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  1. Is there a band on the run in this thread? Perhaps sailor Sam lurketh?
  2. Begins with just 12-string guitar and voice, then string choir is added. Just wonderful. NB you can tell what era I grew up in.
  3. Twelve-string guitars are like a piano without all the wood and stuff. A wonderful sound that can go from raucous to soulful and back again. Another one, but I still prefer the Peter, Paul and Mary original.
  4. tous

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    Are you a-sayin' that automobile sellers might not be honest?
  5. Every guitar-playing lad in the 1960s wanted that Rickenbacker 12-string that McGuinn played. Many may not realize, but the opening twang of A Hard Day's Night is done on a 12-string. Back in the day, before water was invented, we used to study the appearances of the popular groups on shows such as Ed Sullivan or Shindig and try to determine which guitars they played. This was well before the days of VCRs, so you had to look fast. Well, when we saw the live performance of Turn, Turn, Turn on TV, it was confusing. Everyone agreed that McGuinn played a 12-string, but seeing his guitar, that Rickenbacker, it looked like a six-string. It wasn't until a few years later that I saw one and saw how Rickenbacker hid the other six tuners behind the peg head. Oh, and I also lusted after Eric Clapton's SG when he was with Cream. Peng, I have owned and played many, many guitars over the years and I agree that Taylor makes a fine instrument, then and now. When I was playing bluegrass, tradition demanded that I play a Martin. I hated Fender and Gibson acoustics, really liked Guild, but loved my Ovations. I have little girl hands, so the slimmer the neck, the better for me.
  6. I love the sound of a twelve-string guitar and having been a musician, I can hear that sweet, robust sound almost immediately. What are your favoitie 12-string guitar songs? And, sorry Eric and Rabbi, but I don't believe that Metallica ever did one Just so you know what it sounds like, here are two very well known songs featuring the 12-string:
  7. tous

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    I have been watching, or more accurately, subjected to, commercials for automobiles lo these past few years and I noticed something odd about them. You have all seen the commercials featuring the beautiful people having fun with their cars, be it pulling up at a swanky eatery -- where they always find a parking space right in front, dashing through the woods or being admired by the opposite sex as they show that, yes, they are a much better driver than Lewis Hamilton -- and prettier as well. Then there are the smug, smirking people driving along whilst the public gazes in rapt envy. The message is clear: you will never be as cool as that driver, even if you buy the car. And then comes the disclaimer: cars shown on a closed circuit with professional drivers. Do not attempt. So, why should I buy their automobile if I can't even drive it down a city street in broad daylight unless they close the street and I hire a professional driver? According to them, I can't operate the danged car at all. And then you often see: European model shown. Why the hell are you showing me a car that I can't buy unless I move to Luxembourg?
  8. tous

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    pre-1967 * Volkswagon type 2 with a late 1960s Porsche 911 grafted onto the back. * I believe that the wing-type vent windows were fixed after 1967.
  9. Must explain why one son could getaway with manslaughter. And the later generation didn't turn out to be a very good pilot.
  10. If you can remember when playing with Mr. Potato Head required a real potato, you might be as old as Tom. If you were six and it was the Fourth of July and your parents handed you a lit spsrkler to wave around, you might be as old as Tom. If you owned, or wanted to own, a Fanner 50, you might be as old as Tom.
  11. tous

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    The frost is on the pumpkin. The nightingale flies at noon. Open channel D.
  12. They shouldn't have left before the official time in1889. I find it somewhat ironic that they take such pride in being named for cheaters.
  13. Là breith sona dhuit, mo charaid.
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