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  1. What sawmill? My Dad has been a SYP lumber broker for over 40 years.
  2. If your Dad didn't have balls, he would be your transgendered uncle.
  3. Holy ****. This is getting ****ing weird. Somebody is trippin.
  4. Mucho jealous I'll retire upon death, likely. Still saving........
  5. Epic flounce. She was pissed.
  6. I thought you went late night hoggin. Oh well....
  7. Ouch. Just say no to appendix carry. Especially without a holster.
  8. Said it was a black dong too. Wow.
  9. Hurry with the pics. What kinda crabs? Got butter? Yum.
  10. MDLOTT


  11. Pulling out the cables is kinda like laying the pipe, no?
  12. Family. It's the other F word.
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