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  1. Eric

    NSFE Someone spiked the Chinese.

    I added it. That pick was a bit graphic and I didn’t want to give folks a heads-up. the thread prefix is the first option below Thread Title, on the new thread posting page. There is a drop down list with several prefix options, including NSFE.
  2. Eric

    Random Posting

    That pic just ruined two pop culture icons for me, thank you very much.
  3. Eric

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    Yeah, the Tiger would be a lot more fun. My parent had an Alpine for a while.
  4. Eric

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    I stuck a Buick 3.8L V-6 in one onceand painted bright red, for a client. It was a fun little car.
  5. Eric

    Dramatic Pictures

    A pic of a bunch of severed heads is a bit much. I'd rather not have content graphically depicting serious injury or death posted here. Thanks.