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  1. Back in the 80s, my wife and I had a trawler that we used to keep at a marina in Mystic, CT. We adopted an older (vet estimated 12, but who knows) marina cat whose supposed "owners" didn't really take care of her. She owned the docks, and all the other boat owners knew and liked her. She was probably around 10 pounds, tops. Anyway, one day I'm sitting on the aft deck with an adult beverage, and I see her come flying down the dock with a black Lab right on her tail. She got to the boat, jumped over the gunwale, and immediately turned, stood on her hind legs and started going at the dog's face (claws out) like a prizefighter on a speed bag. The dog started howling and took off. I'll take most cats against most dogs, as long as the dog is alone. They get brave (and dangerous) in packs.
  2. Charter Arms has that new 7-shot Professional coming out in .32 H&R magnum. If I was a revolver guy, I'd take a look at that.
  3. The urge to challenge oneself to do things that are thought to not be doable is a necessary part of the human condition, and there would be no advancement if people didn't have that urge. I imagine that when the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria cast off from Palos, somebody was standing on the dock saying "Dude, that Chris Columbus guy is one crazy mutha*****!" When the day finally comes when we do colonize space, it's going to be because some "idiots" made it happen.
  4. The strangest thing that ever happened to me with an animal on the road was about 10 years ago. I was riding to work at 6AM on my motorcycle (2001 Victory Cruiser) and I came over a rise doing about 50 on a country highway, and there was a horse standing right in my lane. I stood on the brakes and the bike started fishtailing. The horse panicked and started running down the road. I managed to regain control, but I was in the other lane. So here I was riding down the road in the wrong lane, still doing about 25-30, and the horse was running right alongside of me in my lane. He got to what turned out to be his driveway, and took off up it. On my way home that afternoon, I saw 2 guys working in a yard right where it happened, so I stopped and asked them if anyone owned a horse around there. One of the guys said "Was that you leaving all that rubber on the road this morning?" He told me that the guy who owned the horse (up that driveway) had a poor latch on the gate of the horse's corral and he got out now and again. I told him to tell his friend that if I ever saw that horse in the road again, I was going to call the state cops. I never saw the horse again.
  5. I'm holding out for a G42X with a grip height of about 4.7" That should be good for 8, maybe 9 rounds in the mag.
  6. This is about a lot more than just the winner. Second place in the Derby pays $600K, third place $300K, fourth place $150K, and fifth place $90K, not to mention the tens of millions of dollars that were bet on the race. When horses started getting pushed around (we know for a fact that at least 2 horses were physically impeded), the positions behind the winner were impacted. There was plenty of harm.
  7. The stewards have a head-on camera view that is not what you see on TV. I've read a couple of things by guys who have seen that camera footage, and said that Maximum Security crossed four lanes. The jockey of the first horse he interfered with pulled his horse up and right and probably was responsible for averting a disaster. If the nation had been treated to the spectacle of several of America's best thoroughbreds having to be put down right there on the track, I imagine everyone would be singing a different tune.
  8. Pistolay

    Kitten Care

    Good luck with her.
  9. I thought the violence in Polar was ridiculously over the top, and would never watch it again. We saw John Wick last night for the first time. That's a great example of a very violent movie that works (kill his damn dog...really, you sumbitch?). We liked it so much, we'll watch John Wick 2 tonight.
  10. I had a first generation SimpliSafe system at my old home, and was very satisfied with it. When we bought a new house, we left our system for the new owners and put a second generation SimpliSafe system in the new house. I really like this system. You can add and remove all different kinds of sensors any time you want. We have 2 keypads, 3 panic buttons, lots of window and door sensors, water sensors, smoke detectors, glass break sensors (in case someone breaks a window to get in). We no longer have motion detectors because they can be problematic with pets, especially cats, because they can get anywhere. There are 2 different monitoring plans, $15 or $25/month and they do pay attention. Every time I add a sensor, I always test it, and within a few minutes I get a call asking me if I just ran a test. If you buy a SimpliSafe system, I recommend not going for the first gen, even though it's lower initial cost. Those systems have a max of 41 devices (keypads, sensors, etc.) attached. The gen 2 system can have 100. At our old house, we were close to the limit. Oh, and in addition to the cellular connectivity (T-Mobile default, but they'll swap it out if you don't have T-Mobile coverage), the gen 2 systems also support WiFi.
  11. As far as I know, that's not a change of policy. And you can buy those parts from third party sources. Personally, I enjoy taking the armorers course and will continue to do so.
  12. There's nothing particularly sexy about pushing hay. But her, yeah.
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