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  1. Yeah no ****, I'm allowed here!
  2. I believe he is here already. But not under the G30 name.
  3. I pissed off the administration. Oh well, the site is not what it used to be.
  4. We have the 6 cylinder in our 65 mustang. It's not a speedster but it goes pretty good.
  5. I've been here since the beginning. Just don't post much in here. But since I've been booted from the other site, I might be around here more.
  6. Oh, FTM then. Hey wait a minute...I know who you mean.
  7. Cross posted to GT. I'm going to head down to Louisville for this event. If anyone else is going and want to meet up, let me know. We can have a fine adult beverage.
  8. God only knows how many knives I have. At least 100+. I carry a KERSHAW Launch 5 automatic 24/7.
  9. Those old ******* are already in bed.
  10. Bullitt The French Connection The Seven Ups To Live and Die in LA
  11. Trying a new bourbon tonight. Boone County Distillery, 1833 90 proof. My youngest son got it for me as a Christmas present. Smooth with tastes of vanilla, cinnamon and apricot. A slight leather smell to it. I like it.
  12. I just bought a dedicated 22 upper from Palmetto State Armory. I was building a 22 AR for my granddaughter. When I received it, I got it out of the box and found that the bolt carrier group was not locking up to the barrel. Had to send the BCG back and exchange it. Hopefully it will come soon and I can give a review. I also had an extra PSA upper I threw in for her so when she gets older she can shoot .223/5.56
  13. Let her do what she wants. She doesn't have much time left on earth. Hopefully she and McCain will kick at the same time.
  14. This past Saturday we had our family Christmas gathering. I brought a fifth of Orphan Barrel Rhetoric, 23 yr aged bourbon. It's a small distillery out of TN. Man was it smooth with just a small taste of burn at the end. My son said it was as good as the Pappy 23 he has. But it's not nearly as expensive.
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