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  1. janice6

    Flying cars. Maybe not a good idea.

    The ability to steer is important too.
  2. janice6

    Telemarketers and robocalls

    By far!
  3. janice6

    Old Pictures

    His shows are still on for Over The Air TV.
  4. janice6

    TBO's laugh of the Saturday

    I used to meet with representatives of the major European military aviation companies, and when we got together, their first choice of a place to eat was the Waffle House. I found it curious. It must have been before the fights.
  5. janice6

    Anyone here still have a Plasma TV?

    MY son researched them quite a bit and this is the one he bought. It replaced his old Plasma. I was impressed with the contrast and the blackness. It's a very good choice.
  6. janice6

    When Did Old Sneak Up On Me?

    Boy, that's pretty pessimistic.
  7. janice6

    My Slow Cooker (groan)

    And the wait is killing me!
  8. janice6

    Your Choice

    This is true. When you are the most tired and facing even more obstacles, you have to remember what your life's goals were and get it back into gear. You have to be looking forward to something, otherwise there is no purpose to your life. If you can't think of what your life's goals are/were, there's really no hope for you, and few will sympathize with your plight.
  9. janice6

    NYC loses Amazon HQ2

    You have to listen to her theory of economics to understand why...…………………..
  10. janice6

    Random Political/Social Posting

    She makes you question the whole academic structure and methods.
  11. janice6

    Guess which state, go ahead I dare you to guess

    Makes me think of the magazine adds when I was young. They would have "prank" stuff for kids. One was a box with a button on it. When you pressed the button, the needle in the button wouldn't move with the button. Just a thought.
  12. janice6

    Random Posting

    When I was a little kid we found an empty wine bottle. It had about 2" of solid flies in the bottom. My first experience with flies and alcohol.
  13. And ethics along with personal integrity.
  14. janice6

    When Did Old Sneak Up On Me?

    I had stomach problems and they shoved a scope down my throat to see what the diagnosis was. (malignant or not). They sprayed a numbing agent in my throat and it went well. After the doctor was finished looking into my stomach I elbowed the nurse a lot. She told the Doctor I wanted something. He figured out I wanted to look too. He handed me the control so I could browse around in my stomach. It was pretty cool. I would recommend it if the chance arises.