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  1. Oh, an old person is mad at their doctor and threatening action. Lol...yeah this is a situation they've never faced before.
  2. PBCounty

    Favorite Pie

    Coconut cream is the correct answer.
  3. What about the locker room scene?
  4. According to a firefighter friend of mine who was either on scene himself or at least his station was, the car was on auto pilot. How accurate this is or how first reponders are even aware of this, I do not know.
  5. I had to shut it off. It was just....I don't even know.
  6. You're genuinely mentally ill aren't you?
  7. I'm in hospitality management. We recently hosted a Jewish wedding. One of the guests placed a barstool on a high traffic exterior walkway and put two little Jewish teddy bears atop it. I let it stay for a while, but had it moved off of the walkway and onto the adjacent grass once night fell as it was a pedestrian hazard. Sure enough, complaint filed against me for that action as it was "anti-Semitic." Oddly, the only reason why it was allowed to stay there for the daylight hours is because I knew the accusation of anti-Semitism would come as it's all so predictable now. Anything else, as long it didn't relate to religion or black people, would have been gone immediately. Anyway, OP, I'm mentioning it because you kind of sound like one of those people.
  8. Anti-Semitism is a thing in the U.S.? Really? Yeah the Jews are so downtrodden. Anyway... You're not missing anything in Hollywood, FL. It's pretty much either a retirement town out east or a filthy, barely English speaking town of 1950's houses, crab grass and old shopping centers out west. It's kind of a forgotten part of the Tri-County area, unless you're visiting grandma at her affordable 1960's built "condo" (old ass apartment with terrazzo floors and a window shaker).
  9. Some friends decided to pass out disposable cameras to every attendee at their wedding. Bad Idea Jeans.
  10. Well, all the folks from NY, NJ and MA who occupy FL constantly piss and moan about how horrible it is here and how much better their beloved home state is in every conceivable way, yet they stay, and their family & friends keep coming.
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