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  1. geeorge


    SO when Buck died did you eat him or was he to much of a pet for that?
  2. Andy they all bring that mentality here with them
  3. It was always the hardest for me picking out the sentimental family stuff from the trash to be saved
  4. Google is definately a tool you have to know how to use
  5. When I first starting listening to him it was all about the FemaNazi's and John Tower
  6. Being unaccountable for your actions is the new norm, and it sucks
  7. I hope all the FemaNazi's are happy now
  8. I would have waited a few days after giving the Croc some metamucil, before going to surgery
  9. geeorge


    Maybe he was the real deal and legit before he got blowup?
  10. She could have said chunky peanut butter
  11. No but she had a husband she treated like one
  12. In real life they were the best of friends
  13. Remember Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son. Never thought I would have heard her say this Peanut butter ***** - YouTube
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