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  1. The first thing we did for the AV8-B program was to replace the 6-volt Lucas electric system. We replaced it with Archer Kit projects. The kits were more advanced, much more reliable. The British make awesome turbojet engines, yet they have never been able to make electricity or hydraulic clutches work for them.
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    Probably when they joined the flummox Mr. Jinx and other cats group of mouses founded by Jerry. gwalch has to be really old to remember them.
  3. Is Duck Creek Plaza still there? I watched them build Interstate 74. We used to ride our bikes on the it before it opened. Spent one year a Bettendorf High School Go, Bulldogs!
  4. tous

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    When playing rock, automobile, tree, always choose rock.
  5. tous

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    Energy would be measured in joules. MKS ass joules.
  6. tous

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    Never pass up the chance to acquire an interocitor. Or a copy of Electronic Service Unit #16.
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    Insufficient data. We need to know mass, velocity and vector. However, we can evaluate the tree post mortem and deduce how much energy was involved, but not as accurate. Yes, I has a slide rule.
  8. I lived in Bettendorf for a few years, Father worked for Weapons Command over in Rock Island. This would have been the early 1960s. I liked it.
  9. While you're there, stop off in Bettendorf.
  10. tous


    The MQ-4 has a cruising speed of around 300 knots. Some King Airs are faster. As guy of Pred mentioned, it is also smaller than a King Air. Any air defense RADAR operator that can't identify it, distinguish it from an air superiority asset or a commercial airliner, is a bozo and Iran probably doesn't employ clowns for air defense. Easy to detect, easy to identify, easy to track, easy to kill.
  11. The riverfront had a renaissance in the 1980s as the yuppies moved into the old town homes in Soulard and other neighborhoods and rehabed them. Thus, the bar scene that you described grew up with them. Then came state-sponsored gambling. I lived in St. Peters and hardly ever went downtown. Yuppies annoyed me.
  12. This would have been around that time. There was a public viewing area off of Lindbergh, just basically a dirt lot at the north end where you could sit and watch aircraft takeoff or land, depending on which way the wind was going. And seeing two F-15s, F-4s or F/A-18s launch in tandem never got old.
  13. Marine aviators. No aircraft would dare disobey.
  14. There is a road, Lindbergh Boulevard, that passes the north end of Lambert St Louis International Airport. It's a fairly busy road, two lanes each way, especially at rush hour. So, one afternoon, we had an AV-8B out in a field at the north end of the airport just doing some hovering, left and right turns, launches and recoveries. I looked over and the traffic on Lindbergh was completely stopped; people were out of their cars and lining the fence watching the Harrier. We finally put it away and folk just got back in their cars and went on their way, but it was surreal that we caused a traffic jam and few, if any were honking their horns or getting angry. But, they got to see a Harrier II up close doing what it did best.
  15. I attended many bluegrass festivals in the 1980s and almost to a man and woman, the nicest folk you ever want to meet. Heck, most of the name acts would sit with the folks and pick for hours after their show. Yes, I can say that I played with J.D. Crowe, Earl Scruggs and Tony Rice. Me and about 20 other people.
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