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  1. If you store it with the opening facing down, the ocean will run out.
  2. Eric

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    The winds must have been something. The pole of the stop sign by his house it bent at a 45-degree angle. My brother lost about half his fence and a sizable portion of his two big, old trees.
  3. Eric

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    My brother’s street in Dallas. A storm tore up his neighborhood quite a bit. There are streets for miles with piles of broken trees and branches, waiting for the city to pick them up. Not a lot of structural damage inflicted on buildings, but the neighborhood is a mess.
  4. Eric

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    People would **** a brick wall if someone transported a dog like this today.
  5. People raced the piss out of the Model Ts and that would be an extremely simple body to make, with basic metalworking tools. I've seen a lot of race bodies on a lot of Model Ts. There were hundreds of styles and variations of such bodies, because most everyone made their own. There weren't many speed and custom shops cranking stuff like that out for the masses back then. People mostly did for themselves. Anyway, I think it is entirely possible that could have been made back in the teens or twenties and little info is available about it, because some guy hammered out the sheet metal in his garage. It could also be a modern one-off or some combination of old and new. Who knows? It's a cool old car though.
  6. Eric

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    The tires weren't blowing out. The tread blocks were separating, but the tires mostly stayed up. Most of the wrecks happened because the drivers heard a loud noise and did something stupid. Having a tread block separate from a tire should not cause a wreck, in almost any circumstance. Hell, having a blowout should not cause a wreck, in almost any circumstance, if the driver reacts competently. Firestone got bent over pretty good because of that debacle, which wasn't right. Aside from the fact that the wrecks, most of them, were completely avoidable, the problem was Ford's fault. They were the ones who kept reducing the recommended tire pressure on the Explorers, to improve stability. If you run a tire low on pressure long enough, the rubber will fatigue and fail. A lot of people were injured and died because Ford would not acknowledge and properly deal with a problem on one of their vehicles and that wasn't the first or last time they dealt with such an issue that way.
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