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  1. Barnhill is a friend of the accused. And his statement that the McMichaels were in compliance with Georgia's citizens arrest statutes is provably incorrect.
  2. Not true. As you yourself said, the McMichaels initiated the situation by chasing Arbery down with guns drawn. Georgia law says that in order to perform a citizen's arrest, you either have to have witnessed a crime or have immediate knowledge of a crime being committed, e.g. a woman says to you "That guy stole my purse." They've already admitted that neither of those conditions applied. Supposedly there might be video of someone matching Arbery's description lurking around on a different occasion, and audio of someone saying that Arbury was seen jogging onto an open construction site. Even if you assume that Arbery was the person behind those previous break-ins, and at this point there's no proof of that, the fact is, all he was doing that day was jogging through the neighborhood, and maybe checking out that construction site. Those guys had no legal justification to chase him down with guns. None. And once they made that decision, whatever happened was 100% on them.
  3. https://www.ajc.com/news/local/watch-gbi-updates-following-arrests-ahmaud-arbery-shooting/1aJbZe2uL9HrndjyWYjB2L/
  4. Here's an interesting article from the "Bearing Arms" website. It's been noted previously that the elder McMichael was a former investigator. Turns out he was an investigator for the county DA. The cops who did the initial investigation were ready to arrest the McMichaels and were told by the DA to stand down. https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2020/05/08/bs-ahmaud-killed-self-defense/
  5. Have you ever done that? I have, many times when I was younger. Buildings under construction that are still open are very interesting to look at, especially for young guys. When I was in my teens and early 20s, my friends and I couldn't walk by open construction without checking it out. And what does that have to do with anything? Those guys were looking for someone who was breaking and entering. I seriously doubt that Arbery was casing a building that was still open construction.
  6. I've been following this story for a couple of days, and I've watched the video several times. I can't believe people are actually trying to defend these guys. First off, McMichael is a FORMER investigator and a FORMER cop. People are acting like he still has a badge, and he doesn't. Three civilians went after Arbery with guns because they THOUGHT he was committing burglaries in the neighborhood. Are you ****ING kidding me? If I was a black guy out running and I see multiple vehicles with white guys with guns coming at me, yeah, I'm probably going to think I've run into the local KKK, and I'm going to try to defend myself. I'm sorry, but if you're not LEO, you've got no business chasing somebody with guns because you think he might have committed a property crime. I see tonight that those guys have been charged with murder, and that was the right call.
  7. C'mon, man. Yeah, Hi-Points are cheap, but are you really claiming that the owners are knowingly selling them in bulk to straw purchasers to make money?
  8. Well this was 3 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.
  9. Anyone see The Blacklist this past Friday? The bad guy was a gun manufacturer of dirt cheap guns (the FineCal 9) who knowingly sold them in bulk to straw purchasers to end up on the street. The gun was a Hi-Point. I wonder how they felt about their product being used like that.
  10. Interesting that the media report I read a couple of hours ago didn't identify him. I wonder why. No I don't.
  11. This brought to mind another saying. "If you choose to not find joy in snow, you will have less joy in your life, but just as much snow."
  12. John Campbell, died in 1993 at age 41 from heart failure, on the cusp of stardom. Well, as much stardom as a bluesman will ever see.
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