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  1. I Am Groot!

    WTB Barrel NEEDED

    Barsto sells them for the G20 now. Straight up, ported and threaded. https://www.barsto.com/category_main.cfm?ID=G20&cco=28
  2. I Am Groot!

    .22 rimfire conversion kit

    The Advantage Arms 22LR kit I have for my G27 surprised me with smaller groups than with 40S&W ammo. It feels good using the same frame, trigger and sights (I installed the same sights on its slide). It is lighter due to the slide being made of aluminum instead of steel. Their barrel is steel though. I also have the Advantage Arms 22LR magazines in G19 and G17 sizes with X-Grip sleeves like the 40S&W G23 and G22 magazines that I use with my G27. The conversion will never be exactly the same as your Glock but it replicates more of the Glock than any dedicated non Glock pistol would.
  3. I Am Groot!

    I have mastered barbequed ribs.

    If it isn't smoked it isn't done right... But!... If it delicious it's a winner!
  4. I Am Groot!

    Scratched my new $200 pistol...

    PNWguy, I still have the price tag and original box for my G27. I paid $399 for it... in 1996. Borg warner, I'm kidding around. I don't mean to disrespect anyone here..
  5. I Am Groot!

    Scratched my new $200 pistol...

    Yeah Borg. It happened to my Glock 27. Some days just aren't perfect. Costs $150 to get the slide refinished. Coulda used the 150 and got a Glock 20. I guess if it happened to a $200 it could happen to a $400 gun too. Oh well.
  6. I Am Groot!

    Scratched my new $200 pistol...

    Reminds me of scratching my brand new black boots. At least there's polish and buffing for this. If you decide to do something to coat or recoat only the scratches please let us know if something works well. In case it happens to me too. That Sharpie works on everything! Lol
  7. I Am Groot!

    LWD Introduction

    For over more than a few years of turning to Lone Wolf for my Glocks I've seen how hard their people must work to get so many things done for us. They have improved over the years too. Some parts cost a couple of bucks more than the lowest out there on the internet. I'd rather spend my dollars with them because I want them to stay in business forever. They've done me a lot of good. Allowed me to learn and choose and have options. Options are important to me because it lets me keep up with Glock progress and possibilities. Thanks and welcome JR. And thanks to your company for being here for me.
  8. I Am Groot!

    Trigger Question

    Greg. I am pleasantly surprised to see what you've posted here. Your explanation with links complement each other. Very well done. Not only did this help me understand but also left me with no further questions. This should be pinned or shown where more members can benefit from it. Thank you very much.
  9. I Am Groot!

    What makes a Glock trigger "mushy"?

    I feel the same about the unmarked connector Timmay. I've used the minus, dot, unmarked and plus connectors. I personally favor the unmarked for now. There are other factors involved with the trigger feeling so this doesn't mean that the unmarked is best for everyone but it's good with my current setups. PNWguy, to ad to Timmay's info, there may be suggestions offered that may get your Glock near being "unsafe" yet useful. Hopefully you'll ad your own research to suggestions made here and try options in real life before committing to modifications. You know. The firearm is deadly and should be taken seriously. I'm just thinking out loud here cause I'm sure you have the experience to make good decisions on this topic. Thanks for starting this post. I'll learn from it too.
  10. I Am Groot!

    Trigger Question

    Hey there Greg. How is the drop test that you do performed? I googled it and found examples of actually dropping it on purpose or by accident. Do you use a rubber hammer to the back of the frame or slide? That's about all I can think of when I hear of a drop test. Thanks. Centuriator, I've used the Kinetitech flat trigger shoe and I liked the feel better than curved OEM. I've switched back to OEM now and it feels good too. I ordered an adjustable trigger hoping to "learn" from the experience it brings. It costs some but I do learn from the options so I'm ok with paying for knowledge sometimes.
  11. I Am Groot!

    G19 MOS

    Just from my own experiences but if you mount the optic sight to the slide with an adapter instead of milled or MOS mounting, it will be difficult to find a sight set with enough height to use as backup irons. Then a little trouble finding holsters with enough clearance to pass the front sight through it. I also spent extra time finding holsters that let the optic fit without it touching the holster. I ended up trying the adapter mounting to use the optic with no backup sights so I could use it for a while before deciding that I would stay with the optic. Then I sent my slide and optic to Lone Wolf to get it milled. Milling was the best outcome for me and it made it easier to find backup sights because it meant that I could shop with more choices due to the lower sight height needed because the optic now sits much lower in the slide. This was for a Burris Fast Fire 3 my G27.
  12. I Am Groot!

    Lone Wolf Distributors

    Lone Wolf has so much to offer and free shipping over 25 bucks. They have fair prices. Buying barrels I've stopped counting after getting 25 of them. Lots of Glock items. The slide machining and refinishing has been excellent on my parts. Just sayin.
  13. I Am Groot!

    If you just arrived, say hi!

    I believe in what you stand for Eric. I'm with you.