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  1. Pistolay

    Of what is your daily carry holster made?

    I prefer kydex holsters because a well made one will have good "snap-in" retention, and when I remove my gun at night, I can leave it in the holster.
  2. Pistolay

    Beto Just Secured the Black Vote

    ...and he probably alienated a lot of other people.
  3. Pistolay

    This is awesome!

  4. Pistolay

    Time for a road trip to buy Coke.

    What the hell is that?!?
  5. I found that video kinda creepy. I showed it to my wife and she said "When did Skynet go online?"
  6. Pistolay

    Just A Thought

    Jesus Christ, that's the truth!
  7. Pistolay

    WTF is wrong with America?!

    Japan and South Korea are both basically racially and culturally homogeneous countries. There are plusses and minuses associated with that.
  8. What's worse is that when they get there, they vote for all the same **** that ruined the state they're running from.
  9. Pistolay

    So I'm a little confused...

    When they scan it in, a code gets registered. You can't reuse it. Just like when you print out event tickets.
  10. Pistolay

    Repressed Memories

    Google "McMartin preschool case" and read about that happened there. You'll never believe a "recovered memory expert" again.
  11. Pistolay

    She almost has a full green stamps book

    What's wrong with green stamps? I got my first pair of roller skates with green stamps when I was nine.
  12. Pistolay

    Your Hummingbirds Leave Yet?

    I live in CT, but right now I'm on a camping trip in New Hampshire. When we left on the 17th, the hummingbirds were still feeding. We left them a full feeder, and we'll be home on the 28th. I'm expecting them to be gone.
  13. Pistolay

    I think Grassley has had enough

    One thing I think is a safe prediction. If the Republicans allow the Dems to get away with this, I think they can kiss their base goodbye. Fortunately, I think most of them get it.
  14. Pistolay

    If you was stranded on a desert island...

    All you need if you're stranded on a desert island is the name your price tool. I know. I saw it on TV.