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  1. Thanks Eric

    I am very new to your forum. I apologize if I violated the forum rules. It does seem new members here are pushed away rather fast? 

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    2. Eric


      I didn't ask you to leave. I would ask that you consider that your own behavior may be contributing to the responses your are receiving from several other members. I believe this to be the case. Rather than simply leaving, you might try modifying your behavior, or at least avoiding the problematic topics that are leading to these confrontations. You might also consider that addressing every comment directed at you is only continuing and exacerbating the trouble. My advice to you would be to lighten up a bit and avoid political discussions.

    3. Dog Soldier

      Dog Soldier

      I am sorry would you explain your comments Erick? Are my post creating a negative on your forum? If so I will leave this venue immediately. I never intended to bait or harass anyone? 

    4. Dog Soldier

      Dog Soldier

      Thanks so much for you fast and honest response. I am the "Problem",?  I did not know that I was the contributor to the forums problems. My short member ship here has been a learning experience. Thanks for you honest assessment of my poor performance.  

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