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  1. .380 is plenty of gun for home defense. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Not as much as the starched blue jeans,
  3. Sheets, pillowcases and towels that have been hung out in the sun to dry. A hot iron on freshly sprinkled clothes. My grandmother ironed my underware ya’ll!
  4. Mix it with a little coke and keep on fishing.
  5. 10 centavos gets you down Magsaysay.
  6. My Kenmore dryer is about 25 years old. Ten years ago, give or take, I had to replace the thermal reset. It wasn’t tripping it just flat out quit. Other than that it the dryer has served me well.
  7. Is it possible to coat the handle with shellac or some other sealant?
  8. “Go get a Goo Goo there good”.
  9. Bud0505

    winter storm ,

    70* and rain tomorrow.
  10. To paraphrase the Geezenslaw Brothers, you call em country, I call them bad rock n roll. Not surprised they are anti gun.
  11. I think I’m on double secret probation over there.
  12. 1965 drivers ed. Local Ford dealer donated a ‘65 Galaxie, three on the tree and a 390 v8. Paralell parking, taking off off from a steep incline without rolling backwards or stalling all part of the test. And we never saw any videos/movies.
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