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  1. Modern punt gun.......
  2. I have been married for so long that the church considered ours a "mixed marriage that needed special dispensation from a Bishop" because I was a Protestant...........
  3. Makes a difference to Iran....... Stopped versus "delayed".
  4. You begin to wonder what's going on when you realize that you are among the last of your group. What is the selection process, am I winning or losing?
  5. I pissed off one guy when he saw my wife's VW with Road Runner decals on each door...........
  6. Literally Egg Coffee was strong Coffee made with fresh eggs in the grounds. It gives the Coffeeawonderful flavor and aroma. The smell of it being made was amazing!
  7. This was a luthern church but same purpose.
  8. Crap! You played this before!
  9. How many times can you pull the same joke and expect laughs from it, before someone hands you your ass.
  10. Juneteenth, Kwanza, artificial constructs to pacify.
  11. I once found a used jacket I liked very much and in like new shape. It had a small tear on the lining next to a zippered inside pocket. I asked the clerk for a discount of $5 for the tear. She was adamant that she would not drop the price. I bought the jacket anyway. In the zippered inside pocket I found $6. I felt good.
  12. Someone remember this playing out earlier to the same tune! Just remembered it now.
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