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  1. Totally agree. The only people I have heard mouthing off about it with their usual drivel are talking heads and politicians.
  2. It was passed down in our family that the first of our ancestors in the new world arrived wearing the broad arrow and manacles.
  3. When you pay for entertainment, you are paying for the rope they are hanging you with. Even the stuff that seems like it is friendly to the Constitution is filling the pockets of progressive corporations.
  4. Might as well get a Rossi, they are as good as any except the really deluxe brands and easily tuned. One of my co workers bought one and tuned it himself after watching YouTube videos. Perfectly fine guns but a little rough when new.
  5. I'm sure she would be happier in a city where the people protesting were in charge. At least up till they bashed her skull in with a pipe and took his nice stuff.
  6. Phone pics, but a nice, classic old bike. Love the rod brake linkage, not cables, solid steel rods. They don't build them like that anymore!
  7. Ours is excellent, a good administrator and a good neighbor.
  8. Apparently they never attended an American highschool, where apparently most rapes are committed by hot women.
  9. "The GLOCK 19C Gen4 marks the first time a compact C pistol has been offered as part of the Gen 4 family. The GLOCK 19C Gen4 is equipped with integral barrel ports which optimize performance during rapid firing allowing the shooter to get back on target quicker. Additional benefits are reduced muzzle flip and felt recoil. The GLOCK 19C Gen4 also features the Modular Back Strap system, which allows shooters to customize the pistol's grip to accommodate any hand size, Gen4 rough textured technology on the frame, and a dual recoil spring assembly. The G19C Gen4 9x19mm pistol also retains the GLOCK accessory rail for accessory attachments." Glock.com If I wanted ports, I'd get this. But YMMV.
  10. What is the correct syntax to whitelist the site? When I look at my whitelist it has "document" appended to the end, which was not in the url I copied.
  11. They should have ordered a whole big bunch of frangible 5.56 ammo weeks ago. That is how you brace for riots.
  12. SGN was huge back in the day. I remember some book I read by a business expert about how he was hired to help a big city paper back when the internet was just getting big. They were losing subscribers and couldn't cope. He asked what their business was and they told him they printed and sold papers. He said they were doomed by that perception and how other businesses were growing because they knew their business was more about the customers and less about the medium. It's like being a buggy whip maker in the age of automobiles. All you have to do is refocus. Lots of dominatrixes in the world, just change your advertising a bit.
  13. That would be nice, but Eric needs to write something to protect himself in case someone posts or uses bad information or is just unlucky and blows his face off.
  14. RonS

    Cold Warriors

    When it really, really has to be intercepted, right now, nothing beats a missile with a nuke in it. Sorry about all the polar bears and geese, Canada.
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