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  1. My wife must have fond memories of Sesame Street, for some strange reason she calls me her "Nooky Monster"!
  2. Damnit! Must be something in the air that got into my eyes.
  3. janice6


    Ahhhhh, yes. The problem my wife will never understand.
  4. American ingenuity at it's finest!
  5. Every day is a holiday!
  6. And, if your neighbor does it we call it funny!
  7. Someday that sound will cause "damp underwear".
  8. I don't doubt it for a minute!
  9. Petty wannabes are always trying to gain and expand their control. Power = money the only reason politicians do anything.
  10. Just kidding. I watched that movie with the kid wanting his route money. I religiously read damn near everything in the newspaper until it got to politically bent.
  11. janice6

    Old Pictures

    It may not be fast, but it does handle a lot of protesters.
  12. The willingness to repay a debt is an exceptional quality.
  13. My life in electronics told me to never play with electricity in the rain. Good luck to you guys!
  14. Best wishes for all! My house is located on the Northern edge of what used to be a sand bar for the pre-historic lake South of my location, during the Glacier melt down. So I sit at 1050 feet while South is 850 feet. When they talk about "flooding" here it really is for the "other guy". Under my house is 35 feet of Sugar sand. The other good thing about my location, is that the sewer run starts at my neighbor's house and is down hill from here.😁
  15. janice6

    Old Pictures

    You reminded me of an article about the Twin Cities Arsenal. (My father used to work there during WWII in the .50 caliber plant) The article said that the Twin Cities Arsenal produced 3 Million rounds a day. The same amount that was being shot every day, during the Viet Nam war.
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