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  1. An Arizona mother was arrested for allegedly assaulting her son for not keeping a "good enough" lookout as his grandmother shoplifted. OK so we got three generations of shoplifters. I guess they go by the motto that the family that steals together, stays together.
  2. Drugs and guns. Not surprising. Parents who dabble in drugs and locking their young kids in cages... also not surprising. How's Colorado doing with their share of similar parents?
  3. What new colours? All I see is white background, black words and brown borders!


    So if I'm reading this right, you and wife will also be moving, to wherever parents relocate, to be near them?
  5. Good story. Not that it's surprising. It's surprising only in the sense that a positive story like this one made it to the media.
  6. I'm trying to think a man 5'-6" weighing 300 lbs would be wearing pants in what size? 50 waist x 26 inseam? Wait, he was probably wearing those baggy gym pants. Never mind!
  7. A Florida great-grandmother, armed with a baseball bat on Sunday taught a 300-pound burglary suspect a valuable lesson: Don’t mess with grandma. Clarese Gainey, 65, heard banging coming from outside her Gainesville home when she spotted 37-year-old Antonio Mosley attempting to break into her car. Mosley allegedly charged at her, but Gainey was prepared. “I mean I popped him! I said 'Biya!' he said, 'Auuugh! You hit me!'” Gainey told the station. A slow enough and large enough target that even grandma couldn't miss! She should be invited as the VIP to the next MLB game by her area. Make the game a "grandma bat" day or a bobble-head-car-thief day!
  8. And their desert menu will offer munchies.
  9. During police questioning, Shields said the couple had been driving around in a truck when McCloskey “started seeing green laser lights coming from the sky and was hearing voices.” Shields added that he also “began to see and hear the same,” claiming that “the truck began to shake.” In an effort to scare off the pursuing laser lights, Shields used a .357 Magnum revolver to fire a warning shot. McCloskey told police that she and Shields “started seeing a lot of green lights that are similar to fire flies, but they were not fire flies because they were blinking twice.” Shields, she added, grabbed her father’s handgun and “fired the gun to scare whoever was messing with them.” Ah... drugs!
  10. About 2 or 3 years ago, I used this product on an old (15+ years) Dillon Precision belt that felt dried out (it felt brittle and much lighter in weight than I remembered when new). After applying the preservative, I was comfortable to put the belt back into my weekly belt rotation. Granted, a very, very limited experience of the product.
  11. Behind each of these stories lurks drug use... Just saying!
  12. Smith came into the shop with Bo unleashed, with the dog immediately running off towards customers while the woman was pulling apart displays in the store and placing them in her cart. After being told to leave the store, Smith began showing off her karate moves in the parking lot to fend off police officers. After a brief fight with the officers, Smith was arrested. As a last-ditch attempt, she tried to kick a window out of a police car. Bo the dog tried to flee the crime scene, albeit unsuccessfully, with a box of Jiffy Cornbread Muffin Mix in his mouth. “Bo was caught by Officers in the store and brought to the Humane Association. The dog was not charged – we issued him a warning for the theft,” police said in a statement. Smith's raucous son, meanwhile, was getting fully naked and began exposing himself to other customers at the store. He then tried to cover himself with new clothes from the store without intending to pay for them. After officers confronted the son, he threatened to run over them with his scooter, prompting the police to use physical force to stop the scooter and arrest the son. But a good time was had by all... so there's that!
  13. A good family and a lucky dog! What's not to like about this story?!?!
  14. Just like the legalize-drugs crowd who want to make drug use/drug users seem normal, these people here want to make illegal immigrants/illegal immigration a normal way to enter the U.S. Just sneak through our borders and you'll find sanctuary. Rule of law need not apply! The slippery slope continues. First you legalize drug and make that appear normal and eventually you can even make sexual exploitation of children appear normal. Beneficial even!
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