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  1. There are a large number of political & social memes and posts in the Random Posting thread. So many, in fact, that they probably deserve their own thread. So, here it is.
  2. I just watched The Ballad of Buster Scruggs on Netflix. I didn’t expect much, but I was bored. The movie was one hell of a surprise. Check it out.
  3. Eric

    Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year

    That was outstanding. The first time I saw the movie, I left the theater feeling like someone had smacked with a goofy stick. I Love the soundtrack as well. I still listen to it, once in a while.
  4. Eric

    Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year

    I’d watch it. I loved that guy in Oh Brother Where Art Thou as well.
  5. Eric

    Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year

    I guess some folks get the Coen Brothers’ style of movies and some don’t. Different strokes. I am a big fan of their movies and I loved this one.
  6. Eric

    Random Posting

    HMS Endurance, trapped in the ice.
  7. That is one fine ass. Let’s see some beautiful cars.