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  1. Our 2017 RDX has Primacy mxm4 (whatever that means), but I really don't care for Michelins ride. Whenever It get to the point of a tire change I'll probably go with Dunlop.
  2. This was near Jackson Hole, Wy from what I understand. I know they have a huge Elk preserve just outside of town too.
  3. Would the video play for you? I couldn't get it to play once I posted it.
  4. My wife sent this to me.
  5. Hmmm, what if they fail to get the .gov contract? It could happen.
  6. I've seen this before and it still suprises me Penn views this way. Good for him.
  7. That's a death threat if I ever saw one. A person could choke on that.
  8. Congrats and enjoy yourself.
  9. The Lord giveth and the criminals take it away.
  10. Still great to read. I still keep watching reruns of Trumps victory night and the media meltdown. 🤣
  11. Ramjet38

    On Mary

    Never mind, you're reposting what I've already read in your post.
  12. Ramjet38

    On Mary

    Given your summation I still don't get where God is Jesus. I'm not saying this as a disbeliever but for clarification of your thoughts. If God did not impregnate Mary with his seed of Being then how is this true?
  13. Ramjet38

    On Mary

    If the Trinity is God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost how then is Jesus also God if Jesus has the DNA of Mary/Eve/Adam. Adam had the DNA of GOD, but yet isn't God, only Jesus is. Splain this to me please.
  14. Was it the front or the rear?
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