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  1. Liberals will always blame someone else for their stupidity. They are anything but! Liberal!
  2. I wore those. Stinky smelly things! The life preserver, and possibly the woman.
  3. Nothing draws a crowd like a ****ty attitude!
  4. They hate the police until the crime comes to their doorstep! Now the thugs are hitting the people with money!
  5. If this is what they want, I wish they would get everything they ask for. No police protection for citizens, greater homeless to get the free money, no police protection for the businesses. rampant crime. See it here folks! So the taxes are down due to the Corona virus, and the affluent will start to flee the resulting crime increase while the police presence decreases. The businesses lose police protection and flee to places where they can conduct business safely, not Seattle. Seattle will have no tax base and those politicians will have no jobs! All decisions have unintended consequences. They will learn this! But, then go do it somewhere else. The lack of police enforcement will increase the number of criminals that ply their trade on citizens since there is significantly lower chances of being apprehended. I wish Seattle would get all they hope for and a reminder that a civics course in school would have given them the ability to see just how stupid their actions are, and how they are going to turn into the proverbial "third world ****hole" people have described before. Liberals are taking major cities down the crapper through personal ignorance and stupidity. Bye, bye Seattle, you won't be missed!
  6. I know, it's pretty sick out there. Maybe people should wear a "do not save", bracelet. Or, maybe people should only care about their own. All I see for TV commercials in my area now, is a lawyer hyping you to hire him to sue someone. Their all nuts!
  7. Pissed if you kill them, pissed if you save them, pissed if you please them, and pissed if you make them mad. Listening to this, she would have been a better person dead. Like my father said, "Some people would bitch if they were hung by a new rope!"
  8. What would Inspector Callahan say about this!
  9. Join the religion that after 1000 years still thinks that woman are property equal to 1/2 of a man, women have to cover up completely since men can't trust themselves to be civilized, killing women is acceptable for them offending a man, death to anyone who isn't Muslim, slavery is an acceptable way of life.
  10. Now you know the basis for reacting to the virus. To stop citizen's behavior in areas not acceptable to liberals and Democrats.
  11. janice6

    Old Pictures

    Echo. Up North in Minnesota, we laid back in boats and watched it move across the sky. It was glorious!
  12. Welcome to the "Religion of Peace", stated by a Muslim Man!
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