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  1. 30 clip full auto 200 rounds shoulder thingy that goes up
  2. You mean like the moron prosecutor in the Rittenhouse trial?
  3. In Alaska where it's dark so much of the time in winter.....Friend went home, had a few shots of whiskey and fell asleep on his couch. Woke up several hours later and thought he had over slept. Hauled ass to work and the place was deserted. Yup, 9 pm.
  4. Back in my logging days it was elk or deer burger sandwiches and some fruit. If I was lucky there might be a few cookies or a piece of cake or pie for dessert. Now days in the KW I have one of those coolers that actually heats also. I just take leftovers and heat them up.
  5. 1st day of firearm safety class. Instructor has a couple mean looking guns laying on the table. A short double barrel shotgun and a wicked looking handgun. He is holding a single shot .22. He asks the class which firearm is the most dangerous. Most kids thought it was the shotgun or the handgun, but he pointed out that neither of those could do anything just laying there. it was the gun in his hands that was the most dangerous.
  6. I think it wasn't my scholarly achievement that promoted me from one grade to another. It was when I hit the required number of hacks that advancement was guaranteed at the end of that school year.
  7. The Outback the xgf had, for some unknown reason, would occasionally start consuming an ungodly amount of engine oil. Low miles on it, but every so often we'd find ourselves dumping quarts of oil into it, even if we had just done an oil change. We carried jugs of oil in the car. It burned out light bulbs way too often too. I looked that one up and it was an electrical issue common with that vintage. The latch for the back door failed also. Subarus are pretty common in Alaska, and lots of people (old hippes) love them. Maybe cause they're cheap and 4 wheel drive. But I am not a Subaru fan boy.
  8. The physically abusive woman I dated had an Outback. I changed the headlight bulbs on it a couple times. I was swearing like a mule skinner. Have to remove the front tire and access the headlight through a hole the size of my hand. Then of course you can't see what you're doing and have to work by feel removing a little metal clip, that if it falls, you will never find it again. My Fords all have bulbs that twist in, including my ancient 94. Subaru hasn't figured that out yet.
  9. Out and back. No issues getting out there. Nice load in the truck. The tree I cut was 2 1/2' in diameter. Dry as a popcorn fart.
  10. Looks like I get to go out again today. If so, I'm attacking a large spruce that has snapped off and is hung up in a birch. It's a beetle kill and will be dry as a bone. We did get a little snow, but not enough to keep me from taking the Ford off road to the cabin.
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