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  1. It's also obvious to all of us whose votes were cancelled!
  2. You people should hear what my wife calls me, and we have been happily married for longer than many have lived! Words don't mean crap if you care about each other.
  3. It must be painful for fools to admit to the truth!
  4. Thery need more "Mental Health Care".
  5. They know not what they do. And, they don't give a crap!
  6. Lowered expectations both in the Presidency and in the economy. This is the way of the Democrats.
  7. Got lectured in the number of children by doctor that had 8! I figured I was hearing from bad experience.
  8. When I was little I had a lot of freckles. MY mother was a true Redhead. She used to make me feel better saying that, freckles are "angel kisses". I see them on women and know she was right!
  9. Wife and I do that. At stores and restaurants we have had people come up to us out of the blue and thank us for a funny special moment. We try!
  10. Females emulating a "cis-gendered" guy?????????????????? Do they know?
  11. My wife is like a big hand warmer. I damn near suck the life out of her in a cold bed.
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