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  1. Zager & Evans - In the Year 2525 - Bing video
  2. Lived in remote areas of the PNW. Hunted and logged all over the place. S.E. Alaska too. No squatches.
  3. Also I was filling out my paperwork and didn't have my phone. These other 2 bozos had their phones in their face. I asked several times if either of them could tell me the date. They either ignored me, or were so unaware of anything other than their screens (and noses) that neither one even glanced up. I guessed at the date.
  4. Went in to do an MRI. Of course masks and social distancing is required, along with all the covid questions. I get to the waiting room and there are 2 people already there. A guy and a gal. The dude has his mask pilled down below his nose. So does the female. She pulls the mask down to her chin, picks her nose. Then digs in her ear. Mask down again and wiping her mouth. She was a petite looking thing but was wearing what looked like size 12 flip flops. I'm losing what little faith I have left in humanity.
  5. My oldest when he was a kid had a Thirty-Thirty, so he used to call my .44 Magnum a Forty-Forty. I kinda liked that name. "Hey Smoke, what did you get your bear with?" "My Forty-Forty."
  6. Hoarders. Should have stocked up on reloading supplies decades ago.
  7. I have my bear tags. SIX of them. But I can only shoot 2 at a time in most areas. Then have to wait to blast a few more.
  8. Alaska has a younger population than most states. My dad commented one time that the obituaries here had lots of young people compared to his state. I explained our younger population. (the average age has crept up a little since then) Now days our obits are mostly older folks. And plenty of the obits mention covid, although many don't state the cause of death.
  9. He has only been President for a couple days and he already looks exhausted.
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