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  1. Eric


    This was a nice stroll down memory lane. I forgot how much happened in 1980.
  2. Eric

    Random Posting

    I was going to complain about it, but I didn’t have the heart.
  3. I LOVE wagons like this.
  4. Eric

    Random Posting

    Some things were meant to be together.
  5. Holy crap! Böker makes steak knives that are the same model as my folding knife! And only $100 a pair.
  6. Those things are a PITA for lefties. Ironically, I once found a place that sold a lefty version and it was ackward for me as well, having used the right-handed version for so long. Stupid right-handed people.
  7. Eric

    Random Posting

    That looks like a tripod for a Browning M2 .50cal. I've had to hump those heavy ****ers around before.
  8. The car is a 1935 Trossi-Monaco race car, built by Carlo Felice Trossi. The engine is apparently a 16 cylinder, two-stroke, two row radial engine. The car has been referred to as a 'spectacular failure'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Felice_Trossi
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