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  1. How long would it take to get the smell of camel breath out of your nose , mouth and hair. Oh wait a minute they are arabs and like it
  2. I can take the vans off their hands for free, that gas ought to last me a year
  3. When they call me I tell them since they are me they should know my banking info already
  4. I have a pretty good temper when I am screwed over, people that know me don't screw me over
  5. I couldn't stomach head cheese , or mountain oysters
  6. The problem was how to keep it frozen, a bullet wouldn't need to be frozen that long
  7. If I remember correctly if had a passion for mountain oysters and head cheese
  8. He never owned any but loved the ones his friends had and they helped keep the food dropping out of his beard
  9. They needed to mix in sawdust to the water before freezing, the british used to test the material back in WWII called it plycrete
  10. Found the shortrange hit man projectile that will mess up the ballistics experts
  11. I like to think that he gets to drive his dodge truck shooting and to the buffet every day while listening to Abba on his 8 track player
  12. geeorge


    Steam punk is just a rip off of Jules Vern and Wild Wild West tech
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