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  1. On further reflection, the gag I have deleted just wasn't that funny.
  2. Gordon Dickson's Childe Cycle series are classic, great science fiction, if a bit preachy. Dickson also wrote many other non-Childe novels and short stories. James Hogan is another of my favorites. Both tell danged good stories and are as worthy of attention as Heinlein.
  3. tous


    Good for you and good luck, amigo. Probably best not to mention the incident when you sexually harassed a moose. Or, was it that you were sexually harassed by a moose? Were there bison involved in either incident?
  4. tous

    Test Post

    It is sucked into a huge black hole in the very center of the Universe. Either that, of time ends up in Florida and starts acting weird.
  5. That a 'bit' is a portion of the Spanish, pieces of eight coin appears to be the most agreed upon origin. This is why I stick to science. Not much ambiguity in gravity or planets hurtling through space.
  6. tous

    Random Posting

    That is a great song well performed by Mr. Jones. Almost as sad as Tom Dooley. The Kingston Trio has the most popular version.
  7. If I recall, the term 'bit' (12.5 cents) to refer to multiples of one dollar came from the archaic habit of physically cutting dollar coins into smaller pieces (bits.) The most I ever molested a coin was to put a penny on the railroad tracks.
  8. A case quarter is simply a 25 cent coin as opposed to two dimes and a nickel. I think the term is more common in the south. Few of us can understand when Yankees talk.
  9. A very nice literary reference, but you assume that bart of tad reads something besides Archie comics.
  10. I would just like to state, for the record, that I like cauliflower -- and broccoli. In their non-pizza crust forms.
  11. This is thread drift -- heck, it's thread hard right rudder, however ... There is a major four-lane road in north St. Louis county (Lindbergh Boulevard) that edges along the northern portion of Lambert St. Louis airport. There was a paved area off of this road that was the north end of the runways; great for sitting and watching aircraft fly over you at 500 feet. I spent more than a few days and nights there. There is also a big empty field where they did fire-fighting drills and McDonnell Douglas tested the AV8-B and the early UAVs. So, one Friday afternoon, we're out in the field testing an AV8-B. I don't recall just what we were testing, but the test pilot was slowly going fore and aft, they side to side, hovering, doing zero-radius turns and other standard maneuvers. I had my head down in my clipboard and was wearing ear muffs, and I heard a car horn and I happened to look in the near distance and dang, there were cars lined up along Lindbergh, four lanes deep as far as the eye could see. The chain link fence at the edge of the airport property was solid people, all watching the Harrier do its thing. Keep in mind, that road is a major artery, crowded under the best of times, yet folk just parked their cars in the road to watch the airshow we had no idea we were performing. After we put the jet away, folk went back to the cars and went about their business. No riots, very few complaints, even a smattering of applause. The civil society of the early 1980s. NB when F-15 Eagles launched at Lambert, even years after they were common, everything stopped so folk could watch them. They didn't perform unrestricted climbs very often, but when they did -- it was breath-taking. Or when the Missouri Air Guard's F-4s launched in tandem on full blower; so loud you thought that the world was coming to and end, but you had to watch.
  12. Honduras retired their F4U Corsair fleet in 1979. I believe that the F4U holds the record for the longest propeller-driven military aircraft production: from 1942 into the mid-1950s, if I recall. No aircraft will eclipse the B-52 record as the longest in active service.
  13. I agree with you, amigo. If I invest my money and resources in a business with no public assistance, then I choose who I do business with. If the business fails, I did not appeal to enough customers, no? The very last thing i desire is a bunch of jack leg lawyers crawling all over me and screaming in my ear that I'm not doing it right. It is when other galoots, lawyers and politicians, tell me who I can and cannot serve that I object to. Rosa Parks and the lunch counter lads were not about a business being selective, but sharp reminders of a bad system encoded in law.
  14. When I attended the University of Missouri beginning in 1968, a portion of my student activity fee went to the Black Student Union. An organization that I was forbidden to join, but required to pay for, For you young'uns, the current Marxist violence is not new. We saw it all in the 1960s, except the American soldier was the designated victim, not law enforcement. The current crop of Antifa and BLM criminals have yet to blow up buildings, though I suggest that isn't for lack of desire; they just aren't smart enough to steal explosives like the Weathermen were.
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