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  1. The physically abusive woman I dated had an Outback. I changed the headlight bulbs on it a couple times. I was swearing like a mule skinner. Have to remove the front tire and access the headlight through a hole the size of my hand. Then of course you can't see what you're doing and have to work by feel removing a little metal clip, that if it falls, you will never find it again. My Fords all have bulbs that twist in, including my ancient 94. Subaru hasn't figured that out yet.
  2. Out and back. No issues getting out there. Nice load in the truck. The tree I cut was 2 1/2' in diameter. Dry as a popcorn fart.
  3. Looks like I get to go out again today. If so, I'm attacking a large spruce that has snapped off and is hung up in a birch. It's a beetle kill and will be dry as a bone. We did get a little snow, but not enough to keep me from taking the Ford off road to the cabin.
  4. Went to the family Thanksgiving day dinner. Lots of kids there. I haven't been sick in years, but it seems I have caught a cold. I'm main lining the vitamin C.
  5. I run a semi skip tooth .50 gauge 3/8 chain without the anti kickback bs on most of my saws. Some of the larger saws I run .404 skip tooth. Hand sharpen. Usually if you take a close look at your chain, you'll spot the problem if you are sharpening one side differently. Also try turning the bar over. If you have a competent saw shop in the area, they can dress your bar for you.
  6. I see people I know that have taken a motorcycle safety course that must have been sleeping in class, because they continue to make bonehead mistakes. For instance....riding in someone's blind spot, or cruising through town in the right hand lane. Riding through town with their feet up on the highway pegs away from the controls. And never using the front brake. I made using it a habit.
  7. Serviced 2 saws today. Sharpened the chain on the Husky 365 Special and adjusted it. Fueled and ready to go. Pulled the MS 460 Stihl out and worked it over too. It's souped up. Planning to use it on a large spruce I will be bucking on next time we go out.
  8. I run the high beam on my Victory and also the driving lights that sit on either side of it. People still fail to see me sometimes. You'd think the sun glistening off all that chrome would be enough. It's dripping chrome.
  9. It should be legal to pull Bambi over and shove that cell phone right up her ass.
  10. But, but, but.....You call us Bikers. Or a....gasp....Trucker.
  11. I drive/ride DEFENSIVELY. Because when I'm out there in the Kenworth and somebody makes a mistake, someone (probably not me) could end up dead. When I'm out there later on my Victory, if someone makes a mistake, I'm gonna be dead. People in cars and trucks drive like idiots around big trucks and motorcycles. Many have no clue about the hazards they are creating.
  12. Or chase them down, start eating their ass, and you get the blank stare.
  13. I have had my share of close ones on my Victory. Had an old man in a full size pick up take a left right in front of me. I dogged both brakes hard. Then the tool bag behind me almost ran me over.
  14. 2 of my trucks have sensors on the dash that trigger the lights to come on at dark if the dash switch in in the correct position. I covered the sensor so the lights are on anytime the truck is running.
  15. My shop is in conduit. The house and 3 car garage is typical wiring in the walls. I have a butt load of outlets in the garage, but code says they need to be GFCI so they are. I very seldom trip one.
  16. You can see the set up we use to get moose into the bed of the truck. Winch in a receiver on the headache rack.
  17. We drove towards a beautiful westering sun on the way back home. The property where my cabin sits is 5 miles from what used to be the end of the road, and is 16 miles north of where I live. Before the road got extended, it was quite a struggle to get out there. Down the beach in the summer by atv and then up to the muddy pipeline corridor for some serious mud running. By snow machine down the pipeline in winter.
  18. A load on my truck. I'm getting real fond of that Husqvarna 365 Special. I usually cut with a hopped up Stihl MS 460. The Husky is a little easier for me to handle these days.
  19. Crazy old man after we cut 3 loads. There are 3 generations of us out there playing, me of course being the oldest. (and most experienced and deadly)
  20. It's a rough trail. Narrow, rutted, and not usable by trucks most of the year. Right now with the low amount of snow and frozen conditions, we can drive in. Summer time is usually too much deep mud unless it is very dry.
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