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  1. Way too high. Range guns are rode hard and put up wet. You can find privately owned guns for that price.
  2. My father passed away a couple years ago but the phone is still in his name. Recently my elderly mother has been receiving phone calls that show up from him. Freaked her out for a while. I got her connected with nomorobo.com and they all stopped.
  3. What about single men with cancer?
  4. Nothing beats a good pellet grill.
  5. My old time real barber is also my FFL for transfers!
  6. Milt Sparks recommends Renaissance Wax. I use it on everything, including metals.
  7. I hate indoor ranges. Can't work out of the holster, many have rules about no fast fire. But when I go to the range I bring only two or three pistols, each with 100 rounds. After that I start to get sloppy. No need to burn up ammo simply for the sake of the noise.
  8. Looks like fun. But I'm betting at what you've got in it the optic is not an Eotech.
  9. Going from a SEAL to a maintenance supervisor is a downward spiral, not a promotion. He couldn't cut it before.
  10. Please don't forget your and your family's mental health during this time. Best wishes!
  11. I just got back from a nice motorcycle ride. You couldn't pay me to leave Arizona.
  12. Agree with the above statement about a pizza stone. Makes a world of difference.
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