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  1. Prayers for you kirbie. Quick Heal.
  2. I guess, but I still don't see the letters matching. Just like english cursive and print you can still tell the similarity. I also noticed that the russian alphabet has many Greek letters in it.
  3. I would've at least expected a good porn movie like Behind the Green Door, or Debbie Does Dallas.
  4. It just needed that boot in the ass.
  5. Saw him once at an NRA annual meeting of members. He always drew a big crowd for photo's.
  6. Everyone is happy and the world is right again.
  7. Eric Swampfox762 has reached out to me for help getting back into BoreSite. From him... The site "Times out" and says it can't be reached. I went to the browser and did it from there and the same thing. I can't think of why It won't come up. I've tried about 3 different links in google search and none of them work.
  8. OMG! Prayers for the family. POS killer needs to die a thousand deaths.
  9. Ramjet38


    The young driver definitely has NASCAR potential.
  10. Water's polluted look how green it is with algae.
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