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  1. A deuce-and-a-half I was riding in to go to the field got pulled over once, when I was in the Army. I never found out why we were stopped. It’s not like that old truck was capable of speeding on the freeway. Anyway, one of the cops peeked under the flap of the canvas top and saw most of my platoon armed with M-14s, M-60s, M-16s and M-203s. He didn’t look frightened (there was no reason he should), but he looked startled. He should have caught us on the return trip. The smell in the back of the truck would have committed an assault on his senses.
  2. I got bit on the finger by a really mean cockatoo last year. It got me near the edge of my finger nail, on an index finger. The bite split the nail about halfway across and caused a blood blister under the nail. The top & bottom of the beak penetrated in almost to the point of coming together. I had a nasty set of puncture wounds which got infected and even after the damaged tissue under the nail healed up, the split nail was a source of discomfort and irritation for more than a month, until the split grew out past the end of the nail bed and I could trim it off.
  3. I was at a girl’s house meeting the parents one day, when I was in the Army. They had a big Rottweiler that was aggressive and threatening from the moment I met him. That dog didn’t want me on his territory. We were having sandwiches on the back porch, as I talked to her father. The guy was a freaking Sphinx. I couldn’t get two words or any expression out of him. As I talked, I had a sandwich in my right hand, down by my leg. The dog came up when I was looking away and bit the piss out of my hand, trying to take the sandwich. It hurt like hell and it bled quite a bit. I turned toward the dog and struck him on top of his head with my left fist so hard that I knocked him smooth out. The dog went down like a bag of wet laundry and the mother and girl both gasped. Then I heard a sound like a load of gravel in an industrial clothes dryer. I looked over and the girl’s father was laughing his ass off. After a minute or two the dog regained consciousness and moved groggily off under a table. About ten minutes later, he crawled over to me and licked my hand. He had decided we could be buds. We got along fine after that. Anyway, I finally broke the ice with the old bastard. All of a sudden we got on thick as thieves. Turns out the dog was his wife’s and he had always hated it. Seeing it get knocked out made his year. So I won over the old man AND the dog, but it was a pyrrhic victory. Mama got frosty as hell with me after I knocked her dog out, even as the old man and the dog decided I was a good guy after all. Apparently, mama’s opinions held more sway with the daughter than daddy’s and doggy’s opinions did and we broke up a week later. ****ing dog.
  4. You should have shown him a little leg.
  5. Eric

    Old Pictures

    It’s a multiprocessor unit too.
  6. Eric

    Random Posting

    I just realized that today is the one-year anniversary of the Random Posting thread!!! Yeah us!
  7. Eric

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    I imagine that there is a lot more hands-on machining, fitting and finishing involved with the lever-action carbines.
  8. Eric

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    Is that from Big Horn Armory?
  9. Eric

    Old Pictures

    Nah. I just found the pic. Those two guys on the side of the steeple are having a bad day.
  10. He was, but it was on a little crooked.
  11. I was in Denton, TX this morning and I got pulled over for going 64mph in a 45mph. The guy had me cold. He told me why he pulled me over and I handed him my CHL and my driver's license. He never asked about what I was carrying where. He went back to his car and came back a few minutes later. He gave me a verbal warning and told me to have a nice day. I was going 19mph over the speed limit. I was certain I was getting a ticket. The officer was courteous and professional. The whole stop took less than 5 minutes. I am always polite when I get pulled over. I never know if it makes a difference, in a situation like this morning, but I think it is the right thing to do. Those guys have a tough, dangerous, thankless job and I respect them for doing it. I earned the ticket and would not have begrudged the officer writing it. It was a pleasant surprise when he didn't though and it got my Monday off to a better start than usual.
  12. Eric

    Random Posting

    Wouldn't she notice the blank adapter hanging off the end of the barrel?
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