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  1. Give some to the dogs.
  2. tous

    Random Cuteness

    I am here. Just not much to say.
  3. So, the dancing broccoli is the symbol of life, then?
  4. Those of us that were around in 1959 know that Alaska (May) was admitted as a state before Hawaii (August.) We also know that Arizona was the 48th state admitted, but like Alaska and Hawaii, New Mexico (47) and Arizona were admitted within months of each other. Why do we know this? Because we went to school in the 1950s, when they actually educated us. I don't recall which states preceded Arizona and New Mexico, but I'll bet Oklahoma was admitted not too long before. That is the sum of my knowledge, except that I know that Texas was admitted to the Union in 1845 as the 28th state because, heck, we all know that. And, yes, i can still name the original thirteen states. Now, I need a nap.
  5. Good that you're doing well, amigo. Any day on a snow machine is a good day.
  6. Your registration expires this month.
  7. tous

    Random Posting

    Look into stronger stitching. Or duct tape.
  8. Good for your family, amigo.
  9. I have driven a few Model Ts and Model As. It takes a rocket scientists to start the danged things. I once had that operations manual to the F4-U Corsair. There were mabbe twenty steps that had to be completed in order, just right, before starting the engine. Twenty more to complete just to keep the thing in the air. Heck, compared to the F/A-18, you just flip the battery switch to on and go flying.
  10. Not just a cat, Rabbi Cat. Nor just Tasers, but Tasers deployed by TBO. Chuck Norris checks under his bed for Rabbi Cat at night and fears that TBO is lurking in his closet. Thank you and your colleagues for doing the job, amigo.
  11. If Rabbi Cat has to get involved, bart of tad will wish he was deathly ill. We'll just have TBO Tase him into immobility so that Rabbi Cat can nap on him.
  12. You take care of yourself, amigo. Don't make me come down there and put a boot up your ass if you get sick. I'm bringing TBO with me. Don't tempt us.
  13. The Navy has always had remarkable people doing remarkable things. As has the Army, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. But, they didn't get the benefit of 6 of janice and me. Here's to you, soldiers, sailors, airmen and guardsmen.
  14. Get the venison out of the freezer.
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