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  1. Maybe I'm confusing her with another one on here that was a drama queen. People were saying she was a dude.
  2. I barfed my ass off when I got the concussion falling from the rope swing when I was a kid. Spent a few days in the hospital. My parents were working on a house they were building. Me falling from the rope swing and getting knocked out was an unwanted distraction. They had me lay down in the back seat of the car. Yeah, I went to sleep. Not supposed to do that when you have a concussion. Went to school the next day and started puking my guts out. Puked all the way to town on the 40 mile ride to the hospital with my mom. Got admitted. Fun times.
  3. Oh yeah, and some real nasty spills off the snow machines. Some at high speed. Man that frozen ground, ice is hard.
  4. Fell off a rope swing. 1st concussion. 7 or 8 years old. Hit in the head with a baseball bat. All sports in school. Boxed for 9+ years. Logger. Bar fights. Fights other places. Car wrecks including one in a fire truck. Motorcycle crashes, mostly dirt bikes. What were we talking about?
  5. I'm pretty sure I have been the cause of a few concussions.
  6. Oldest grandson served in the Marines as an Embassy Security Guard. He now has his National EMT license and is on his way to getting a Paramedic License. He will be working an Emergency Room in an Anchorage hospital tomorrow and then Army Reserve stuff the rest of the weekend. He's also building a small house and working at the local fire station. Grand daughter manages a Subway store. Youngest grandson is 11 and in the top tier of swimmers in the PNW. I have a 2.5 year old great grand daughter and another due next month. I wanted more kids (had 3, lost 1) and I wanted a pile of grandkids. But I guess I'm pretty happy with what I have.
  7. Air raids on German cities by the 15th Air Force in Italy were targets they disliked the most. Vienna Austria was the next worse. When these targets were announced there was an audible groan in the room of air crews being briefed. These targets were defended with everything the Germans could muster. My uncle was on B17's hitting these targets.
  8. Yes we did including a bunch of B17's, many which were wiped out in one raid by the Germans as the Ruskies had them lined up in rows at the air base. Easy pickings.
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