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  1. Some became "first ladies".
  2. I am a Coffee drinker. I cannot find a place with expresso that will give me one full cup. I order a double and get 1/2 cup. One restaurant waitress gave me a double expresso, then two cups of Black Coffee after I drove 220 miles without breakfast. When she gave me the second cup of Coffee, she pushed it to me and stood back a ways. I asked her what the problem was? She said if she drank that much Coffee she would be hanging from the ceiling. Interesting concept, she was quite pretty.
  3. My father used to tell me that the difference between Ignorance and stupidity was that in one case the person didn't know, in the other case the person didn't want to know!
  4. The only thing she has said that I agree with!
  5. As I have mentioned before, I have a very large feeder and Blue Jays frequent it. I also throw out Peanuts in the shell for the Squirrels. They eat and go home. Right after I started throwing out Peanuts in the shell, I got almost as many Blue Jays as Squirrels taking them. The Blue Jays are fascinating to watch. It is not unusual for one Blue Jay to swallow a Peanut in the shell whole. Then swallow another one. Then it will take a third one in it's beak and fly away. They hoard food like Squirrels do. They are just as prevalent during the Winter as the Summer. They don't cause me any trouble and are an interesting addition to our critters that eat here all year round, They are really noisy when an Owl is sitting in one of our trees. The Jays make all kinds of noise and dive bomb the Owls to try to drive them away.
  6. I'm from Minnesota and I have never seen anything like that!
  7. janice6

    Weird day

    I sincerely wish you well.
  8. janice6

    Weird day

    This turned out to be a good day for me. Three weeks ago I literally "broke" my wife. At the peak of it all, she begged off from exhaustion, and suddenly had a severe attack of vertigo. Went to the Dr. the next day. She got some pills and a recommendation to go easy for a while and let the "vertigo and subsequent dizziness" wear off. Today was three weeks later, and she still felt "dizzy". We took a nap and later I woke up. Then I woke her up. She said I finally got rid of her "dizziness" and all seems good with the world. She is better and I am thankful.
  9. That really was a stupid initial decision!
  10. I have a very high appreciation of her. She has the ability to laugh at herself! Few people have that much self confidence!
  11. I'm flattered just to get the attention!
  12. I lived in an old mansion with a steeple and a cross on top. I hated it. Everything you wanted to do was on a different floor. Up and down, up and down all the time. The wood work was beautiful though.
  13. I use it to listen to music. I found I am less of a danger to the public if I concentrate on music instead of how to dispose of drivers I don't like.
  14. I have it but only use it to listen to one station. No it isn't worth it, but I still keep us my subscrip0tion for that one station.
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