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  1. tous

    Anyone Ever Play Tag as a Kid?

    I hate to boast, but I was the undisputed tether ball champion at Stoker elementary school, Bountiful, Utah, from 1956 until 1958. I was also a demon at four-square with the infamous red Voit playground balls. I coulda been a contender.
  2. tous

    Dennis Quaid sees the light...

    So, being weak of character and impulsive is to be applauded because, by golly, he's an actor. I can admire getting back to sobriety, but I can't respect drunks and drug addicts.
  3. tous

    Dennis Quaid sees the light...

    I am tired of mollycoddled celebrities prostrating themselves before the public as some sort of hero for -- being weak and self-absorbed. Yeah, right before I stab that next dose of street heroin into my vein, I'm going to be really inspired by rich, pampered people pretending to be role models and victims.
  4. tous

    Strange Day

    Again, best wishes to the lad, amigo. Character will overcome poor leadership.
  5. tous

    Random Posting

    Harvesting virgin yak scrotums?
  6. The skirts and long hair give it away. Mostly.
  7. Thanks, amigo. I must confess that it just looks odd to me.
  8. Note that it has been a very long time since I was active military, but back before dirt was invented, female Navy and Marine officers had their own, different covers. Watching the funeral of Mr. Bush, I noted that female officers all wear the basic peaked cap. When did this all happen? Did I get old when I wasn't watching?
  9. tous

    Strange Day

    Best wishes to the lad, but don't tell him that wimmins prefer Navy white or Navy blue.
  10. tous

    DA Refuse to Prosecute

    So, let me get this straight. I'm just a dumb Texan and not half as smart as them Boston galoots. If I walk into your store, pick up a 12-pack of beer, a few bags of Doritos, a couple of cartons of Newports and some Twinkies and just walk out the door, I'm okay. But, if you try to stop me, you get arrested for assault and if you dare touch me, you get charged with battery. And, I can break in to your house as long as you aren't there. But, if I'm cold and hungry, I can break in to your house when you are there. Lord, please keep the smart people in Boston.
  11. tous

    A drive by in the news...

    It's Florida.
  12. tous

    A Date Which Will Live In Infamy

    They woke a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve. Then my father and his generation put a boot up their asses.
  13. It's Trump's fault. Mr. Mueller is looking in to it. Expect indictments soon. What is a Venmo? I am old and culturally challenged.
  14. tous

    M127 Kriger

    Good for your friend. I hope he sells a bazillion of them.