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  1. M-80's got the attention a lot of people needed. Seal Bombs were the next step up. After that I just used the dynamite the timber companies supplied us with. It's no wonder those things are regulated these days. Used to be able to buy 'stumping powder' at the hardware store.
  2. I know a few like that. I wouldn't piss on their face if it was on fire. Might try to put it out with an ax though.
  3. I hated being sent to the neighbors (not exactly next door in those days) to "BORROW" a cup of flour or sugar.
  4. Why is it you loan your beggar buddies some cash and it always gets paid back in small bills? Never fails. Hand someone 100 dollar bills when they're in need, and when they finally (if ever) pay you back, it's in 5's 10' and 20's. What are you pal? A drug dealer? Rant over.
  5. Sarcasm won't be tolerated over there. However it will be graded. You got an "F"
  6. I haven't signed in 'over there' for a long long time. I like this place and the homos that have wandered in 'over here'
  7. On a winter deer hunt up in the mountains, my cousin pulled the cotton from his Zippo and used it for fire starter. When he got the tender going he pulled the cotton back out and put it back in the lighter. Still had enough fluid to light again.
  8. That goes for Bison too. And the black bears when they have been in the high country stuffing themselves with berries.
  9. I invited my Grand Daughter over for a back yard bonfire. Sent her home with a metric ton of stuff from my freezer.
  10. I know some that would like a 'little meat'. Sadly, I'd still come up short.
  11. I got Beer Goggles. They aren't working. Those 2:00 Queens are still fugly.
  12. Picked up some of the moose we had processed. Just barely had room for it. I have more to pick up later. The Honey BBQ Sticks (30 lbs) won't be done for another month. I got some eating to do. We got 340 pounds of burger, 30 of Honey BBQ sticks, 30 of Sweet Italian breakfast sausage, 30 of German Sausage, 30 of Old Fashioned Cheddar Dogs, plus all the steaks, backstraps, and stew meat we sliced up ourselves. I still have Halibut, Salmon, and Rock Fish in the freezer too. Most of this is going into my son's freezers. 7 mouths in his household. I'm on my own over here. I better get to eating.
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