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  1. A replacement wouldn't be chosen until after the election.
  2. My son is in a long distance relationship with a woman in Japan. He has visited there many times. There covid numbers are much lower than ours even though they live practically on top of each other. There are some interesting differences between their society and ours. They are all pretty much wearing masks. When using mass transit, they don't talk with their fellow travelers. It's actually considered rude. Talking sends lots of particles out. Your mask helps to reduce that. So does keeping to yourself.
  3. You wear the mask to lessen the chance of infecting others. How hard is it for some people to grasp that concept?
  4. Keep us posted. Prayers now for the Poet.
  5. I know several people that have had it. My grandsons entire shift at the FD had to quarantine due to being exposed. Some of them actually contracted it. Also know a few in the general population.
  6. I was way into adulthood before I learned that a Ranch Burger had Ranch dressing on it. I thought a Ranch Burger was something a ranch hand would like to eat. Ranch dressing on a burger. Who decided this was a good thing?
  7. I mean, we all like a Big Mac with Thousand Island on it. Why not a little on a steak?
  8. Many people are assuming that if you recover from covid, you will be immune to further infections. Why then do we repeatedly come down with the common cold, and the many variations of the flu?
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