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  1. Actually, I believe the military may protect any/all federal facilities, and the CINC. Perhaps I'm wrong.
  2. theglock

    Old Pictures

    The most fun I ever had in a car had nothing to do with the make nor model of the car!! hahaha
  3. Ahhhh...as I suspected. Just an attention-seeking dolt blowing off hot air to annoy all within hearing. :^<
  4. Any chance our resident train driver can explain why the trains that come through my rather rural Texas town around 4 PM on a weekday afternoon blast their horn once or twice at each of our two railroad crossings, but when they come through at 4 AM on a Sunday morning they blast ten or twelve times at each crossing? Is this behavior taught at railroad school, or is it an acquired action after a few years on the job?
  5. In Texas anyone with a LTC (License To Carry) may show his license at the entrance to the Capitol, even during legislative sessions, and bypass the metal detectors while carrying. The governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the house, most legislators, have no problem with that. So as long as the guy has an LTC, he'll get through security at a govt function here. I love Texas!
  6. As I recall, those were F16's. Iran said, sure, you can hide them here. Afterwords, Iran said to Iraq, what F16's? They kept them. hahaha
  7. theglock

    Old Pictures

    Guess they lost. They're all dead now.
  8. theglock

    Old Pictures

    I just got it...Holden...William Holden. That's all of them. Good job, you old farts. ;^>
  9. theglock

    Old Pictures

    That's Polly Bergen, I think. Also Richard Chamberlain, Faye Dunaway, and that guy from Stalag 17 and Bridge On the River Kwai (his name slips my mind at the moment). And that pic is of the cast of Towering Inferno.
  10. C'mon, tous. You know the season doesn't start until May. The months-long 'pre-season' of fights, penalties and uneven quality I find difficult to watch.
  11. theglock

    Old Pictures

    31 Eric knows because he was happily at the 'bottom' of that heap! Those were the days, eh, Eric?!?!? hahaha
  12. theglock

    Old Pictures

    Texting while driving has never been a good idea! ;^>
  13. I love the fact that she saw the brick coming, just before it hit. hahaha Instant Karma. hahaha
  14. I can't stop watching this. hahaha "We went to the rally. A bunch of those fascist nazis jumped Brittany and knocked her out." hahahahaha
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