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    Wilderness of Life & my soul is in the Ozarks


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  1. Ramjet38

    Where were you in 1965?

    Yep, I was doing 2 and four legged hunting.
  2. Ramjet38

    Where were you in 1965?

    High School in the Missouri Ozarks. Fishing and hunting occupied most of my time.
  3. Ramjet38

    Random Posting

    They both look happy. Cute on both.
  4. Ramjet38

    If you're going to San Francisco ...

    I used to fly into NAS Alameda and catch the Ranger at Hunters Point back in early 70's. I loved Fishemans Warf and China town back then, but woudn't set foot there now.
  5. Ramjet38

    hate speech??

    Free speech is not hate speech. Just because it offends you tuff ****. Not ever joining F-Book.
  6. Ramjet38

    Of what is your daily carry holster made?

    Nothing better in my opine.
  7. Ramjet38

    Well Mannered Demons

    https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/10/13/pope-francis-beware-well-mannered-demons/ A very good read even if you don't care for this Pope. “He goes, sees, looks for a nice bunch of friends, knocks on the door – ‘Excuse me. May I come in?’- he rings the doorbell and these polite demons are worse than the first, because you do not realize you have them at home.” “This is the worldly spirit, the spirit of the world,” he said. Demons can also destroy us “politely and diplomatically,” Francis said. “They do not make noise, they make friends, they persuade you — ‘No, come on, it is not too much, no, but up to here it is fine’ — and they take you on the path of mediocrity, making you lukewarm.” “I tell you: I am more afraid of these demons than of the first,” Francis said. “And so when people tell me: ‘we need an exorcist because a person is possessed by the devil,’ I do not worry as much as when I see these people who have opened their door to well-mannered demons, the ones who persuade you they are not really enemies, but friends.”
  8. Ramjet38

    Pelosi Brags About Democrat Tactics

    Kinda what happened to Trump. Give a false story to the media, media prints it, and then they use the media report to bring investigations.
  9. Ramjet38

    My son and I arrowed a big bull yesterday

    He seems happy!
  10. Ramjet38

    My son and I arrowed a big bull yesterday

  11. Ramjet38

    Alan Jackson arrested

    Allen who? Will the REAL Allen Jackson please stand up.......
  12. five years ago snorkeling in Maui.
  13. Ramjet38

    just purchased

    I Like it!