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  1. Wonder how the Brits do Captains mast?? https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18804572.royal-navy-officer-len-louw-sent-back-faslane-amid-investigation/
  2. The whole concept of the Strategic Nuclear Deterrent is to let others see that Nuclear war can not happen again if anything is expected to survive. The "A" bomb on Japan was not good but no worse in body count (men women and children) then the conventional bombing that happened in Europe and the UK in that campaign. Difference is it happened all in one bomb. IMHO, the moral outrage would be better served if aimed at countries that currently use machetes and fear to concur.
  3. and we tried to change that to the PC term of "Asset re-allocation". LOL
  4. Not to discuss OPSEC but they had gotten through a fence as the article states. The fence they were stopped at I can guarente that they were in the cross hairs of many Marines. Navy pretty much only put Marines on guard duty for certain things.
  5. Happened in 2018 and the cases are finally entering the sentencing stages. Notice none of the defendants were from South Georgia. They were very lucky that they weren't shot by a Marine just back from the sandbox! https://www.news4jax.com/news/georgia/2020/10/17/another-kings-bay-sub-base-vandal-sentenced-to-federal-prison/ Since this is the FEDERAL court the sentences should stick. Unfortunately for some this may be the same as a death sentence. Stephen Michael Kelly, 71, of Massachusetts, previously was sentenced to 33 months in prison in the case, and Elizabeth McAlister, 80, of New London, Conn., was sentenced to the 17 months, nine days of time already served in the case. The remaining defendants -- Mark Peter Colville, 59, of New Haven, Conn.; Clare Therese Grady, 62, of Ithaca, N.Y.; Martha Hennessy, 65, of Perkinsville, Vt.; and Carmen Trotta, 57, of New York, N.Y. -- are scheduled for sentencing in November.
  6. Its sooooo hard to figure out where to look now. https://fas.org/nuke/control/start1/news/stus97.html
  7. Have some fun. Put on your mask, walk into a store and start acting like you are going to cough up a lung!!! Since masks work so good no one should care... LOL
  8. Asystematic like millions of Americans.. No outward signs just a positive test. just like the millions of other positives that people have been seeing and they never get a temp or the sniffles. This does make an interesting talking point for the press. They already have him dead and talking of how the succession plan will go!! The egg will be on their face..
  9. Need to figure a way to get auto-correct (spelling and grammar) in all pencils and markers, no one knows how to write anymore... LOL
  10. For some reason when Dad was on B-47s Mom never had a good thing to say about him. Probably due to all the time Dad had to spend in the "Bull pen?" on ready status. If not on duty he always had a bag by the door just in case.
  11. GT4494


    but no frontends .
  12. Every night I go to sleep I miss having mine right up against me pushing me out of bed!!
  13. GT4494


    Retired Lockheed after 42+ years on the FBM program. Saw 4 generations of missiles go to sea.
  14. GT4494


    It used to visit us regularily. Then they painted the cars different colors to make it seem more "normal". How many trains have you seen that have never been tagged.
  15. I respect her stand on fair / equal rights for women. I can't stand for her vehement approval of 1/2 birthing a child then snipping its spinal cord. That's murder.
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