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  1. Yes, but the Mafia also uses concrete for disposal burial purposes. They need to make up their minds.
  2. Citra47

    1965 factory new SKS

    Great find - nice Chinese SKS. Remember when they were well under $100.00 each. Those were the days.
  3. Citra47

    Help with Choosing a Semi Auto .308

    If you have not fired a 16" or 18" barrel .308/762x51 I suggest you find a friend and shoot one. Muzzle blast is not pleasant. You may also look at the standard length Springfield Armory M1A. The M1A is one tough rifle and can be supremely accurate. If you decide you really like the short barrel it should get down handling each one and deciding what feels best to you within your pocketbook range.
  4. Citra47

    Big snow storm this late week/weekend?

    Yup, but they make for a very crumbly sandwich.
  5. Agree 100%! Dad beat that into my head when I was young growing up on the farm. We didn't have a lot of money but dad always bought the very best tools & equipment he could afford. You end up with a lot less breakage then with crap tools.
  6. Citra47

    Big snow storm this late week/weekend?

    Cheyenne, Wyoming can match that and more for freezing temps. Cold as can be but guys still used to put iridescent paint on their golf balls and play in powder snow 3' deep.
  7. Citra47

    Big snow storm this late week/weekend?

    Dress warm and stay safe.
  8. Citra47

    Words That Get Overused. A Lot.

    Slightly changing the punctuation could make that a very workable sentence, especially for a child. ( **** me ass, daddy.)
  9. Citra47

    Words That Get Overused. A Lot.

    The word (So) to start a sentence. Even worse, the word (So) to start every sentence.
  10. It makes a very clean cut. Nice work.
  11. Citra47

    Hot headed Pot Heads...

    An accident caused from smoking weed will kill just as quickly as an accident caused by alcohol.
  12. Citra47

    Random Posting

    I had an Aunt & Uncle - both have passed on - who were both college professors and spent most every summer in France. Uncle Hugh would tell us stories of their travels when they visited us on the farm after returning each year. One time, dad was asking what the motels were like and Uncle Hugh was quick to explain that they didn't have motels - only hotels. He said they had some very expensive larger hotels that were too expensive to stay in so they stayed in the smaller guest hotels. They had pictures of the rooms and explained the bath was shared & at the end of each hall. He said they had spent several days in one hotel and he realized he had lost his wrist watch and couldn't remember seeing it in a few days. He had looked all over the room, down the hall, the bath and even the dinning room and still couldn't find the watch. As he was getting ready for bed that night his wife looked at him and said "Hugh, look at your upper left arm". Sure enough, there was the watch. She informed him it was time he take a complete bath and not just his normal "spit" bath.
  13. Citra47

    Random Political/Social Posting

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the CommieDemDuh media. The last time there was any real journalism work done by any of them in order to print an honest story was...……………………………………………...God, it's too far back to remember any real journalism by them.
  14. Citra47

    Random Political/Social Posting

    With Trudeau as their leader, absolutely no Canadian should be laughing at President Trump.