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  1. I posted about Glock 42 Mags here a couple of weeks ago. I started looking to see exactly what I had and found two of the 01 models. I was gonna junk them and buy two 03s to replace them but recalled that Glock had, at one time, exchanged them for the newer ones. I called Glock last Thursday, I believe. What a pleasant experience! A human being answered the phone on the first ring. I can't recall the last time I called a commercial business and talked to a human without wading through at least one of the "Please listen to the following options as our menu has changed," computer voices. The operator transferred me to one extension, the phone was answered on the first ring again by a human. Amazing! A twofer! But, I'd made a mistake in how I described the problem to the initial operator who was led to believe my 42 was faulty as well as the mags. This fellow explained that another section would swap the mags out for me if my gun was otherwise working okay. No, it made no difference if I had purchased the Glock 42 used. Wow! He then transferred me to a man (phone answered on the first ring again!). He took my information, telling me just to send the 01s in and he'd send me two new 03s. I got the new 03s today. I was on the phone with Glock for no more than five minutes (part of which was my fault for not clearly describing what I wanted). I can't help but wonder why other companies don't operate that way. Bob
  2. I notice that some say the 42 was unreliable, early in its history, because the mags were not reliable. I understand there are four generations now. BUT, I have no idea what generation my mags are or what generation the ones I see for sale on the Net or at the gun show are. Can someone list the markings for each? Bob
  3. I carried the S&W Chief 38, mostly the Airweight, for nearly 40 years, and kept on into happy retirement. It ws the 37 and 37 for years, then the 642 and 638 (still have one). Then I discovered that my wife's Ruger LCR had a better trigger and was just as reliable and weatherproof (it rains and sweats a lot during the Florida summers). I even bought a 3" LCR with adjustable sights. Then I was diagnosed with throat cancer. Radiation and Chemo left me feeling miserable, with a number of side effects, so just to make me feel better, as a treat, I bought a Glock 43. Wow! I loved it. Carried it Appendix style with a Mic trigger guard "holster." Sweat wore off the black finish (did I mention Floirda's summertime weather?), so I had it cerakoted. It always worked. Great for concealment, light-what more could one ask? But age slapped me one day, when I was shooting the snubbies and the 43. My shooting hand hurt. Not a little, but a lot. I'd noticed it before, but this time the pain was an eye opener. Medical issues kept me away from ibuprofen and the pain kept me awake. My VA Ortho guy checked me out. Bad arthritis and the tendon at the base of the thumb needs to be fixed. He plans to run it thru my thumb (I'm thinking "Ouch!"). That's in the future, probably early Fall. In the mean time, I bought a 42 with HD night sights (always put them on my Glocks ever since I first heard of them and saw them). Almost no recoil. I can shoot a couple of hundred rounds with no ill effects. And I don't feel too under protected with Critical Defense ammo. The 42 is even easier to hide than the 42-Clipdraw over shorts top and drop the T-shirt over that. A great self defense gun, IMO, anyway. Yet in the favorite Glock thread, the 43 was mentioned just once and the 42-not at all. The 19 seemed to take first place, and yes, I have one, but for concealment, the little single stacks are the cat's meow, at least to me. Is there something I've missed about those little dickens?
  4. I've been using several of the Pierce +1s and a TT+1 with absolutely no problems with reliability. Most recently, I've dropped down to a 42 because of some hand problems, but, before that, I shot a lot of full power, duty type ammo thru the 43 with no problems.
  5. moaat100yards


    I shoot trap at the Silver Dollar in TampaBay. My wife is a trapshooter, too. We shoot as often as we can, and look forward to the winter shooting season as there are a lot of Snowbirds who winter at the Dollar and they have some great shoots there from December thru March. They are having a little trouble with the neighbors and their 5Stand and Skeet have been shut down as a result of the Club's failure to obtain building permits over the years to build these ranges and the fact that the shot from some of these fall on property not owned by the Dollar . And they lost three traps on the east end of the Gun Club side when the County refused to grant zoning for them (they hadn't gotten the right zoning when they added these traps, either ). So, things aren't exactly going swimmingly, but there are still over twenty traps divided between the Golf Club side and Gun Club side. We only shoot the traps on the Golf Course side during big shoots in the Winter. Anyhow, I'm glad to be here. Bob
  6. Well, I'm a new member from TampaBay. Saw Eric's message and thought I'd drop by. The Canadian group that bought GT had, a couple of years ago, purchased a trap shooting forum I have spent a lot of time and effort on. The change has not been for the better, but we keep hoping. I hope GT works out differently and better than our forum. but only time will tell. Bob
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