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  1. Sleeping. I worked swing. Wife calls and says "America is under attack". I turned on a television to see one tower burning, then saw another one take a hit. Of course I watched until I had to go back to work.
  2. I taught my daughter to drive in an automatic, then bought her a manual and taught her to drive that. It was rough at first and she wanted to trade for an automatic equipped car. Once it clicked, she loved that car. It was unfortunately totaled when she was rear ended at a stop sign. She was physically ok though.
  3. How about multiple clicks trying to fire the empty semi-auto. The slide didn't lock back when empty? Is it one of those "second chance" models like (can't remember who) makes that lets you pull the trigger again if a round didn't go off?
  4. I find a spot in the woods. I bring a target holder. I also bring a trash bag to pick up some of the **** other people leave behind. I don't want the land owners closing the areas due to abuse. Some folks just don't care...
  5. I eat them every morning. We buy them 5 dozen at a time. Usually in omelette form with ham, sometimes cheese. Topped with cottage cheese and cayenne red pepper.
  6. All of them. The particular models can be replaced, but I will not sell another gun again. Edit to add: I bought one that I did not take possession of. My brother needed money and was selling a stainless with wood stock Ruger 7mm mag. I gave him the money, but let him keep the rifle. You know what happened...
  7. It went away when the mom and pop company was sold to a corporation.
  8. I haven't gotten into riding anything other than pavement yet. It was a gigantic step up after riding the safety course 250 bikes. I'm way more comfortable now, and I'm looking forward to exploring other roads.
  9. My current and first motorcycle. Suzuki DL650.
  10. A Cougar. I mean a Mountain Lion, not the urban definition, although that might be interesting too.
  11. Sophia and Mouse. Mouse is the gray cat. She has thumbs, and seems to think she is a dog. She loves our dog, and hates Sophia. She could whip Sophia's ass, but she runs away from her. She must be a pacifist...
  12. I carry my G29 the most. The Ruger SR1911 in .45 is a fairly close second choice.
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