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  1. You can hire a guide, but inquiring locally is a great way to locate spots.
  2. South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana have many large prairie dog towns. You don't need to go on an organized shoot. Bring a .17 HMR, a .223 Rem. and 1000 rounds for each. You will learn more about your ability to shoot under field conditions - wind, heat, direct sun, range estimation, etc. - in two hours trhan you would in a year on a range with static targets. you'll need a high ground clearance vehicle of some sort (with 4WD), plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen. Ranchers and farmers out west need help controlling these rodents. They eat all the grasses and/or crops in the vicinity (depriving the landowner of revenue), then expand to new areas. They make holes that cattle and horses step into and suffer broken legs. Don't bring out the cacasses; prairie dogs are cannibalistic, and will eat their own; the raptors, badgers, and coyotes will appreciated the free meals. Gaining permission to shoot them is fairly easy, even for visiting shooters. You must honor the rules they lay out for you - leave gates the way you find them, keep to the tracks, don't shoot the employees, cattle, hoses, buildings, et al. mbogo
  3. Oh c'mon! Next you'll be saying that some male figure skaters and gymnasts are gay! mbogo
  4. A wolverine. They are ferocious and would be a great defense against crazy chicks with machetes. mbogo
  5. I congratulate him on his ability to achieve an erection at machete-point. mbogo
  6. It's apparent to me that she is suffering from dementia. Medications can help to a degree, but she blanks out and makes up words too often for it to be much longer before she is quiently shoved aside. Remember, if she becomes Speaker of the House again, she'll be second in the line of succession to the Presidency. She'd have control of our nukes; it would be like having a crazier, more evil Kim Jong Un in charge. mbogo
  7. A loooong time ago, Peter Fonda was on "American Sportsman", hunting woodland caribou in Newfoundland. He was using an old lever-action rifle with studs pressed into it (in the old American Indian style). It was obvious that he didn't hunt or shoot much (if at all), and flinched badly while firing the gun. His bullet hit the bull in the neck; the Newfie guide tried to sell it as a fine and deliberate shot, but it was obvious that Fonda yanked the shot. He also got cut by the scope under recoil. In light of those gaffes, his insane tirade against Barron Trump was no big shocker. II expected his movie to fail; I didn't think Sony would even release it. mbogo
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