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  1. I agree. Soldering, when done properly, leaves no question.
  2. She's walking home disheveled but with her backpack in hand. She will survive!
  3. It is surprising. You look at the bird and know it is meant to fly. Some aircraft look like contradictions.
  4. janice6

    Old Pictures

    Nash never thought of going so fast.
  5. Companions to the end.
  6. Lots of things change when you raise up the car. Not the least of them is the center of gravity. If the suspension is raised also then you change the roll center, and the dynamics of the front end. Changes like this may make the vehicle look better to the owner, but remember the objective was to put in bigger tires, not to improve the handling.
  7. This is a good decision, based on what LEO's do many times. However, it does place the burden of making good and reasonable decisions on the part of the gun owner. But it is still presumed, that the gun owner is intelligent enough to make these good decisions.
  8. It's like Pizza. Three or four days.
  9. It'll be our secret!
  10. If you look hard enough, you can see anything you want to see. I can't wait till they ban bad looking clouds.
  11. You're right. It's a pitiful situation for that poor scared Deer. I had a small Racoon that at 2:30 AM came slowly towards me and my dog. I shined a very high intensity light in it's eyes, and it simply kept coming at me. The light didn't accomplish a thing. I turned it off and let out a low growl and it ran away. I'm sure the noise and bright lights flashing all around terrified the poor Deer. It's a sad position to be in, for both the cops and the Deer.
  12. My wife thinks mine's a Sloth.
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