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  1. I enjoyed the Marshall Tucker band. This is my favorite, such a wonderful, poignant story.
  2. This is odd. I just discovered an extra cracker in my Lunchables. Does this mean that some poor galoot is missing one?
  3. tous

    Random Posting

    I have consulted several references and cannot find a literal Spanish word or phrase for the English 'drumstick' when referring to the leg and thigh of a chicken or turkey. The closest is muslo de pollo. (thigh of chicken.) As for the thin sticks that one whacks a drum with: baqueta, or palollila de tambor (little stick for drum) I will have to ask my neighbor for a more colloquial reference. Or, mebbe just take a nap.
  4. Look for an opportunity to use alack in the near future. Perhaps the next time Oscar Meyer shorts you a cracker. It often goes with alas.
  5. You would think that that autombile is the result of a drunken Italian designer that decided to squish an E-Type Jaguar, but alas. It's a Corvair.
  6. One of the first things the Great Society did for the Africans was to send government bureaucrats to the ghetto (the precursor to da hood) and boot every father out of the house. Stay single, have babies, collect government checks, get a free apartment and cheese.. See how well that all worked out?
  7. Looks somewhat like Hugh Hefner.
  8. You are an artist, I am an engineer. You focus on beauty, I focus on functionality. If a crease or scoop doesn't have a purpose, I leave it off. If I designed an automobile, it would be functional, efficient and as interesting as a cardboard box. That said, just between us, I like the 1959 Thunderbird, which has a design that features everything I just said that I hate. Go figure.
  9. Ah, the dreaded early 1960s Polara. That was Dodge telling Plymouth, We can make an even uglier car than a Valiant. There is not square inch of sheet metal that matches or compliments any other inch of sheet metal. The front is hideous, the rear is even worse. Must have been a front office memo that stated, Use two of everything. Don't worry if they fit, just stick headlights and tail lights anywhere. The Polara of later years was a nice, boring slab-sided, middle-class family sedan that could be had with the 440 or 426; the perfect sleeper.
  10. I am not a fan of creases and wrinkles and relieved areas (artistic dents) for the sake of a simple design element, so I really like the slab-sided designs like that Nash Healy. Now you know why I hate the 1960s Plymouth Valiant. The way the front fenders blend so well with the front facade and sides remind my a bit of a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. And though they serve no engineering function, I even like the details on the rear fenders; it adds just the right bit of interest so the side elevation isn't boring.
  11. ml of Cougar has a slide rule, so it has to work well. Unless the liquid is circulated, thermal layers will develop that may exhibit significant temperature difference. Hotter near the source of energy, but the hotter water may just bump into a thermal layer that is colder rather than rise to the top and get lost to the environemnt. So, you get hot liquid near the energy source, but relatively cold zones elsewhere. If the liquid has other elements dissolved in it, such as lead or copper or a salt such as sodium chloride, calcium chloride or one of my favorites, sodium bisulfate, the effect is more pronounced. I loves me my thermodynamics.
  12. You have to let those inboard headlights grow on you. First glance, you sort of frown and wonder who thought that that was a good idea. Then the more you look at it, the more you decide, Yeah, that is a good idea. It fits the automobile perfectly.
  13. The Nash Healy was one of the best looking automobiles of the early 1950s. The coupe looks even nicer than the roadster. That color combination is just right.
  14. Everybody over to Eric's house for thick, luscious steak!
  15. tous

    Random Posting

    So, I watched a commercial for a beer where the beautiful people on a beach, you know, people that would never allow you anywhere near the cool kids table at a beach that they will never let you go to, and they're all shoving lime slices down the neck of their bottle of beer. Not having a beer bottle, a lime wedge or permission to be amongst the cool kids on their private luxury beach, I got out my slide rule, graph paper and Pentel pencil with .05mm hard lead and got to work. Based on the evidence that the lime wedge has a lower specific gravity than the beer, i..e. it floats, and analyzing the flow of liquid when the bottle is rotated such that the liquid will flow towards the open mouth of the bottle., and taking into account that beer in question is Mexican beer, my model indicates that when you tip up the cold, refreshing brew toward your mouth, the lime wedge will flow more easily, thus, markedly restricting the flow of the liquid, almost plugging the opening. I did not factor in the coolness portrayed by the actors or the exotic beach location; you know, the one we can't go to and wouldn't want to because there are no Walmarts nearby,. Perhaps one of the benefits of being the cool kids is that physics just wouldn't dare defy your pursuit of attempting to drink from a bottle that the cool have inserted a built-in stopper. Now, a nap. A nap, I say!
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