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  1. Frijoles are pinto beans boiled until they are soft and then served after adding spices. All good so far. Frijoles refritos, refried beans, are prepared by taking your frijoles, mashing them into a paste and then frying them in a skillet with some oil or lard. Both are good, tasty food. However, why are the called refried beans? That implies that the beans had been fried before and then are fried again: refried, when in fact, they are only fried once.. I want truth in naming food, dang it. Now, I suppose I'm in trouble with the vegans for mentioning bones that are picked, thus, innocent, cute animals died. What are we supposed to say, I have a leaf to pick with you? I don't care. Note that I didn't get my nap today, so I am a curmudgeon high.
  2. tous

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    I am not sure if I like that GR-1 or not. I love the design that harkens back to the Shelby Daytona and Bill Thomas Cheetah, but looking at the automobile as a whole, I just don't know. Mebbe if I can see it in a normal color. Not orange.
  3. Does the momentum of your engine and consist change if someone insists that there are 46 cars instead of the truth that there are 50? To be a conscientious human, it is important to understand when you are being manipulated, when you are being persuaded and when you are being convinced. Science brooks no spin, no massage, no edit. The Universe just laughs at us when we try and the Universe wouldn't be quite so busy if people thought rather than believed.
  4. Scaling is not for the faint of heart.
  5. We have seen how well that works with local and state school textbook committees, no? The unbiased, non-partisan committees that banned mention of Columbus from the history books other than that he murdered all of the indigenous population of North America? The committee that declared that the American Civil War was fought solely over the issue of slavery? The committees that selected the history books that have ten chapters on Karl Marx, Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson and Steve Jobs, but two pages that mention Ronald Reagan? They have untouchable budgets, too.
  6. Sure, make fun of a helpless old man for one little typographical error.
  7. Being old, irascible and slightly bored, I did some research. One would think that frying anything is a sin in French cuisine and refrying is a mortal sin, Yes, they have les pomme frite, French fries, but that is for the tourists and the Germans, not found on a haute cuisine menu. I imagine a true Frenchman would never consider actually eating a bean (le haricot,) much less smashing them up and frying them. And knowing how anal they are about foreign words corrupting their language, I was surprised that, yes, there is a French term for refried beans, you know, the beans that are only fried once: des haricots frits. They do recognize that you only fry the danged beans once. There is a term refait, I saw on some menus for Spanish or Mexican fare,, but the word refait means to make again, not to fry again. I can assure you, however, that the French are just as flatulent as us bean eaters. I need nap. Someone stop me before I get to Finnish.
  8. That's why they invented Walmarts.
  9. Refrier, the verb that refrito derives from, means refried, that is fried again, implying it has been fried before. Frito means fried. Which makes sense: Fritos are fried corn chips. Just fried the one time. Not called Refritos. Now I have a hankering for some really good chili rellenos with frijoles refritos and arroz.
  10. tous

    Truffle butter pasta

    Since when did you become a damned Yankee? Sounds like a fine meal, amigo.
  11. Good for them. It's about time we get back out there. I say, cover the danged Moon with probes and manned craft from every nation in the world, and then some.
  12. Indeed, sir. Humans are doomed when we run out of people that, regardless of the peril, want to know what's out there, what's over the next hill, across the oceans or across the solar system. Here's to the explorers.
  13. Yes, but they didn't make any orange ones. When I bought my Jazz bass in 1963, I think the only two colors in the shop were white and sunburst. I'm sure they had more choices, but since my Jaguar was sunburst, I went with white.
  14. For the best sense of the life of a British soldier in the 19th century, you can't beat Rudyard Kipling's epic verses.
  15. tous

    Random Posting

    Man lives there, too. He moved when the Earthlings got better telescopes.
  16. tous

    Random Posting

    It's where all of the cheese is.
  17. tous

    New Lesbian Batwoman. Yay.

    No. Recall that Batgirl was Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara. Batwoman, the character goes back to the mid-1950s if I recall, and though the memory of foggy, I think she is a wealthy industrialist like Bruce Wayne. I also recall that she was not a lesbian. They also had BatMite, a mischievous imp, who was also not a lesbian.
  18. Perhaps, but I suggest that the Moon is a good place to station useless bureaucrats. Plus, they can park wherever they want without messing up traffic.
  19. That is how you do it. Ground-based and satellite relays. Or, really big rabbit ears.
  20. Well said, amigo. Well said. Do we care that a Russian (Yuri Gargarin) was the first human in space? No. Like those other early astronauts, he had courage a-plenty and a dedication to getting us out there. And to those that have lost their lives pushing the final frontier, even though they knew the dangers, I doubt any would have given up their ride. The Universe doesn't care what sex, race, nationality or god you worship. Our future is out there, not paying folk to do nothing, not selling a million iPhones, not lost in clouds of narcotics or booze. Here's to getting us, humans, out there.
  21. tous

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    Thanks again for all of the beautiful automobiles, Eric. Some of them are just remarkable. Except the orange ones.
  22. They ban people from Chicago for putting ketchup on a hot dog. You can sell drugs, murder innocent folk, cheat the welfare system, be in the country illegally and they don't care. Put ketchup on a hot dog and you are banned!
  23. tous

    Politics The choice is the Wall or Tear Gas

    The alligators are on strike?
  24. It's all of the orange automobiles that makes this place special.