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  1. Nah! I remember it well, and the last time I went into a Burger king they heated the burger in a microwave right in front of me. I told them that if I wanted the taste of reheated stale grease I could have done the same thing at home, and wouldn't have to come all this way for it. I told them they could keep their old burgers. Flame broiled doesn't count if it's days old. They lost it a long time ago! My taste hasn't changed the burgers have. I have started buying fresh ground Beef that's 20 % fat and found that a plain burger made at home now tastes almost as good as from the joints in the past. Everything has changed to maximize the profit at the expense of the product. Everything.
  2. Until for any reason at all, you decide you now want to be something different. This isn't free choice, this is insanity.
  3. It was a wonderful burger when I enjoyed my first one in 1958. Since then they are no different than all the others.
  4. The wonders of things to come...…………..
  5. The age old story. Car owner having to deal with the mechanic, cause she wouldn't get her nails dirty.
  6. Better yet, let us know how it comes out!
  7. The road into your imagination. Who knows what wonders it holds.
  8. janice6

    Old Pictures

    All had the same working parts, just assembled differently. None were "gender confused".
  9. The valiant knight and his gallant steed look for evil doers to vanquish to save the world for ….. Cats!
  10. It's like Nature and natural events. You may not like them, but you can't do a damn thing about them! You learn to live with them, there is no alternative!
  11. This is contrary to everything America stands for and every conflict we have ever fought! We will not accept this under any circumstances. People all through history believed Americans were a pushover because they took so much guff before responding. When we respond, everyone in history remembers the outcome! So will these people!
  12. When you can't state the simple truth, you are blatantly exposing your beliefs, and people see you for what you are. Everybody knows all the details of 9/11, and by not reiterating them honestly when you bring up the subject, people believe you are trying to change the facts. Nobody likes to be lied to so you can ingratiate yourself with them.
  13. Antisemitism is alive and well in the House of Representatives. We hear the hate from these people all the time. Hate for Israel and hate for the United States. All these people know is hate. https://www.quora.com/Why-are-some-people-full-of-hatred-for-others "...Because they do not have the ability to forgive. They do not have the ability to see things differently because they are shallow and short sighted. They choose to be bitter and miserable instead of forgiving and optimistic about things. All people are in control of their reactions and emotions. The people that choose to hate are those who are notorious for blaming others for how they are. How many people have you encountered that will do something bad, like beat up or cheat on their spouse, and then turn around and say that the spouse made them do it? Or adults that are still blaming their parents for their screwed up behavior? These people choose to be a victim. They wallow in it. They cling to any negative incident and continuously blame others for their bad behavior. Get over it. Get over yourself and get some help already..."
  14. At the start of the war with Japan, the Japanese considered, Chinese, Koreans, and Americans, as less than human, and not deserving of the respect of even a "good" death. They practiced genocide against those who were not Japanese.
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