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  1. MikeG36

    The new G19 Gen 5 MOS is here.

    Congrats on your 45. I picked one up but had been too busy at work to shoot it. I finally had enough time to take a long lunch to break it in. Damn, it's a shooter. Best 25 yard group I've ever shot. It possibly may be my most accurate glock. And it's 100% stock with the original plastic dovetail protector installed. I'm thinking I might just leave it that way. I'll post a few pics when I can.
  2. MikeG36

    Glock 45

    I'm tempted to pick one up but I'm probably going to wait a bit longer. That new Gen5 G19MOS is likely going to be my next, but with me, you'll never know for sure until it happens.
  3. MikeG36

    The new G34 Gen 5.1 FS gives me a tingle...

    I like that a lot. I've never been much of a Red Dot guy as far as pistols are concerned but I'm warming up to the idea. With or without the RMR, the Gen5 G34 MOS is a nice pistol. I want one.
  4. I carried a Beretta Model 70s just like this one. (380 ACP) It was my first ever handgun purchase. Long gone now...
  5. MikeG36

    Have the clowns shown up yet?

    I wouldn't want to, but come after me with a weapon and I will.
  6. MikeG36

    How the Italian police deal with Antifa.

    If that was portland oregon, internal affairs would open investigations on each officer and they'd be prosecuted. Then after that the civil suits would start. I wish the big city PDs would stand up to these thugs the way the Italians do.
  7. MikeG36

    Have the clowns shown up yet?

    Clowns creep me out. Dressing as a clown with weapons in hand to scare people is suicidal as far as I'm concerned.
  8. MikeG36

    Glock 43 Owners

    I have the Safariland for my G19. I like it and it's a great holster but IMO it's not the best for concealment. Great for training / range and work.
  9. MikeG36

    Girl's basketball team snubs Trump

    How do you get a Seattle Liberal / WNBA playa pregnant? You cum on her shoes and let the flies do the work. This is assuming that they were born with the correct biological equipment.... 😱
  10. Simple answer, IT'S NOT. (FDA) It won't be long before we all live in Kalifornia.
  11. Whew..... I'll be safe. Unless they're building cell towers where I'll be on Thursday. On the face of it - it sounds like a good idea. I wonder how long until someone uses this to cause mass hysteria and civil unrest?!!
  12. MikeG36

    We have a new member of our family.

    At first I was thinking cute little guy. At least I was right about the cute part. Nice looking pup. Congrats!!!
  13. True. And there were also people who told the truth. Forensic evidence supported the truth tellers in that case and I'm sure it will in this case as well. She should be charged manslaughter.
  14. I've done stupid **** after working long hours multiple days. Like getting into the wrong car. I hit the unlock button as i was walking up. Heard the beep. Opened the door and sat down. Then I was WTF is all this garbage doing in my car? My identical car was parked exactly one row behind. 🤯 That said, she was pretty quick on the trigger. Accidental shooting or not, she's probably going to go down in flames. Good lessons to be learned from this one.