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  1. Back in my youth I worked for an oilfield service company that requested 2 week notice, and yet sent you packing the day you turned in your notice. I gave them the courtesy of a phone call after work started on a Monday that "I QUIT." Boss called me to say he would have to write some unpleasant stuff in my file for company HQ. I told him to pack it in his ass.
  2. Sadly Alaska got suckered into Rank Choice Voting. It was going down until the last minute when the (fraudulent?) mail in votes (no signature needed) were counted. Then barely passed.
  3. Bull Crap. The Fred Meyer ads here in Alaska are full of black and mulato models. Hardly a white person ever, and never a Native.
  4. It's even in the weekly ads in the newspaper. More mulatos than anything else.
  5. Some of those women have BPD. Borderline Personality Disorder. Not fun to deal with.
  6. My ex waited tables in a restaurant in Ocean Shores, Wa. that had many celebrities come through. She never bothered them. John Wayne was there for the filming of McQ and I got pics of him with my mother and grandmother. Where I live in Ak. we get lots of pro sports players and other celebs here in the summer. Many of them have mansions on the Kenai River that they refer to as their 'cabin.' I have worked several excavating jobs for them.
  7. Covid is killing more than just those with the virus. My brother needs surgery to remove a tumor, but there is a shortage of OR's in his area. Can't find anyone to schedule surgery with. His doctor basically told him to go home and die.
  8. I bought a John Deere 2032R for around my compound. It has a few attachments. I plan to add a 60" snow blower soon. Until then I plow with a Volvo front end loader with a 10' wide V blade. If you end up buying a skid steer, do some research first. The older Bobcats are impossible to get parts for.
  9. My Golden Pyrenees is named "Dusty." She is 13 1/2 and having trouble getting around due to tendon and joint issues in her left hind knee.
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