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  1. I've been here 37 years and am still amazed.
  2. Had a 72 Maverick Grabber I bought brand new and then added a bunch of after market stuff to the 302. Headers and 12" Mitchel mufflers with 3' of scavenger pipes was one of the mods. Ran a 14 second quarter mile with street tires.
  3. You should try walking into a fish gut rendering plant. BTDT.
  4. Pack your mosquito head net. Maybe a handkerchief also so you can wet it and wear it on your face to filter out the FF smoke.
  5. It's a plague. May was warm and wet so they really multiplied. Warm and dry now. BTW, there is a large FF burning outside of Sterling right now. Last news I saw said 15,000 acres and growing. We got a little rain over the weekend, but sunny again now and looks like we're in for a long stretch of similar weather. The fire is on the Refuge and mostly moving north.
  6. Recently in Anchorage a contractor had a 'Black Rifles Matter' sticker on his p.u. which happened to be parked in the lot of the public building he was working in. A couple of triggered snowflake bitches left a nasty note on his truck using their Govt. business cards. Then shamed him on social media. I don't remember the agency they worked for, but they both ended up getting fired.
  7. It will buff right out. If you didn't see the car before the repairs, then you are relying on other people's interpretation of how bad it was. The buyer knows it was involved in a crash. His move.
  8. Fresh ground coffee brewing in the old fashioned percolator out at my remote cabin.
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