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  1. https://www.aframestokyo.com/kamisori.html http://www.kitchen-knife.jp/special/razor.htm
  2. Overcharging is the part that matters. The regulations on businesses are decimating the Western industry...
  3. Some people in the tool forum might disagree - people who actually make a living turning wrenches. Making good steel is no longer a secret and Taiwan is an industrial powerhouse (Chances are the Memory on the device you're using to post here was made in Taiwan). While I am a big fan of Hazet/Stahlwille et al, I cannot longer accept they are "superior" to some Taiwanese tools just on the merit of being German/American or [Insert your favourite culture] - they're not.
  4. The best tool for the money. Bar none. Made in Taiwan. As good as a Snap-on. https://www.harborfreight.com/12-in-drive-25-in-professional-breaker-bar-62729.html
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