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  1. janice6

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    Yes! I didn't post this but, we have friends with an 80lb. Rottweiler female that is the sweetest thing when it comes to my Yorkie. I almost think she believes he is a baby puppy and cares for him like a mother. She will play chase with him but she knows he like to be the one being chased, so she only runs hard enough to keep him playing, but not enough to catch him. Rotties are the sweetest dogs I know. this is the second one that is his playmate. If I didn't have to have a skid loader to clean poop from my yard, I would love to have a Rottie.
  2. janice6

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    Neighbors dog is a retired hunting dog, a Chocolate Lab. She is around 7 or 8 years old now, and is raising a little boy. She still has time to run to the back fence of my lot and bark to let me know she is there. Either my wife or I go out with a handful of doggie treats. She gobbles them up and I get a hug, while she checks my breath to see what I had for Dinner. She's a sucker for a butt scratch. Her owner is a divorced young woman with a little boy. the woman says she never saw anybody scratch the dog on the back at the base of her tail before. I told her "all little girls like a butt scratch once in a while". The Lab will stand with her butt to the fence to get scratched. The Lab is a wonderful dog and unlike my Yorkie, she minds beautifully and has never licked me. she gets along with my dog famously too.
  3. janice6

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    We rebuilt one of these and I drove it for a week. Didn't like it. Too high a rear end ratio, and when you down shifted and poured the hp to it the damn rear end would wind up and slap against the body. Kind of mushy for handling too. On one ride during rush hour I was moving around 20 or so in bumper to bumper traffic, as we went under a small stone overpass in town, I wound it up and dropped the clutch. The wheels started smoking and squealing and I got off the power right away. The heads of all the rush hour drivers were snapping around to see who was going to be run over. I sometimes was a bad boy...…..
  4. The really funny part about this, is that If Walmart actually listens to the customers, every criticism will be redefined by the store executives to be the fault of the customers, not the store. If a business is poorly run and/or poorly managed, it is because those in positions of authority are doing what they don't know, and nothing will be interpreted in any other form than as a criticism of their management techniques. Therefore it is the customer that will be wrong, not the management. Those companies that need management improvements, are usually the least receptive to any suggestions for improvement that they did not come up with themselves. If this initial story is true, I seriously doubt that anything will come about from it. It takes a strong leader to respond positively to constructive criticism and I believe that's rare in the retail business. I see this as much adieu about nothing. Or at most, a means of monitoring employees!
  5. janice6


    From the "old man's perspective", he would undoubtedly be just as proud to have you with him!
  6. janice6

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    He's always had to deal with the small body, big man mind problem. so, you may be right!
  7. janice6

    If your dog/pet had a job...

    My dog is a Yorkie, small of stature but with the largest ego and determination of any. If he had a job it would be in Law Enforcement and undoubtedly, undercover. He is driven to tell his inferiors what to do for him and when to do it. He tries to rule with an iron paw, however, I am the Alpha, so that only leaves "mom" for him to harass. He almost has an anxiety attack when he watches her go across the street for the mail. I think he's afraid that she will "Bolt", and he can't get out the front door to "guide" her back to the house.
  8. After looking at the Illinois Counselors for Social Justice Commitments, I don't see where they add anything to Illinois substance, except to claim to promote what is not obvious in Illinois in general, and Chicago in particular. They claim righteousness and provide insulation from the law for certain groups.
  9. I wonder if they have an AI real time translating Ebonics……………….
  10. Liberals view of democracy is the same as the terrorists. They both seek the same end to our country. Diversity at the expense of everything we hold dear...…..
  11. My comments in stores primarily reflect my disappointment with the stock and selection. They are welcome to listen to all my reflections on their business model.
  12. janice6

    Of what is your daily carry holster made?

    Gets pretty cold in MN but the holster is against my body so it sees warmer than ambient temps. Some Kydex are thin and eventually crack on a stressed bend. Some brands are thicker (a few mils) and solid. I prefer Kydex with a leather back because it holds open and is easier to replace in the holster.
  13. Watch how we suddenly "don't" have to believe the accusers because the accused is a Democrat. Justice is simple if you know who is exempt, and why.
  14. Sure. Justice will be served, eventually.
  15. janice6

    Here W Go...

    Yet they can't seem to make a life for themselves in their own country. Sounds like if they could solve some major problems like these to get this far, they could do better in their own country.