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  1. aircarver testing aircraft windscreens again and one got away?
  2. Good that your your daughter's beau is well, amigo. I have no advise to offer other than insurance companies and their behavior are more mysterious than Shirley McCalin's forty-four lives. I had a Porsche destroyed by an inattentive driver. Traffic on the interstate slowed and stopped. This driver didn't slow or stop. My automobile stopped him. Yes, you can hit a 911 with a Ford station wagon at 40 MPH and the Porsche guy walks away uninjured. The guy worked for Allstate, it was clearly his fault (smacked in the rear,) and as I was in the emergency room being evaluated, an Allstate representative showed up pressuring me to accept a ridiculpus settlement. Every time I called to see what progress was being made on my claim, the guy handling that was on vacation, out of the office, please leave a message. I eventually had to engage a lawyer and sue their asses and even after the lawyer claimed a third I got enough to pay off the lien and pay for a new Porsche outright. Yeah, I was in the good hands of Allstate and both of them were in my pocket. Not saying this will happen to you, but keep in mind who the insurance claims adjuster works for and whose interests they represent. Best of luck.
  3. tous

    need some prayers

    Best wishes for your family, amigo.
  4. Please tell us that you're keeping the .88 Magnum.
  5. No hankering to return to CERN?
  6. Eric is a master scruter, but few know of it. If you ask him, he just scrutes.
  7. Eric is a master scruter, but few know of it. If you ask him, he just scrutes.
  8. The ways of the posting gods are often inscrutable. That is why Eric is always trying to be scrutable.
  9. What have you done to anger the posting gods? Repent now.
  10. ARP, the Penguins just never seemed to find their play-off hockey gear. They were sleep walking through most of the games. And Murry didn't rise to the occasion. Next year, eh?
  11. Nothing runs like a Deere. Why do you need a snow blower in the summer?
  12. Since when did they allow you back in Louisiana after that incident?
  13. So, ( sorry, gwalch) those that possess some wealth that they worked hard for have been implored to give to the poor and needy for, what? The past three centuries? If giving my money, or that which is seized from me by whatever government, could end folk being poor, why are there still poor people? Charity is to fix temporary hardship, not become a multi-generational way of life.
  14. I like the Golden Knights. But, I like the Blues and the Stars more.
  15. tous

    Random Posting

    Was your lucre filthy?
  16. Bye, bye, Bolts. I hate it when a team with a one goal lead plays to keep from losing. The old one man forecheck, four men back chuck it out and change up. It must have seemed to Bobrovsky that the entire third period was played at his feet.
  17. tous

    Random Posting

    So, if I wash my filthy lucre in the dishwasher, can I keep it?
  18. Hard to win four straight. Sorry, tom. Bye, bye, Pengies. Next year, eh?
  19. tous

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    She is going to see some wonderful things during her life. Remind her that she can be part of making them. Geeks. With slide rules.
  20. tous

    Random Posting

    When errors in automated systems are found, most folk just say, Well, duh! It isn't that simple. I spent most of my professional career designing and constructing flight control systems and SCADA systems for nuclear power plants, natural gas distribution plants and chemical factories. The number one goal was to make sure that the aircraft or plant didn't turn into a big smoking hole in the ground. Based on the relative rarity of smoking holes, I suggest that we did and still do a damn good job. Consider, you have a system that is receiving 5,000, 10,000, 100,000 inputs per second from from 500, 1500, 5000 sensors. Every data point means something. We used redundancy for critical data, but also consider: two sensors disagree. Which one is wrong? Keep in mind, the system may have milliseconds to decide before things get kersplody. Add more redundancy, you say? That increases the cost and complexity of the system a thousand times. More sensors equals more computer horse power and more lines of code to decide, What happens next? So, based on an almost impossible situation, we did and still do rely on the best computer going: the human watching all the dials and blinking lights. Commercial aircraft flight control automation is not in its infancy, but I suggest it is at the toddler stage. The goal is to never allow the aircraft to stop flying when it should be flying, no? We must still rely on the squishy computer in the left-hand seat as the final arbiter. We don't have a star ship Enterprise control system -- yet. We're getting there.
  21. I suggest that a problem is education, where a wrong answer on a test is something to be ashamed of and one must strive for perfection or be deemed unworthy. I have proposed that life is an open book test and that mistakes are things to be learned from, not punished for. And, as I have oft reminded my employers and clients, If I were perfect, you couldn't afford me. My dear sister was in public education for forty years and we have disagreed about it for that long and still do.
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