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  1. ^ Mountain cedar tree. That pollen kills me every year from mid-December until mid-February. Nasty stuff!!!
  2. I just read Joe Buck's explanation. I find it quite credible. I also like what RenoF250 said, above. I'm so sick of all this political correctness anti-free speech stuff.
  3. This is a public cemetery in London. They charged me nothing to whizz-it...er...visit.
  4. Not only have the disposals gotten heavier, the space under the sink smaller, and the fine print impossible to read, but getting up from the floor takes most of the rest of the day!! hahaha
  5. Worked great for homemade applesauce at our house. Cook the sliced apples, put them in this strainer, swirl the roller, what came out was applesauce! :^>
  6. You see things like this heading south out of San Antonio most weekends, but especially in December! hahaha
  7. theglock


    Bite it! (You said I could say that! First time I've ever used that expression, thanks. But seriously, best wishes for a quick recovery.)
  8. The Vikings crossed that **** in a ROWBOAT!!!
  9. Perry's. Downtown Austin. Lunch special every Friday. So tender. About $17, as I recall. Martini's are great there, too.
  10. Looking forward to it, Francis. ;^>
  11. I've considered quoting all the memes in these threads, then adding the inane thought that popped into my mind when I first read it. Then I decided not to.
  12. Actually, I believe the military may protect any/all federal facilities, and the CINC. Perhaps I'm wrong.
  13. theglock

    Old Pictures

    The most fun I ever had in a car had nothing to do with the make nor model of the car!! hahaha
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