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  1. This car punished the driver for wrecking it. Mopars don’t **** around.
  2. My point was that they rush to play the Muslim card loudly when Muslims are targeted, but are deliberately avoiding tying the Easter attacks to Christians by name, as if not naming the religion under attack absolves the attackers of their obvious intent.
  3. Today is the 104th anniversary of Red Sunday; The day the Turks began rounding up educated Armenians in Constantinople, kicking off the genocide that lasted more than eight years and killed as many as 1.5 million Armenian Christians. Historians believe that the 'deportation' of the Armenian intellectuals, as they were called, was a decapitation strike, to help prevent an organized resistance to the slaughter that ensued. And today in history, politicians and newsies refer to Christians as 'Easter Worshipers' in the press, after yet another massacre at the hands of Muslims has occurred. This is ****ing pathetic.
  4. Suit yourself, but you are missing out on an epic drama series. To each his own.
  5. Eric

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    Chuck Norris wouldn't have anything to avenge. No one would be stupid enough to screw with him in the first place.
  6. It's a Graham. This was an Art Deco-inspired car, made in the mid-to-late thirties. If you search for shark nose Graham on Google Images, you will find plenty of them. Keep in mind that 'shark nose' is not its name, merely descriptive.
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