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  1. Walt Longmire

    Avoid Women at All Costs

    Take the red pill and don't look back.
  2. Walt Longmire

    Ever had a cursed day?

    Had 2 shifty days in a row recently that started with the 7.2 earthquake the morning I was supposed to fly out and visit family.
  3. Walt Longmire

    Every time I want to travel, **** happens

    So I am at one of my destinations and I get a call that my grand daughter failed to show up after work to pick up her daughter from daycare. I start calling pretty much everyone back home and every call goes to voice mail. Finally my son's gfs answers. An hour later she is located and things are o.k. **** I dislike traveling. On a more pleasant note, I got to hang out with my dad and brothers. Also watched a grandson medal in swimming today.
  4. Walt Longmire

    Don't Leave Your BodyCam Unattended

    Foreman on our oilfield project left his camera unattended. Got dick pics on it. Takes his film in and gets it developed. His next stop was to his probation officer. His FEMALE probation officer. He tosses the package of photos on her desk during the meeting (he never checked the photos) and says, "This is our work project I am the foreman on." She gets part way through the photos and here comes the dick pics. She accused him of being a pervert and trying to seduce her. We laughed and we laughed when we heard he had showed them to her.
  5. Walt Longmire

    Report details efforts to rescue mother fatally pinned by hay bale

    Sad. Every study I have ever seen puts logging at the top for deaths and accidents, followed by commercial fishing. Never heard farming was at the top of that list.
  6. Walt Longmire

    Woman Battered Man Over Rejection

    I would tell Miss Fugly "No" also.
  7. Walt Longmire

    Every time I want to travel, **** happens

    And be responsible for all that mayhem?
  8. Walt Longmire

    Walt Longmire reported missing...

    I can see Redoubt and Spur from my house.
  9. Walt Longmire


    Had a tsunami go completely around the house we were in when I was a kid. Went through a hurricane in 62.Another tsunami in 64 but we were a mile inland this time. Forest fires. Mt St Helens and then the volcanos here (Redoubt, Spur, and Augustine) Lots of earthquakes with 7.3 being the largest. It's o.k. if the natural disasters lay low for a while.
  10. Walt Longmire

    Jeremiah Johnson

    A million way to die in the west.
  11. Walt Longmire

    Every time I want to travel, **** happens

    A few things broken at the house. Local roads damaged. Airport shut down so I had to go back home. Try again tomorrow.
  12. Walt Longmire

    Weed, gym class, and hospital...

    Every one else is baked.
  13. Walt Longmire

    Weed, gym class, and hospital...

    Never touched the devils weed.
  14. Walt Longmire

    Weed, gym class, and hospital...

    Uhhmmm. Are you and I the only one still up?
  15. Walt Longmire

    Jeremiah Johnson