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  1. We'll see how the 2A community reacts in their sales numbers. I think it may hurt them a bit but they'll probably recover. I've owned a couple of their knives over the years. Sold one and gave the other a way. Nothing that special to me. OC Police needed the firearms to be cut into smaller pieces so the smelter could handle them. When asked, Benchmade said they could help. OCPD thanked them by posting on face book. LOL.. Couldn't have gone more wrong for Benchmade.
  2. Probably not. Like most companies they're going to hedge their bets.
  3. What a cluster****. Benchmade is a pro second company and said they'll never do that again..... Damage already done though...
  4. They should use a 50 BMG API round. I'll bet that would put on an excellent show in space.
  5. This kind of Bull**** should piss all Americans off.
  6. My house AR has an Eotech. It's a very good sighting system for fast acquisition and I shoot very well with it. I also own a number of other optics such as Aimpoint but IMO the Eotech blows their doors off.
  7. Before you throw that POS into the shredder, you should pluck his eyes out.
  8. Along the lines of the pocket knife thread, I'm curious how many of us carry a flashlight. I have been carrying a Streamlight ProTac 2L-X for about a year. Before that a hodgepodge of SureFire, Streamlight and even a Fenix. I use mine every day.
  9. Add me to the I carry two list. Currently on my person as I type, an Emerson CQC7 and Kershaw Leek. (Made in the USA version) I've been carrying pocket knives / jack knives of one kind or another since I was in kindergarten. I use them multiple times per day.
  10. No flip phone version? Seriously, the last Moto product I owned was a Razor flip phone. It was THE best phone (for phone calls) that I ever owned. These look pretty cool. Maybe give Apple a run for their money. Competition is always good for the marketplace.
  11. Thanks! I must be getting old. Couldn't remember....
  12. Not really a valid comparison IMO. (First world vs third world countries.) ETA: I forgot to mention that export laws have tightened up in the last few years. Computer technology / software / mechanical systems / etc. are all tightly regulated now. Getting export licenses should be much more difficult now than in the past.
  13. Take good care. Head injuries are nothing to take a chance on. Godspeed.
  14. She'd probably have officer Bubba Johnson do the frisking for her. LOL... Pass.
  15. Yeah but this is India. Right next door to our wonderful friends Pakistan. Not a good idea IMO.
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