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  1. Not exactly what I was anticipating. But very cute nevertheless.
  2. When our local Nuke facility went down for refueling, the company offered tours of the plant. Even into secure areas where you couldn't go during normal operation. Since some of my family run and work the plant, I decided to go. The glow from the spent fuel pool is marvelous and amazing to see in person. I know the reason and it still doesn't take away from the experience, knowing what and why just makes it better. AND! I got two thermal mugs from them commemorating the event! I almost forgot. The amount of spent fuel was small and the size of the pool is also small. It's good to put these things in perspective.
  3. It is damn funny. They really had the good lines. Carson's comedy rule was, "If they buy the premise, they'll buy the bit".
  4. . Yeah, that happens all the time in NY.
  5. I guess it's like a quick beer. One and done!
  6. Damn tough choice!
  7. If he made 5.6 Million he could afford a pretty nice prostitute!
  8. In warfare, it's deadly to misjudge your enemy! This ain't the ghetto honey.
  9. Then she should know whereof she speaks.
  10. Then what! 24 hours of Christmas music, mingling of people, then back to the political war waging in our capitol. Christmas is a minor perturbation to our politicians. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a call to ban certain Christmas carols since they wish "good will to men" and by implications, not to women.
  11. The military need motivation. With leftists running the show, it stands a good chance of turning into a Burlesque act instead of a military.
  12. Epoxy is still paint. It may be harder than enamel, but it's still soft to almost any abrasive surface. If you would consider enamel on your counter top, then Epoxy may be a good choice. But as soon as you start to utilize the counter top, you will see it scratch quickly. Even Polyurethane paint on a car with a hardener as a catalyst, will scratch. There is little difference between paint and epoxy in a work surface application. With your reasons, I would go to a laminate. It will last long enough!
  13. The up coming election will show them the error of their ways.
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