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  1. Haters gonna hate. Let us never forget that at Ferguson, only one person that day told the truth about what happened and that person was Police Officer Darren Wilson.
  2. Of course, in this story a MRAP wasn't needed for the rescue but it's always good to know that surplussed DOD MRAPs are out there, in the hands of LE agencies, should the need arise. Not just for furious shootouts with bad guys but also for rescues in severe weather such as storms, snows, hurricanes, tornados and floods.

    North Carolina is dope...

    Six illegal immigrants with ties to a Mexican drug cartel were arrested in an elaborate drug trafficking operation in North Carolina. The massive drug operation included transporting large amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine across state lines — for instance, from Texas to Georgia and North Carolina. I've read so many times on the internet that if drugs were legal, illegal things like this (hiring of illegal immigrants) would never happen again! Oh... and they'd be happily paying FICA and income tax too!

    Why Columbo matters as much as ever

    All that... and Folk was a star despite having a glass eye (don't remember if right or left eye)!

    Pregnant waitress received his tip

    Hat's off to the LEO.

    Taco Bell strikes again

    Burned to death in a porta potty? Ain't that some hot shat! Wait... want to bet drugs were involved?!?!

    I've been drinking all day...

    How much you wanna bet that between choosing alcohol or weed, she'd prefer weed?!?! Alcohol is dandy, but weed is quicker.

    Peanut Butter and your dog

    Oh thank god this thread is only about what might kill your dog. I thought it was going to be one of those letters to Penthouse or Playboy about a guy, peanut butter, his dog and a happy ending. BTW, I clicked on the threat only because I wanted to help keep this forum family friendly... so you all just shut your mouths NOW!
  9. Repeat customers are also important to any business. What better way to get repeat customers than to start them inhaling while as minors?

    Looking at a new carry Revolver.

    Ditto on a range report!
  11. If marijuana was legal, this would simply be a warm and fuzzy story about mom teaching her kid to be an aspiring entrepreneur!
  12. St. Paul police officers used force 881 times in a two-year span, ranging from handcuffing suspects resisting arrest, to striking individuals, to four fatal shootings. The force amounted to 0.15 percent of the 570,409 cases police handled in 2016 and 2017. So restraining (ie: handcuffing) someone who is resisting arrest is classified as a "use of force"? Then... when a cop gives one of those "if-looks-can kill" look, what's that considered? Lethal force? If you read that STPD used force 881 times in a two-year span, that might appear shocking. But put that in the context of there were 570,409 contacts during the same two-year period, then it's not even titillating.

    I'm good with the ending

    Yeah... but during the pursuit were all the cops wearing their hats?

    Guess which state, go ahead I dare you to guess

    I'm sure somehow this shananigance is related to drug use.
  15. When they arrived at the home, they knocked on the door but Smith would not answer the door. Several minutes passed before Smith stepped outside with a shotgun. Smith fired several shots at deputy constables. Deputy Christopher Gaines suffered multiple gunshot wounds from the shooting."This case is a reminder of how dangerous our officers' jobs truly are," Harris County District Attorney's Office First said. Prayers of quick and full recoveries to all the injured LEOs. They chose a profession that traded their own safety to protect others in their community.