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    Police RIP Officer Toney

    RIP Officer Toney. Thank you for choosing a profession where you protect your community at the risk to your own life and safety. Condolences to your family. https://www.yahoo.com/news/latest-services-scheduled-slain-georgia-officer-134530572.html
  2. OMG, record enough of those Wal Mart conversations and the CIA can use it to break any terrorist into confessing. Think of it as water boarding for the ears!

    Mom's packing

    A 22-year-old Maryland man was arrested at Baltimore Washington International Airport last week after TSA officials discovered a collapsible rifle in his carry-on bag. He told authorities he was unaware the firearm was in his bag because his mother had packed it for him. Well, I guess now that he's thrown his mom under the TSA bus, she'l be cutting him off from living in her basement!

    Another new K frame

    I have to say, that's a nice collection.

    Here W Go...

    Organized and supplied by drug cartels? How many of the 4000 didn't agree to be drug mules?

    Here W Go...

    How many of them are drug mules on behalf of the cartels?
  7. Agreed that weed is the gateway. 👍
  8. According to court documents, beginning in 2016 and continuing through August 2017, Albury knowingly and willfully disclosed national defense information, classified at the Secret level, to a reporter. Albury employed methods to avoid detection, including printing documents that he created by cutting and pasting portions of an original document into a new document so as to avoid leaving a record of having printed the original, classified document. Albury also accessed documents on a classified computer and took pictures of the computer screen in order to photograph certain classified documents. Those additional classified documents were recovered on an electronic storage device found during a search of his home. Whatever the nature of the secrets, he certainly went to a lot of trouble to hide his tracks. Motivation? I'm guessing money and/or sex.
  9. Pick's claiming he purchased the fully automatic M14 rifle (with obliterated serial number) in a gun show in the early 1980s. But might have in fact stolen it while he was still in the military? His own attorney said Pick, his client, "had a connection" (WTH does that mean?) to the particular rifle? Pick's friend Shackelford noted it was Pick's "piece de resistance" of his gun collection but had never seen it taken out of the case, much less shot.
  10. I wonder what her drug use history is, and whether she supports legalizing drugs?

    Bar shot

    A Florida man who rejected a free shot at a bar was instead shot at outside the bar, in a startling incident caught by surveillance cameras.

    Police Cops solved this one quick, I wonder why

    Tri-agency investigation.

    Is wine Halal?

    A grandfather-of-25 allegedly slapped a senior TV executive mid-flight from America to London after walking through the packed plane with his penis exposed. Hatam Hamad, 56, drank five glasses of wine before reportedly exposing himself to Joel Vilmenay, who was with his wife and two young children. Father-of-nine Hamad, who runs a family petrol station in New Orleans, was handed a six-week jail sentence at Uxbridge Magistrates Court on Friday, suspended for one year, after he admitted assault by beating. I don't know what wine they served on the plane but it had one halal of an effect!
  14. I only got serious with cellphones in the very late 1990s, when I realized there were fewer and fewer working public phones. And it wasn't until 2015 that I got a smart phone (issued from work). Today, and riding off into retirement, I'd be happy with a smart phone (turned off) and a beeper on me.
  15. I guess a whoopie cushion just wasn't enough...