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  1. A few days ago 2 kayakers were mauled while sleeping in their tent on the shore of Skilak Lake on the Kenai Peninsula. They had to kayak for hours in the wee hours to get where they could find help. Both survived. Then yesterday at 1:30 am, a woman called her husband from a trail near Palmer to report that she was being charged by multiple bears and had discharged her pepper spray. No further contact from her since and search and rescue has not yet located her. Why a woman would be out hiking a remote trail alone at 1:30 am is baffling to me even though I know it's still kind of light out then at this time of year. Perhaps there is more to this story. We shall see.
  2. I once got a ticket for 110 over the posted speed limit. Things were different back then.
  3. My dad who passed away in November, was born in 26 and served in WW2. Mom was born in 30. They saw so much. I often think of their parents that went from horse and buggy days to flying across the country in airplanes.
  4. One plane is doing 150, the other 100. They close very fast. Not at all like doing 60 on the turnpike.
  5. Had a Super Cub take out a Beaver here in Alaska last fall. No survivors.
  6. Johnson......You're cleaning that up.
  7. I bought a bunch of the vacant land around me to keep the jack wagons away.
  8. I picked up 4 Fenwick salmon rods and also a Lamiglas and an unbranded trout rod a couple days ago for $40 bucks. They are worth about 10 times what I paid for them.....at least.
  9. Thanks. We have absolutely no idea how it came to be in my dad's possession. The only thing we can come up with is that he might have bought it at a garage sale. He couldn't pass a garage sale without stopping.
  10. They should lower the physical standards and hire migits.
  11. Has the BLM (burn, loot, murder) games started yet?
  12. I wonder if the sound was the woman or the bobcat.
  13. I wonder if the sound was the woman or the bobcat.
  14. Conservatives knew this almost before he was dead. Didn't fit the liberal agenda.
  15. They aren't so cool when they get greater than 6. I have been in several in the 7 plus range. Not fun.
  16. I thought I wanted to see St Helens from closer up also. NOT. We had a perfect view from our logging operation when it first started acting up. Could hardly wait to move up into the high country and see it from only a couple miles away. We lost everything including 2 men.
  17. "As the Nation Awaits a Verdict." I couldn't care less. Haven't read any of the drivel in the newspaper or watched any bit of the dog and pony show on the news.
  18. I think the old lady was carrying Fluffy in that cat carrier. Probably in heat.
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