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  1. tous

    Random Posting

    Good for you, amigo. Remember Ohm's Law. Good luck.
  2. tous

    Random Posting

    Excactly. Or, when a farmer brings water to his crops in the field.
  3. tous

    Random Posting

    Honda has a Collision Mitagation Braking System. Now all they need to do is find people under the age of fifty that know what mitiigation means.
  4. tous

    Random Posting

    According to the commercial, it does have a pretty light that comes on to show you that it's working.
  5. tous

    Random Posting

    So, I see a Suburu commercial that shows a feature called pre-collision braking. Pre- means: before. Before some event. An event that has occurred. So, Suburu has a feature that brakes your automobile just before it collides with whatever caused the pre-collision braking to begin braking. Before the event. Which is a collision. Is that really helpful?
  6. Best wishes, ma'am. And we love you more.
  7. Nudging the machine with your hip to influence play was called a gunch. Why, I have no idea. And, yes, I have worked on the innards of the old pinball machines. Shocking.
  8. Bring me the sprouts! Bring me the sprouts! A little salt, black pepper and a touch of butter. Bring me the sprouts! Bring me the sprouts!
  9. It was either the Brussels Sprouts, or the Dozen Doughnuts A Day Club. I knew which one you favor.
  10. I have just enrolled you in the Brussels Sprout Lover's Club. You will receive eight pounds of the delicious mini-cabbages on the first of every month. No need to thank me.
  11. tous

    Random Posting

    I was talking to a wombat the other day, and boy howdy, is he mad. Seems folk can't tell the difference between a wombat and a woodchuck and the womat has been getting all sorts of grief about chucking other people's wood. Wombat is thinking of filing a lawsuit for defamation and slander. But, he'll have to wait. All of the weasels are busy in Washington, D.C.
  12. You, ma'am, are an inspiration. When I'm bored or need a distraction, I do math problems.
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