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  1. Obviously some people will may to see the new/old movies. I'm not one of them. I have never seen a remake as good as an original movie. Now I watch Amazon Prime Video and NETFLIX with an occasional sip of Jack Daniel's.
  2. May as well dump FOX app - they have now put Paul Ryan on Fox Corporations Board of Directors. Might as well just make the whole board CommieDemDuh!
  3. Maybe it's just me, but why - when the original movie was really well done by excellent actors - does Hollywood feel they have to remake the movie. From my point of view, so many movies have been remade only to utterly fail in being any ware as good as the original movie. What happened to all the writers in Hollywood? They seem unable to come up with anything new that is worthwhile.
  4. Didn't that guy die of unnatural causes just after the poster's release?
  5. Go ahead. I won't stop you ……………………………………. she might ……………………..
  6. Too bad he messed up …………………………………………. his life will never be the same. ☹️
  7. This guy obviously doesn't mow his lawn so …………………………. the lawn mower part is just a clever cover for taking out the Black Helicopters.
  8. Agreed. BP makes it legal and doesn't have near the recoil of a smokeless powder round. Sort of a smaller, lighter Howdah pistol. Trouble is, once you fire this gun you won't be able to see what happened to the target for all the smoke. I would shoot it, but would not want one.
  9. Damn, BamaBud, you're gonna feel like you have taken the eternal dirt nap.
  10. Fantastic! I look forward to meeting you. Please let me know when you get to Florida.
  11. Southeast Florida is pretty much populated by people from New York, New Jersey, etc. Most are pretty far left - to the point they may fall off the edge of the world at some point. The SW coast gets more farmers and rural people from US Central. With the exception of Tallahassee and Gainesville (both college towns and bastions of socialism) the further north including the Panhandle the better. Good folks north of Palm Beach County with the exceptions noted.
  12. Actually just between Gainesville and Ocala - a place called Citra, located on N US Hwy 301. Conservative-libertarian-capitalist is a good thing. I don't believe a CommieDemDuh would be capable of enjoying the environment as you do. They would find fault with everything they saw.
  13. We would love to have you in Florida; you seem to truly care about the wetlands and all the critters that help make up that environment. If you have not already, sooner or later you may have the opportunity to see one of our Florida panthers in their natural habitat.
  14. Residing in a Live Oak with plenty of Spanish moss. Nice photos.
  15. The Howdah pistols were probably very handy if the shooter kept his wits about him.
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