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  1. WHY are you guys thinking I got banned from THIS Forum?
  2. Swinging Dick How did you know? Have we met before?
  3. I get banned from forums because I tell the truth. I just got banned from another forum because "unspecified reasons" I have multiple forum names for every forum I join. Ban me on one I use another.
  4. What are you thoughts on the current stock market decline and the future?
  5. Will Donald Trump be the Herbert Hoover of the 21st Century? That is the question. I think most here like DT, so this isn't trolling. But if we have a significant stock market decline plus a economic slowdown, it could lead to a Democrat (socialist) as the next president with a Democrat congress. Also, it doesn't have to be a full blown depression. The news media and entertainment industry will make anything bad feel like a depression. My fear is that he will be painted as Herbert Hoover.
  6. AerynSun2

    Film Noir

    only on GT and TBS
  7. AerynSun2

    Film Noir

    OMG ... b&w = film noir
  8. AerynSun2

    Film Noir

    SHHHHHHH ... the above poster - post 2 - does not know what Film Noir means and don't tell him!
  9. That's MSRP and does not account for 15,000 miles. They got ripped off. There probably was some damage to it that was repaired. Insurance companies do not total a car just for being stolen. Tell them to have it check out by a mechanic to confirm they are not driving a car with safety problems.
  10. They got ripped off. Do they know about the net? https://www.truecar.com/prices-new/hyundai/santa-fe-sport-pricing/
  11. I never saw that movie. But, it is a good representation of one future. One thing to consider is the question "How will people have money to buy those things if robots/AI do the work There would be a few that could afford it but the masses might be poor.
  12. What should be noticed is your misinterpretation on the facts. 1 person was shot in the arm - the 2nd we don't know where he was shot. Life isn't a movie. One gun shot in a non critical area doesn't put someone down.
  13. You should have been more specific in the post I replied to. And I hope you explain all that to the reader.
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