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  1. The Wife got creative over the weekend and these are her first 3 art projects.
  2. RandomGuy

    Potato Chips

    You know, .38 Super is great for cutting through grease. And helps tone down that garlicky aftertaste.
  3. All tired out from a good game of tag.
  4. Ah, the balmy comfort of Knoxville. At least the wings of the vulture-sized mosquitoes provide a bit of a breeze.
  5. Spotted this on the way to lunch. ....
  6. RandomGuy


    The Wife bought us 2 of the 23andMe kits a couple of years ago. Very easy to do and turnaround was only 4-5 weeks.
  7. They had one of the track/NASCAR promoters on the radio in Knoxville today quietly freaking out about it. People were calling in saying they stopped going because the cars are all the same, the racing is bland, and the cost is stupidly high. The promoter started asking the callers “would you be interested in mid-week races?” and got his head handed to him by people asking if he knew they had to work to pay the bills. The consensus seemed to be that NASCAR has lost its flavor and its roots as a blue-collar series.
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