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  1. Walt Longmire

    i am so done with winter!

    I shoveled one side of a 3 car garage today. They side the snow drifts on. Need to get some off the house roof, sauna, and wood shed. Expecting another 12" this weekend on top of what we already have. I'll be hauling snow in town next week.
  2. Walt Longmire

    The wife took care of me tonight, if you know what I mean...

    No. Don't be faking sleep. She spiked it with Viagra.
  3. Walt Longmire

    NYC loses Amazon HQ2

    AOC is cheering this decision
  4. Walt Longmire

    When Did Old Sneak Up On Me?

    I pay for the newspaper subscription 3 months at a time.
  5. Walt Longmire

    When Did Old Sneak Up On Me?

    I don't even think about how I do things different. I just adapt. Can't bend over anymore. If something falls on the floor, I leave it until I feel better or there is more than one thing to pick up. Then get on my knees to get it. Lay on my back on the bed to put my socks and pants on. Often have to grab the dresser to help stand up in the morning, making all kinds of noise. I figure it's a real good day when I can wash and dry my feet when showering. That said, I snowshoed out in 3' of snow yesterday and fell a bunch of trees for the moose to eat. I was sweating like a pig and hurting like a mother. Yet today, I helped my grand daughter do a brake job on her car. Miraculously I'm not in pain from that. Now. Get off my lawn.
  6. Walt Longmire

    Mystery smells

    Does it smell like Teen Spirit?
  7. Walt Longmire

    When Did Old Sneak Up On Me?

    Had the scope 3 times now. And the cataract surgery. Had lunch at the Sr. Center today. Fried chicken. Naps are good.
  8. Walt Longmire

    Carry.. Awalys Carry. And listen to your dog... I screwed up this morning.

    I just listened to my dog. She said all is well on the perimeter of the compound.
  9. Walt Longmire

    Weed and memory...

    More like she was doing it doggy style with a tuba player.
  10. Walt Longmire

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    Saw one today in original condition for sale in Alaska.
  11. Walt Longmire

    Surf N Turf........twice

    Last night had moose backstrap, razor clams, and halibut. Same for lunch today. Was damn good. Twice.
  12. Walt Longmire

    Percolator Coffee Pot, anyone?

    Put a little Baileys in the perc coffee at the cabin. Sit and watch the wildlife.
  13. Walt Longmire

    Carry.. Awalys Carry. And listen to your dog... I screwed up this morning.

    What? We want him to beat himself up and post the video.
  14. Walt Longmire


    When I moved to Alaska the junk box was left behind. Oh how I craved for it many times those first few years. Long time Alaskan's hang onto stuff. Kind of nice back in the day when you could rob nuts, bolts, and parts off a disabled car when it takes a week or more to have something shipped up. It's much easier to maintain things these days. BTW, I don't have any junk vehicles on my property. Still plenty of folks hoard stuff here. It's called 'homestead mentality.'
  15. Walt Longmire

    Percolator Coffee Pot, anyone?

    I have a bunch of them. A couple at my remote cabin, in my rv, and at least 4 in the house. The ones in the house include 2 old enamel ones, the common aluminum pot, and a shiny almost new stainless model. I grab the stainless one when the power goes out. I also have a hand grinder for the coffee beans.