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  1. Howdy from the Smoky Mountains Rabbi. Hope all is well.
  2. So far, on my iPhone, I like the dark theme a bit better.
  3. 8 3/8” Smith 617 is my rarest. Holding this out one handed is a great wrist exercise!
  4. Working in Knoxville proper, I’ve seen quite a few local stations sold out. Pilot has huge storage talks in Knoxville but allowed their stations to run out, only delivering this morning after the local radio tried to get Bill Haslam (Pilot Corp’s owner) on the phone for an answer.
  5. Just now seeing this. Love my 617’s. I have a 6” -6 just like yours and it’s great at the range. I liked it so much I picked up a 4” -1 and a 8 3/8” -1 as well. They are both 6-shot models but are still fun to shoot. The “Long Tom” 8 3/8” gets a lot of attention at the range.
  6. 38. I’ll be down yonder fishin in the crick.
  7. It didn't moo when I poked it, so it was cooked enough.
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