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  1. Eric

    Aircraft Pic & Vid Thread

    As a nation, we get the government we deserve. This is a sad time for our republic.
  2. Eric

    Beautiful Cars & Trucks

    Y’all forgot about the Chrysler TC. I can’t believe Maserati allowed their Trident badge to be placed on that turd.
  3. Eric

    What Car Did You...

    ...Drive when you took your first driver’s test, to get your license and when was it? Me, 1985 and I was driving my green and white 1963 Chevy Impala 4-door. That car had power windows, power door locks and A/C. It was equipped with a 327cid engine and a Powerglide trans. It was a great old car. It was also a boat. I drove a Chevy Celebrity in driver’s ed and learned to parallel park in it. Then, I parallel parked the Impala in the driver’s test. It was a bit of a challenge and I got marked off 3 points. I did everything else correctly though. I took a commercial driver’s ed class, to get my license sooner. The Instructor was a character. He was an old-school Cold Warrior and he wasn’t shy with his opinions. I learned early on that a fun alternative to sitting through boring driver’s ed lectures was to mention anything Cold War-related, early in the class. He would be off to the races and the time just flew by. How about you?