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  1. We will be staying home this year. I was exposed to a coworker that tested positive and is rather ill so I’m quarantining for 14 days. My parents are in their 80’s and in tenuous health at best so better safe than sorry.
  2. Don’t overlook Scion vehicles. The 2nd Gen XB is a Camry drivetrain, Corolla “frame” with a ton of space, good visibility, and super-easy to work on. Plus, just enough “Different” that they stand out in a crowd. I can also testify to their crashworthiness as the Wife walked away from a wreck that likely would have killed her in a small sedan. (Ford Excursion hit her in the rear at 60+ mph while she was stopped for a red light.)
  3. Reedy Creek in Kingsport, TN and a bunch of them branching off the Black Warrior River in Adger, AL.
  4. I’m getting the “drop down” ads as well as true “pop-ups” that block the screen.
  5. The Wife found this Halloween scratch house at the local Target. The boys love it.
  6. Our deepest sympathies. We lost our first cat at 16 years of age. Even when they pass on they’re always with you.
  7. That’s certainly a possibility. Looks like I’ll have to cancel that wire transfer to the nice Nigerian Prince. I was so hoping to finally be wealthy....
  8. Donation made. It took a few tries for PayPal to let it go through for some reason.
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