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  1. Glocks4Freedom

    Panda Swap

    I don't like Pandas... won't like them until there's a legal hunting season on them. Hunters (and loggers), usually, help preserve wildlife - touchy-feely zookeepers don't. Also, diplomacy is a human activity - bears need not apply.
  2. Glocks4Freedom

    Joe Biden, saw a video of him today

    Was he trying to grope a schoolgirl?
  3. Glocks4Freedom

    are you cold natured or hot natured ?

    I'm Certified Organic natured
  4. Glocks4Freedom

    Why I don't like Apple stuff

    Here's another video of that guy... Basically -as you just said- Apple builds "stuff". https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1487&v=AUaJ8pDlxi8
  5. Good. That would put them back where they belong, in the mentally-ill people category.
  6. Glocks4Freedom

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    I don't think penetration would be a problem for these... http://www.doubletapammo.net/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=158 230 gr of hard cast lead is a bitch!
  7. Glocks4Freedom

    Night of the Comet!

    Watched it last night... still fun after 3+ decades
  8. Glocks4Freedom

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    Agree with the Enforcer for .454- it's much slower than TB. I just have a few #'s of the latter and will like to try in 10mm. Thanks
  9. Glocks4Freedom

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    Borg, Have you used TrueBlue for 10mm? There's no data in the Western Powders site, yet is a very slow burner, even suitable - according to them - for up to .454 Casull.
  10. Glocks4Freedom

    Birthday Weekend...

    Happy Birthday, Tom! And enjoy the scattergun.
  11. Glocks4Freedom

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    I'm eyeing that Ruger Match 10mm and chances are I will be reloading 10 soon... Thanks!
  12. Glocks4Freedom

    Joined the Best Millimeter Club

    Crockett, Out of curiosity,... what's your favorite powder for full power 10mm? I do reload but never messed around with the mighty 10. thx.
  13. Glocks4Freedom

    Harbor freight

    Check the screwdrivers. If he has; 1 - PB Swiss 2 - Witte 3 - Wiha 4 - Felo 5 - PROTO 6 - Snap-on then, he really loves you. If, instead, he packs Harbor Freight... whatever! You been screwed!
  14. Glocks4Freedom

    1st year of Trump, deficit up 17%

    As I said, there's a teenager behind this account: Didn't they teach you to reason, instead of reporting those who disagree with you? In reference to "Scum"... would you be willing to start a Poll on it? Have a nice day Miss!
  15. Glocks4Freedom

    Bar shot

    There's a caravan of those approaching our borders...
  16. Glocks4Freedom

    knife sharpeners

    No need to. Plenty of places to buy the Jap stuff...
  17. Glocks4Freedom

    Harbor freight

    Real BF's steal Snap-on or Stahlwille wrenches! 😁
  18. Glocks4Freedom

    1st year of Trump, deficit up 17%

    She's either a troll (90%) or a teenage-libertarian - those who think to have anal sex in Fith Avenue should be legal... because, you know, ... stuff.
  19. Glocks4Freedom

    1st year of Trump, deficit up 17%

    That infamous 47% is down now... Go, Donald!
  20. Glocks4Freedom

    knife sharpeners

    I'm very partial to Japanese knives and Jap. water stones... Once tried, never looked back! No offense, but western counterparts are just inferior. (I'm not Asian)
  21. Glocks4Freedom

    1st year of Trump, deficit up 17%

    Also, as a side note, Fauxcahontas has been exposed "whiter" than your average deep south redneck 🤣😂😎
  22. Glocks4Freedom

    1st year of Trump, deficit up 17%

    Except for the word "now",... yeah - You're a ****ing moron.
  23. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-pope-devil/pope-blames-devil-for-church-divisions-scandals-seeks-angels-help-idUSKCN1MI10M?il=0
  24. I dig that! He's a family dude who's not scared to admit he enjoys beer https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/10/06/kavanaugh-confirmed-possibly-most-conservative-supreme-court-since-1934/