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  1. They're stacked in the package that way.
  2. Ramjet38


    When we buried my FIL they brought his casket in a standard personal chevy suburban. I guess the hearses were all busy that day and it had to travel about fifty miles to the cemetary.
  3. No not a cabin, but a big resort.
  4. We're wondering if we are taking too big of chance in going.to the lake resort. Neither of us are spring chickens.
  5. Wife gave up cooking big dinners a few years ago since she was never given any help. Kids go to inlaws then we get together for Christmas so we started going to a lake resort in Missour,i and they have a big feast every year.
  6. I just ordered the Pit Vipers.
  7. Great story. The picture must've been earlier for in that picture she is designated either a Major or an Lt.Col. Can't tell for the faded color.
  8. So sorry Walt. He live a good life, and be thankful he'll not have to see America go further downhill.
  9. Oklahoma did its part too. In fact we picked up a seat in the House.
  10. Too many mail in votes yet to be counted. Trump is going to have a hard time with that in PA, MI, WI.
  11. Got to the polls as 8:30 and was out at 8:45. It was a long line outside but with social distancing it was really a small line and went pretty fast.
  12. I remember reading about someplace else that placed a car or something on the ice and people would enter guesses on when the ice would thaw enough to sink the car.
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