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  1. Not some whimpy town truck either. Nope. A Super Duty. But not just the regular Super Duty. This one has the V-10. It doesn't stop there (well the one place it stops is the gas station) It's got the 6 speed manual. Of course it's a 4x4. Also an XLT FX4 Off Road. Super Cab. On board compressor and auxiliary fuel tank mounted in the bed. (gonna need that extra fuel) Has air bags in the rear suspension. A hide away 5th wheel hitch and of course a regular hitch also. Purrs like a kitten. Just rolled over 100K. Barely broke in. Came up from Ok. so no rust. No pics yet.
  2. I have had frozen hair many times. Been frost bit too.
  3. I usually refrain from stopping the lickers. The female lickers. Yeah, if it was a 'him' he wouldn't have even got started. LOL
  4. The Dow nearly hit 30K before corona. It has come back since and been in the 28-29 range for a while. No way democrats and Biden can take credit for breaking past 30K. In fact , just wait and see what happens to your 401k after Kamala takes over and sleepy Joe is put to bed.
  5. I stop at least one every year from doing what it wants.
  6. I had plans to go crabbing in the Bering Sea a long time ago. That fishery is done in winter. Pays very well, but is dangerous as hell. My wife at the time said "Absolutely NO."
  7. I have done logging as you know, and been involved in commercial fishing. I still have a halibut IFQ. Also have done years of construction and oilfield work.
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