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  1. Ramjet38

    When Did Old Sneak Up On Me?

    I bought a new Tacoma at age 67, so you'll need another one. Me, not so much.
  2. All it takes is a Republican to win the popular vote then they'll be scrambling to change it back. If that were ever to happen again.
  3. Prayers for the officers and first responders.
  4. has the fireplace flame froze yet?
  5. Ramjet38

    Welcome to the Old Man Club

    I'm old with arthritis, a bad back and hip, but can still manage a 5lb trigger pull.
  6. Ramjet38

    Welcome to the Old Man Club

    Already there.
  7. Ramjet38

    I'm sorry.

    Never was a GKL fan, but Hannie i viewed her threads the same as Von Hayes just to see what she posted.
  8. Ramjet38

    I'm sorry.

    What brought all this on?
  9. Ramjet38

    Old Pictures

    A Gay cruise just doesn't have the same meaning anymore for some strange reason.
  10. Ramjet38

    Old Pictures

    My Grandfather center and his brother to his right. Don't know what year but must be late 1800's or early 1900's
  11. Ramjet38

    She looks better than Warren

    Seems like presidential material has taken a drastic downturn.
  12. Ramjet38

    New hat...

    I have many ballcaps but I rarely ever wear one. Can't stand a cap/hat on as it smashes my beautiful Clark Kent curls.
  13. Ramjet38

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas Y'all.