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  1. Enticing a close relation with alcohol is the favored means of setting the innocent up for a probing. Does your wife work for SuperAmerica? Does she let you win at cribbage? When you return from deer camp, does the house smell like boiled socks?
  2. tous

    Random Posting

    I was deep in thought today and whilst deep, I began to wonder. If I am not deep in thought, am I therefore shallow in thought? And if I am neither deep nor shallow in thought, where am I? This calls for a nap.
  3. tous

    Percolator Coffee Pot, anyone?

    TBO, you being another far norther. In Da UP, at least in the area I know, canasta was the preferred four-hand card game and cribbage was by far the most popular two-hand card game. Same in your neck of the woods? I enjoyed playing cribbage. Still do. Canasta is boring.
  4. tous

    Percolator Coffee Pot, anyone?

    You play canasta and drink Kool-Aid at your deer camp?
  5. tous

    Percolator Coffee Pot, anyone?

  6. tous

    Percolator Coffee Pot, anyone?

    For a good part of my life, the smell of brewing coffee and the burble of the percolator meant morning. I still have my old Corningware electric percolator as a backup should the current coffee machine fail. Percolator is more than forty years old and it still works and makes great coffee. Coffee machines last three years. NB we have a Hamilton Beach malted milk mixer in the family, the kind that were used in soda shops and lunch counters. Ugly pea-green color, huge electric motor, probably made in the 1940s; I replaced the old fabric-insulated wiring years ago. It resides with various family members until they get tired of it and pass it on, but it makes great milk shakes and malteds It still works.
  7. tous

    Anyone Into R/C Vehicles?

    That thing gotta Hemi in it? I dabbled in RC aircraft years ago. I was an exemplary builder, not as good at piloting. Long live the Cox .049 engine!
  8. tous

    The Kind of Men Who Carry Pocketknives

    I went into a store to buy a new pocket knife the other day. Feller at the counter told me, "We don't have any knives. Haven't had any for years. Some feller named Eric owns them all."
  9. Who doesn't love the sound of multiple round engines?
  10. tous

    The Kind of Men Who Carry Pocketknives

    Started with an official Cub Scout pocket knife when I was eight years old (1958.) Have had one in my pocket ever since. I used to be a nice guy and hand it to folk that needed to open a box or cut a string, but after many dulled, broken or bent blades, now I just smlle and walk away.
  11. tous


    My father had the habit of dismantling any and all failed appliances or device and harvested the components, especially electronic components. I believe his original intent was to determine why the thing failed, but as others have suggested, he collected the pieces just in case they might be useful some day. He had dozens of old cigar boxes (the kind made of wood) full of capacitors, resistors, switches, tube sockets and what have you. He had coffee cans full of screws, nuts, bolts and washers, many electric motors stacked in a corner. I followed in his footsteps to a degree. I take things apart to determine why they failed, but I chuck the entire mess into the trash when finished. NB After Dad passed, I gave his collection of stuff to a club that restores old radios. They loved it.
  12. tous

    Random Posting

    Both peat bogs and peat moss exist in the United States, although our peat doesn't have the romantic sense that it does in Britain. There isn't much heather in the US. Both peat and peat moss are common soil enhancers or gardens. 'Murican peat!
  13. tous

    F-16 production to India?

    I just looked and it appears that the Kfir is still active. Most likely as a bomb truck or ground support platform. It is outclassed as an air superiority platform. I really admire Israel. I think of them as the John Wayne country. Affable, fair, easy to get along with, but if you mess with them, be prepared for painful defeat.
  14. tous

    F-16 production to India?

    I'm not sure, but I believe that they bought F-15s before they had the means to make them. Israel has their own industry to make stuff to hang under the wings. I wasn't really involved in that side of the business. But, we do know that the Israelis developed the Kfir from the French Mirage as a home-grown platform and from Israel's perspective, that makes sense. Israel cannot depend on any country, even the US, for defense. If the can't make it, the chances are good they won't have it when they need it. Yes, we sell them good stuff (or they simply steal it,) but imagine the lead-up to another Arab-Israeli War and President Harris or President Booker decides to cut off military sales to Israel.
  15. tous

    F-16 production to India?

    That isn't as unusual as you might think. Both Israel and Japan do not buy American military aircraft, they will only build them in the home country under license. And, no, we don't give them all of the really good stuff.