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  1. When someone says "no more oil" just respond with "then get rid of your phone" . No oil = no plastics!!
  2. So I'm not Eric's guest??? I'm just a normal ole regular?? LOL
  3. I think when the housing development went bust (Hollywood land) the sign became dilapidated and was falling down. They decided to just keep the Hollywood part..
  4. Not to hijack but there are some guys making brand new blocks for the Ford Model A. If there is a demand, capitalist will see an opportunity.
  5. But they say its because of masks, hand washing and social distancing that the flu has gone extinct....
  6. Just hanging around till breakfast!! Love to watch those little guys!
  7. Its not smart to live on the coast below sea level... Our house is at 30 foot ABSL here in Chas. That is like living on a mountain in the "Lowcountry".. LOL
  8. My definition of diversity is - I'm different then you so suck it up and get along. The diversity instructors weren't impressed but who cares!!
  9. We fly the flag 24x7. It is properly lit at night and only comes down in hurricanes.
  10. do some exercise. The best one is "push aways". you sit down to dinner and then "Push away" before those last bites or desert!!! Works for me!
  11. And since the vaccine has been FDA certified how long till they make it a requirement to go on medicare.... Curious minds want to know..
  12. I think the .gov gave them around $10k to fill the hole and build a new house. It hit that close to the house. See The North is still fighting the "Recent Unpleasantness"... LOL
  13. Actually its very hard to get anything to sympathetically discharge a nuclear weapon. A charge could cause damage and a "dirty bomb" but not much else. Look at the damage from dropping one on a farm in NC. Even though it caused a rather large hole due to the non nuclear explosion , it didn't even breach the core causing a raddiation event.
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