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  1. Funny how liberals hate everything Trump.
  2. Too many years ago, I got a "wild hair" and fired up my Navy ship transmitter on the Ham Bands, and BS'd a while using my Ham Call. We were on our way from Charleston, SC to Panama City. So I told the guys I was in a mobile (vehicle) traveling down Highway 1A since that paralleled our ships route. Except that we were miles out to sea. One guy told me he was on my route and wanted me to stop in for Coffee. I slowly dropped the output power and "lost him in the noise". When I got home on leave later, I had a citation from the FCC in my mail! The Citation said that I had the worst sounding signal they had ever heard on the Ham Bands. It was raw, spikey, lots of splatter, etc. it was a "State of the art" transmitter for our ship. There was no way I could admit to using the Shipboard Radios on Ham Bands for my personal use, so I sent them a very verbose apology and swore never to do that again. I don't like to hear from the FCC.
  3. What you add is always worth reading!
  4. My wife's Asthma inhaler went from $40 bucks last month to $245 this month. She is going to try to stretch it out to mitigate the cost. Liberals are the village idiots!
  5. I have light switches!
  6. Me too. At the end of my conversation with my, "soon to be, wife's priest, he slapped me on the back and said to me, "I'm not sure that Luther wasn't right".
  7. Oddly enough, it's always the other guy that's the problem.......... Check closer to home!
  8. Wife spoiled my day when I asked if she had ever considered the Tattoo of a big bullseye on her butt. I don't know why she was so upset. I was just throwing out blue sky ideas........... Like at work. They aren't too sure about me at work either! (Damned right I did! This is true!)
  9. Was checking out at Sam's yesterday and as usual, my wife and I were denigrating each other then laughing at each other. The clerk started laughing and asked us how long we had been married. I told her how long, in very long dragged out description of the years and she thanked us for the fun she had listening to us, while we checked out. Mom and I like to make people laugh, and occasionally they say that they wish they had a relationship that allowed them to make fun of each other like we do. It's good to make strangers laugh and join in the conversation/confrontation. You will die! Laugh at life!
  10. "Who's the Old Bat? Bernie!
  11. Many Waldo's but Bernie is hiding.
  12. His mask is centered, his face is on crooked.
  13. You don't stay in politics for 51 years without selling your soul to the Devil, or many Devils.
  14. I was at the range with an assortment of firearms. At the station next to me was a beautiful woman in her 30's, and I assume her boyfriend. He was shooting a Red Hawk and the concussion was exceptional. He talked her into squeezing off a round and she appeared to hate it. She refused repeated efforts to shoot it again. So for almost half an hour, he slowly shot the pistol while she winced each time. I felt sorry for her not having a good time. So I pulled out a .22 target pistol with a Green Dot sight, and shot it a few times. The girl peeked around the partition and watched with what seemed like fascination. Then I smiled at her and offered her the pistol to shoot. She smiled wide, and I showed her how it worked. Then she seemed in seventh heaven shooting, and shooting, and shooting. she had a string of bulls eyes at 30 feet which cheered her up no end! She may have gone through a few hundred rounds. They packed up to leave about the same time I did. In the entry area she seemed so happy and thanked me profusely for all the fun she had. She kept her targets too. I was so pleased to see her realize that she could shoot well with the right pistol, and enjoy the novelty of a Green dot to boot. Her male companion was polite, but I don't think he was too happy with the visit. Sometimes it's more important for a person to have some successes to encourage them, then to try to impress them with the pain and noise of something uncomfortable to them. I consider it a good day at the range when I can let someone benefit from an unusual firearm I have and see them enjoy the experience.
  15. I have a couple of these in 2"/4". They are the softest shooters. It's like a .32 to me, when shooting full self defense rounds. I with they had a higher capacity.
  16. I don't have any regrets about brightness. I use mine in the middle of the night to walk to the bathroom in the dark. My wife has one, as I said, my second oldest daughter has one and I have one and they have been rugged a reliable for the 5 or 6 years we have been wearing them. I'm sur the Marathon is a good watch too.
  17. JIANIANHUA Watch Super Luminous Tritium Men Military Sapphire Deep Diving Level Men's Outdoor Watches 2021 - US $281.6 (lightinthebox.com) Mine in green glow was $100. My wife's in Pink glow was $200.
  18. Sounds like what I drank in the Navy.
  19. Beans, hot and black, able to lift strong men to go to work, or it's not coffee.
  20. I know, I know. I saw a movie where it was the center of attraction.
  21. The truth is Jill was elected. Remember who was behind Mortimer Snerd.
  22. After knowing how she got into politics, I imagine every other world leader is wishing to talk "policy" with her.......
  23. Today we got home after I had the oldest daughter and my wife in the nail salon to have "mani/pedi's (sp?) done on each. Since it was 30 miles from my home, I sat in the salon with them and "talked with my wife and the manicurist". some of the people were rightfully nervous. My wife and I tend to make lightly veiled quips about each other, and laugh about it. The manicurist started joining in on the conversation and we had a good time. Then I asked my daughter and my wife if they wanted to go to lunch afterwards and they agreed. The manicurist piped up that she was hungry too, and so I asked her to come to lunch with us. Obviously, my family knows me well and didn't say a word. They knew I was serious! The manicurist got a little antsy when she got done with my family, and when I told her to get her coat and come along, she suddenly got a little more nervous. My family told her I was serious, and I would bring her back to work afterwards, but she thought she would call my bluff by saying, "have it sent to the salon for me.". I told her to call in the order and I would bring it back with me............. She backed out of the whole deal. My wife and daughter laughed at the whole episode knowing I don't bluff! Anyway, my wife and daughter have pretty nails and toes, the manicurist thinks I some kind of weirdo (I'm not sure what kind) and we will go back again, I hope. I have fun, unfortunately, at times it's at someone else's expense, but I never bluff!
  24. However, back to the subject at hand. I have northern European heritage and as a result, I don't tan, I just repeatedly burn. So as careful as I was in life, my arms took the brunt of the sun damage on my body. My skin on my arms is like parchment, thin and fragile. So my contribution is that, I can only use fabric bandages now. I can soak the fabric in Alcohol and it soaks through to release the adhesive so I can remove the band aide. The first time I used a plastic "sports band aide on my arm. A day later when I went to take it off, my skin tore and started to peel then came off with it. Now, I have a 1/2 inch of skin peeling off my arm down to the muscle and I had to stop. I had to use Alcohol to soak the adhesive till it released slowly from my skin. This self torture lasted a good 5 minutes at least, until the whole band aide came off. It hurt!
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