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  1. I enjoy the way Europeans make the engine and wiring look so ordered and neat. Functional is another story Mr. Lucas.
  2. Well...……….. We actually, didn't call them our "shells".
  3. Cool. I Buy fancy fake nails for my granddaughters, as I said before, on is going into graduate school and one is in High school so they are required tools of the trade. They have grown a while since the manicure.
  4. I would watch the underwater cams in Monterrey Bay showing the Kelp and Sea Otters swimming around with the occasional Shark. Since I have been there a couple times it's cool to see under the water compared to what you see sitting on the pier or shore. Sea Otters have to be the cutest thing that swims.
  5. So nice to see amongst all this idiocy.
  6. One of my business trips to Boulder, CO We had a hell of a wind down the mountain. I had never seen piles of yellow pollen on inside window sills before.
  7. Sums it up rather well!
  8. Thank heavens! My calls are for a couple of cars behind what I have now, it just ridiculous!
  9. They only have a restricted menu for takeout only so none available here.
  10. It's not the critter in the fight, it's the fight in the critter!
  11. Remember to always occupy the high ground!
  12. Fool me once, Shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!
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