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  1. I learned (not by my own experience) to NEVER pass out on the Rez.
  2. But when gang bangers off each other, the 19 year old thugs are referred to as 'children'
  3. I knew quite a few of those who died in the eruption.
  4. Sure seems like it has become a lot more common with the dems running the show. Part of the plan?
  5. I have had some 'interesting' encounters with them. Some were way more interesting than others. Mostly the ones from my youth. The encounters are more bland these days. I have also been with cops when they made arrests. Kind of a different perspective. I helped a F&G officer late at night way out in the sticks when he busted 2 guys with 2 poached moose. I was armed, and before the bust we had a discussion about what he planned to do, and what he expected from me.
  6. I caused my parents to get pulled over on a felony stop with service revolvers out. Long time ago. Dad wasn't happy to say the least. Part of the reason was that they owned a car that looked similar to mine. I had a Maverick Grabber with mag wheels and a highly modified 302. Parent had a Comet Gt with the same mags and same color, but stock engine. Of course the cops thought they we me. Fun times.
  7. I doubt it would even faze one. Thick hide and all that fat.
  8. Ran into a friend today and we were talking about a mutual friend who had wrecked on a snow machine last week. Smashed pelvis, broken spine. Many surgeries already, and more to go. The friend grins ear to ear...."Wow." Like it was great news.
  9. I went to Black Bike Week a few years ago, and had a conversation with a couple cops there. One was a few years away from retirement and it couldn't come quick enough for him. He said he would never make it through a career in law enforcement if he had to start today. He also wouldn't recommend anyone else do it either.
  10. This is why I don't carry a Taser in bear country. I'd hate to accidentally pull a taser on a charging Brown Bear rather than the .454 Casull.
  11. Uncle Buck didn't seem like he was in fear. Just a bunghole.
  12. He was scared spitless with Uncle Buck screaming and yelling and waving his Nine, Nine around.
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