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  1. It's also obvious to all of us whose votes were cancelled!
  2. You people should hear what my wife calls me, and we have been happily married for longer than many have lived! Words don't mean crap if you care about each other.
  3. It must be painful for fools to admit to the truth!
  4. Thery need more "Mental Health Care".
  5. They know not what they do. And, they don't give a crap!
  6. Lowered expectations both in the Presidency and in the economy. This is the way of the Democrats.
  7. Got lectured in the number of children by doctor that had 8! I figured I was hearing from bad experience.
  8. When I was little I had a lot of freckles. MY mother was a true Redhead. She used to make me feel better saying that, freckles are "angel kisses". I see them on women and know she was right!
  9. Wife and I do that. At stores and restaurants we have had people come up to us out of the blue and thank us for a funny special moment. We try!
  10. Females emulating a "cis-gendered" guy?????????????????? Do they know?
  11. My wife is like a big hand warmer. I damn near suck the life out of her in a cold bed.
  12. When my wife says she's wrong (preferably in a very public place) I act like I can't hear her and keep telling her that it's ok to admit when she's wrong, no one thinks poorly of someone that freely admits she's wrong, to be big enough to admit when your wrong means you are a good person and gain credibility. One time in the grocery store I kept her going while I went into the next isle. I kept saying I couldn't hear her till she finally hollered loudly "I'm wrong!!!". A guy at the end of the isle damn near lost it laughing at her. I told her that he'd probably never heard a woman say that before. We have lots of fun in public.
  13. I don't believe a known liar and every "fact checker". When I see "fact checked" I know that the stated result is false and just pushing their opinion. Same with statements from self proclaimed "experts".
  14. My wife likes "giggle toys". The throw them into a big bin. She pushes the button on every on she can reach. The whole bin starts wiggling and she's happy.
  15. I define it as a "normal man". Cisgender is a title to make you think "normal" is perverted.
  16. You're right. The initial complainer was a "He" in the female dormitory's "safe place".
  17. They could probably get rid of the competition too.
  18. They do have prior experience with persecuting portions of their population. History repeats!
  19. A truly random posting: I broke my hearing aid today. It's so old that the plastic got brittle and an attachment broke off. I searched the Internet and found a place to deal with it nearby. I got there today, One of the few days they took "walk-ins", and met with probably the most pleasant woman I have had the pleasure to talk to for a very long time. She was an original rep for my brand and model hearing aide, and she was here only one day a week. She drove up each week from a town 100 miles away. A wonderful coincidence for me. She even had spare parts along with programming software for my old hearing aide in her car! No one at the office wore masks. My wife and I had a wonderful time talking with this woman and she seemed to have middle class life values similar to ours. When I gave them my ID and Insurance cards, she glanced at my CCW permit. She said, "Hey! I have one of those!". I was pleased and told her all the women in my family had one. She said she got one because her husband was a Detective in the town where she lived. We had a lot in common, including her disdain for the present political state and all the Covid crap. I wasn't charged for my repair, and she offered to do another hearing response work up on me for free next Tuesday. I can even hear better than before! She included some hardware improvements. I doubt I will buy another hearing aide, but it will be interesting to see how much my hearing has deteriorated over 20+ years. When we left, I told her that she was the first person to shake my hand in damned near a year, and it felt nice. As we drove away, I asked my wife what she thought of the woman. She said, "She's pretty and easy to talk with", but I'm not into women like you are"......................... Blonde/married/early 40's/wonderful personality/conservative/armed. Everything you'd want in a woman. But she's married to a cop - and I doubt my wife would approve.
  20. My wife's brother dated a Psychiatrist. They had a fight and she planted her shoe down his car on both sides, end to end. You could see the foot print in the sheet metal. Then they made up.......... I asked her how she could loose her temper so violently and still treat patients. She said that during school for her PhD, she had to go through counseling to find out her "mental" state. That once she know her own problems, she was free to deal with patients.......... She married him. She is head of a state agency that handles payments to people that have been injured at work. She has her husband on that program and he doesn't work now because of his bad back. The whole family cleaned his mother's house after she passed and he was carrying boxes of books from the basement up the stairs to the outside..... All afternoon.
  21. The overall group is defined as "Criminals".
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