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  1. The marion berrys are not all they're cracked up to be. <--- believes that only one in 20 will get that joke
  2. tous

    Random Posting

    Edith Piaf was born in 1915. That song wasn't popular until the 1950s. Title roughly translates to: No, I don't regret anything. Very nice song.
  3. Ford coupe? Mid t late 1930s?
  4. It's settled, then. We're all movin' in with gwalch on his huge country estate. I call dibs on the Miata on Tuesday mornings.
  5. I ain't neither. I am 71 years old. If government agents kick in my door to seize my firearms or imprison me for wanting to be free and left alone, the first government thug through the door gets a controlled pair of 230 grain .45 ACP bullets to the ballistic vest. The next five thugs return fire and kill me and that is exactly the way I want it. I would rather die a free man than live enslaved. It is getting closer to the time when those Americans that value freedom over conformity and surrender act like those in Hong Kong and Burma. It is easy to protest and riot when one knows there will be no consequence. Just ask the Antifa and BLM yahoos. It is harder to stand up and refuse to be silenced when the fascists have all of the guns and their agents of oppression do not hesitate to use them. It is one thing to whine on some obscure internet forum about the loss of liberty and the dignity of self-determination. It is quite another thing to be willing to die for it. Here's to the brave resisters to fascism in Hong Kong and Burma.
  6. A Smith and Wesson revolver with no turn lines? Must be airbrushed.
  7. Thanks for the identification of the aircraft, amigos. I don't get them wrong often, but when I do, I just sit and SAAB my eyes out. Looking at that aircraft's history, it was a significant post-war aircraft. Though impressive, I am still not a fan of delta wings or the later canards.
  8. Well, excuse my lack of skill with Swedish spelling. <--- not a fan of canards for aircraft edit: I apologize, Tony. I thought that you were joshing me about my spelling of Draken. Did you know that the Swedish alphabet has 29 letters? You do now.
  9. Those look too old to be the SAAB delta-wing fighters: the Grippen and the Draken, plus those aircraft ave no canards which both of the SAAB aircraft have. Based on the shape and position of the roudels, I think that those are Israeli Kfirs or early-model Israeli Mirages. We wouldn't have to guess if the person that posted the photograph included a reference.
  10. Any and all action on your part to prove your innocence is futile, for you hath run afoul of SuperAmerica, gathered in their citadel in Coon Rapids., Nor only will you have to pay the unfair fine, you will also be labelled as a QAnon disciple, charged with sedition and insurrection and vehemently condemned by the news media. Your offense? Daring to assert that government can be wrong. That, or you have inadvertently annoyed TBO.
  11. tous

    Random Posting

    I understand what you are stating. I stand by my assertion that the methodology that you seem to be using is flawed: your model assumes that all of the fatalities occurred within the sample that tested positive, .e.g.., the 550,000 results are only from the 30,000,000 sample group. I suggest that that is likely not the case. We do not know what percentage of a group that 550,000 represents; the sample is not defined or classified. I am a science guy, therefore, pronouncements by politicians, bureaucrats or or celebrities are not only irrelevant, they are not interesting. Edited to add a cute story. When my daughter was around five or six, she tried to argue a point with me and after listening patiently, I reminded her that some of her assumptions were irrelevant. Of course, a six-year-old has no reference or understanding of irrelevant. My daughter interpreted the word to be, 'an elephant.' Therefore, when she was losing argument, she would declare my side, "That's an elephant!"
  12. tous

    Random Posting

    No offense, amigo, but your conclusion and remark are based on a flawed assumption, e.g., the entire sample that the 99.7% survival rate applies is only the 30,000,000 individuals that have tested positive for the virus. I suggest that the more valid sample is the entire population of the United States,: 350,000,000. ,03% would be around 10,500,000. Yes, that assumption has flaws as well; it assumes that the entire sample, the population, had all contracted the malady and 10,500,000 (.03%) perished. It also fails to group by age. As we will not test the entire population to isolate the infected, the only valid conclusion we can state is that both of our approaches are not feasible and therefore, not valid.
  13. Apparently, SuperAmerica has assumed control of TBO's posting. .
  14. Indeed. Though there is horizontal wind shear, the vertical type is far more common. Were that wind shear, we would see the aircraft violently hop to one side or the other, not float. The sudden direction change (up, down, port, starboard) can go from 0 knots to 50 knots in the blink of an eye and change direction just as rapidly. Makes the pilot's day exciting.
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