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  1. Bye, bye, Capsies. Interesting that three of the four second-round series are between division rivals. Teams that play each other often and know each other well. Only the Bruins/Hurricanes series is inter-division. On to the second round!
  2. I can't throw anything away. I have all of my old textbooks from college and even some of my father's textbooks. Electrical engineering in the tube era. I used to go to library sales and buy old science textbooks, just to read what they were saying when the books were current. Very interesting. I still have my green IBM S/360 and yellow IBM S/370 reference cards; just in case I might need them.
  3. tous

    Random Posting

    I love the old typewriter, camera and fountain pen. That picture must have been taken in a bachelor's home. Otherwise, a woman would be complaining about there being no coaster under the glass.
  4. Ozzie Smith would run out to shortstop and do a back flip every year on opening day. He wasn't a gymnast, he was a wonder.
  5. If I were a young engineer just starting out, I would go into power generation and especially the science of batteries. A lot of neato work to be done yet.
  6. When my generation passes, there will be no more magazines, no more large buildings full of books. No young'un is going to take the trouble to drive to a building, have to work to find the information they seek when they believe that every fact known is two taps and a swipe away on the damned device grafted to their hand. I still get American Rifleman and I subscribe to the Smithsonian Magazine and the Smithsonian Air and Space magazine. I love the feel of a magazine or book, the smell of them, the vivid color of the photographs, that I can take them into the bathroom and not waste time whilst eliminating waste. When I was a lad, nearly everyone subscribed to Look, Life, Time, The Saturday Evening Post and especially Reader's Digest. They were the chronicles of our lives.
  7. In your case, it's a long way down if you go through the door.
  8. Bye, bye, Knightsies. What a total breakdown. Eakin's cross check wasn't a major penalty. You see that five times per game during the season. Now, it is up to Colorado to send the Sharks to the golf course.
  9. Can I pee by the electric fence in the summer, when there is no snow?
  10. Bye, bye, Leafies. That was the worst playoff performance I have seen this year. Toronto used the old, Pass it to the guys in the other color sweater, all game long. That stretch pass up the boards doesn't work? Keep trying, and let's give the puck to the guys in the other color sweaters. No fore check. Soft goalie. Have fun playing golf, Leafies.
  11. I have some affection for Toronto. A great hockey city and they haven't won in more than 50 years. I have little affection for San Jose. They play dirty. Vegas has outplayed them every game in the series. Just luck that Jones decided to be a play off goalie for a few games. Blues - Stars series will be epic!
  12. I feel sorry for kids that never played on a frozen pond. All they know are those fancy indoor rinks and they can have their skates sharpened every 30 minutes and Mom is there to make sure the game doesn't get too rough. We played pond hockey. No smooth ice anywhere. It cost $2 to get your skates sharpened at the skate shop -- assuming there was enough blade left to sharpen. Hand-me-down skates six sizes too big and you wore four pair of wool socks. No boards. When you got checked it was into a snowbank. Game had to be delayed when the puck was shot into the woods. Most fun we ever had.
  13. You've had quite a career on the frozen pond.
  14. Been there, played in those games. I was a left defenseman. This was back in the days when there were more than two right-handed players per team like there is today. Where did all of those silly-eiders come from? My signature move was to fall down in front of the rushing forward and make him go around me.
  15. Bye, bye, Predies. What a great series. I am almost sad to see it end. Now, I face a conundrum. Dallas versus St. Louis. I want both teams to win. As long as San Jose is playing golf after this week, I'll be happy either way.
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