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  1. Getting out and hiking or biking is much different from sitting in a crowded bar coughing all over each other.
  2. Hard and cold on the exterior. Soft and warm on the inside. Kind of like an igloo.
  3. You'd like it out there too. I've been going out there regularly since 1982.
  4. He moved into the unfinished house he is building. I'm still going back out to the cabin this week anyway.
  5. Weed stores are still open here along with the booze outlets. Thought I heard something on the radio about curb side delivery for the liquor stores though. Funny thing, just yesterday I walked into a liquor store with a bandana over my face and sunglasses on. I felt like I should have yelled out, "Stick it, This is a **** up." But I barely refrained myself. Must be getting old. BTW, the weed sales have brought in something like 20 million to the state this quarter in taxes.
  6. Eye get my eye drops from India. Can't afford to buy them here. Travatan.
  7. Folks in NY are literally living on top of each other. Then add to that how much they depend on public transit. Subways and cabs. Also Ca. is much warmer, and that is supposed to affect the virus.
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