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  1. Not exactly my cup of tea though it's not tea and it's not mine - thank God. It looks like a pretty nice job - certainly better than many I have seen - though I'm not sure why the underside of the trigger guard is relieved so much. I always hope the original owner of such a piece loves it enough to never want to sell it because they can rarely, if ever, retrieve their investment on a sale.
  2. Citra47

    Old Pictures

    They could be very early conversions but unless my eyes deceive me, the original loading levers are still in place. That makes for a very slow cartridge reload - especially for anything other than an 1858 Remington.
  3. There is a lot of UGLY in that photo.
  4. David Gregory is the epidemy of Duh in CommieDemDuh.
  5. Communism/Socialism at it's best.
  6. Even Marxist's have their limits.
  7. She's probably still working on it.
  8. STUPID and SOCIALIST pretty much go hand in hand.
  9. There is a face that shouldn't be in public ……………………….. at least, not before a visit to the plastic surgeon for a facial.
  10. Let's see how America reacts to the CommieDemDuh Communist/Socialist B.S. by the end of the next election. They may not be quit as popular as the are now ………… maybe.
  11. Yea, but she was still the same stupid S*** back then that she is now. She was a great singer and not a bad actress until it all went to her head and she thought she knew something about political ism's.
  12. It's OK to murder …….. as long as it's done her way.
  13. Different time ,,,,, different place ….. different cause.
  14. She must be a member of DingBatsIncorporated ………………………..
  15. Is the UN gone yet????????????????????
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