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  1. Bad fuel maybe. Compression needs to be above 90 psi.
  2. I'm really glad this demonstration went so well. I fully expected the hired agitators to stir things up. Probably too intimidated by all those scary gun owners to pull it off.
  3. I'd take that JD to a small engine mechanic. Probably something easy.
  4. I was riding my mountain bike down a paved bike path in Soldotna when a forked horn bull came out of the brush after me. Lance Armstrong would have been proud of how I pedaled that bike. The hoof beats on the asphalt behind me were great motivation.
  5. I have shot them with 'cracker shells' and it often times just pisses them off. I have use flare guns, wrist rockets with marbles, and my bow shooting blunts.
  6. I have one of those. Don't remember where I even got it. I've had it a long time.
  7. and belt buckles. They learn to ditch the cowboy boots here in Alaska after skidding around the first winter.
  8. You can keep your left nut. This is common knowledge in Alaska. In fact there is currently a radio ad running about being careful around moose and the ad mentions that more people are injured here by moose than by bears.
  9. I went out in the dark early one winter morning to get the paper. In my pajamas and slippers. I was planning to be out less than a minute. I got ambushed by a moose. We did a few laps around the pickup and played dodge for a bit. Truck was locked and the moose was between me and the front door to the house. Of course I didn't have my cell phone either. Finally when the moose came around the other side of the truck, I made a break for the house. My wife (now ex wife) asked what took me so long out there.
  10. They got the Alaska hating Texas right. The only thing better than a Texan leaving Alaska, is one leaving with an Okie under each arm.
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