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  1. Theme to the television series Star Trek Enterprise.
  2. tous

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    Pants are a-skeered of Eric.
  3. tous

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    Has anyone seen Eric's pants? Anyone?
  4. tous

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    So, we shouldn't give you a Pajamagram for Christmas, then. Perhaps one of those huge teddy bears. Mink-lined welder's helmet? A gold-plated Arkansas stone?
  5. tous

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    I heard a rumor that, in the spirit of Christmas, Eric, our beloved Big Giant Head, will be sending some lucky member here a Pajamagram.
  6. Me, too. But, I have a good excuse. I'm old and I need frequent naps.
  7. I use the opposite tactic. My Internet usage and places I visit on Google Maps is so danged boring that any galoot trying to study me just falls asleep.
  8. The tales of United States Navy heroism and audacity are legion. From John Paul Jones exclaiming, I have not yet begun to fight, to David Farragut's command to, Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, The US Navy has been blessed with remarkable leaders. Consider Thomas Sprague at the Battle or Samar. Vastly out-classed by a Japanese fleet of battle ships heavy and light cruisers, Sprague and his tiny Taffy 3 squadron of a few destroyers, destroyer escorts and escort carriers, nonetheless, attacked the far superior opposing force. Ad after sinking several enemy cruisers, Sprague forced the Japanese to withdraw, but with the loss of much of his squadron. Now, who in their right mind attacks a vastly superior opposing fleet with a few destroyers and little escort aircraft carriers? American sailors. My favorite story, and I am not certain it isn't apocryphal,. Arleigh Burke had somehow led his task force into a Japanese mine field. When Halsey cabled him, What are you doing in a mine field, Burke replied, 31 knots. Here's the sailors of the United States Navy, then and now. Here's to the the brave men of the USS Arizona and to their shipmates that made the other guys pay a huge price. Where do we get such men; and now, such women?
  9. I thought that that was the police doggie's job?
  10. The Battle of the Alamo was not an ass kicking, unless you consider that it was Santa Anna's ass that was, well, not kicked, but severely annoyed. The brave men of the Alamo kept Santa Anna's troops stuck in a place of no strategic value for almost two full weeks, stressing the Mexicans supply lines and wearing on their soldiers. I suggest that had Santa Anna been able to move north with no resistance, Gonzales might not have happened or the outcome would have been far different. Here's to you lads at the Alamo,
  11. tous

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    All credit belongs to the wiggly bear.
  12. tous

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    My posts are certified gluten free. You may read them without fear of constipation, fatigue, headaches or nausea. So, there. <--- gluten-free wiggly bear
  13. Rather than send Zonny pictures of snow, why not just send her the snow?
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