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  1. MikeG36

    Anyone Carry A Flashlight?

    Along the lines of the pocket knife thread, I'm curious how many of us carry a flashlight. I have been carrying a Streamlight ProTac 2L-X for about a year. Before that a hodgepodge of SureFire, Streamlight and even a Fenix. I use mine every day.
  2. MikeG36

    The Kind of Men Who Carry Pocketknives

    Add me to the I carry two list. Currently on my person as I type, an Emerson CQC7 and Kershaw Leek. (Made in the USA version) I've been carrying pocket knives / jack knives of one kind or another since I was in kindergarten. I use them multiple times per day.
  3. MikeG36

    Motorola Moto G7 lineup

    No flip phone version? Seriously, the last Moto product I owned was a Razor flip phone. It was THE best phone (for phone calls) that I ever owned. These look pretty cool. Maybe give Apple a run for their money. Competition is always good for the marketplace.
  4. MikeG36

    F-16 production to India?

    Thanks! I must be getting old. Couldn't remember....
  5. MikeG36

    F-16 production to India?

    Not really a valid comparison IMO. (First world vs third world countries.) ETA: I forgot to mention that export laws have tightened up in the last few years. Computer technology / software / mechanical systems / etc. are all tightly regulated now. Getting export licenses should be much more difficult now than in the past.
  6. MikeG36

    I biffed my head again today

    Take good care. Head injuries are nothing to take a chance on. Godspeed.
  7. MikeG36

    If TBO was a lady cop

    She'd probably have officer Bubba Johnson do the frisking for her. LOL... Pass.
  8. MikeG36

    F-16 production to India?

    Yeah but this is India. Right next door to our wonderful friends Pakistan. Not a good idea IMO.
  9. Make sure they go in feet first and the chipper is set to slow feed.
  10. MikeG36

    NSFE When it Instantly Breaks Bad

    Here's another clip. Info from the video LVMPD officers in pursuit of two murder suspects are fired at 34 times. This body worn camera footage shows the end of the chase during which officers, numerous motorists, and the public at large were in extreme danger. Please see the full media briefing on this incident.
  11. MikeG36

    NSFE When it Instantly Breaks Bad

    That was LV Metro.
  12. MikeG36

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    I couldn't either back in the day. But now, I think they're a lot cooler.
  13. MikeG36

    F-16 production to India?

    I'm pretty sure we have strict controls on the export of technology. Especially when it comes to things like weapons - AKA fighter aircraft. I'd be surprised if the US Gov would let that happen.
  14. MikeG36

    Co worker's husband found

    Sorry to hear about your coworker. That sucks. I hope they find her soon. RIP.
  15. MikeG36

    What's for breakfast?

    I had leftover pizza and coffee in my hotel room. Not the best but it was convenient.