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  1. Most boys grow out of their narcissism. Some don't.
  2. I like knives, too. With Benchmade I also have a mini Grip, and the Valet. The Valet is a little smaller than I like, but it's good for the rare occasion when I wear a suit these days.
  3. Ah, I see. Believe it or not, though, I think the knife requires more dexterity to draw and manipulate than the gun does, so I carry the knife on the left, and the gun on the right. To me, much easier to draw and shoot a gun with my right hand than it is to draw and deploy/use my knife on that side. And, fortunately for me, I use the knife much more than I've ever used the gun. ;^> So are the screw holes on the other side of your new knife? I could look it up, but since we're talking now...;^>
  4. I like the looks of that Benchmade. I have the Osborne 940 in my pocket right now. But I have the clip on the other side of the knife. I like using the inside seam of the pocket to insure the blade won't come out and slice me as I reach for it. I'm a lefty, too. Are you able to put the clip on the other side (screw holes over there)?
  5. Toenails!! Who decided those were a good idea? And the older I get the more I hate them. Especially that little one at the far reaches of my right foot. Yet they continue to grow. Oblivious to my disdain and to my struggle to clip them. :^<
  6. I, too, thought the timing of that announcement was a little suspicious. haha
  7. theglock

    Old Pictures

    Creature from the Black Lagoon?!?! I thought he was dead!
  8. Obama never faced the 'resist' movement that has dogged Trump from the moment he was elected. It started prior to his inauguration, and has never let up.
  9. theglock

    Old Pictures

    And the front seats back then were bench style. Very few 'bucket seats' available. A few cars had, but nobody used, seat belts. So one arm out the window, or one's left elbow resting on the door armrest, was how most folks drove.
  10. Congratulations, tous! If I ever meet you in real life I'll buy you a martini or two. :^>
  11. Making yellow snow?!?!
  12. These aren't the normal duct tape guys. That's why they are working as a team. These are the guys who normally 'buff that right out' after a runway collision, or something.
  13. I'm never coming to this thread again.
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