did it. To imagine, going through eternity, and being laughed at and kept out of the best rooms in the mansion in the sky, oh the humanity.
  7. Glockworks


    I hear them, my dog barks, we these days stay home.
  8. Glockworks

    Oops..he picked the wrong house to rob

    I love happy ending stories like these. I do hope that the sludge Mr. Webb, suffered prior to becoming room temperature.
  9. Glockworks

    Most Annoying Questions Asked...

    Please, do not just be tempted, chime in with just that. That is a VERY good answer by all counts.
  10. Glockworks

    Wally World

    If she does lie, and wow, would that be a surprise (not), WM usually has video surveillance of their parking lots. So I ASSume that the police would have access to that if they bothered to check.
  11. Glockworks

    What do you boycott?

    Quick service, their coffee and their salads are good, and cheap.
  12. Glockworks

    What do you boycott?

    I boycott as much as I can buying or spending my hard earned money (usually hard earned anyway) to support any company/government entity/person, that wishes to disarm law abiding women/men in this country. The three types mentioned can all go to the place where there is a continued fire, as far as I am concerned.
  13. Glockworks


    I know my barber's first name and would not darken the door of a chain place unless there was no other option. The corporate entity is all about the $ and speed, in and out, quality is not job one at those places. Not saying the barbers/cosmetologists are not good, but usually they are just starting out, and always they are pressured to upsell and to get the customer finished quickly.
  14. Glockworks

    How often do you hit the range?

    These days once or twice a month and usually 100 rounds per visit, again, usually.
  15. Glockworks

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    Hello! I did not know the back story on Glocktalk, but thank you Eric for your story. I am moving here, FWIW.