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  1. Guys, please don’t drag drama from GT over here.
  2. Eric

    Random Posting

    Guys, I have asked repeatedly that people not post provocative/scantily-clad pictures of women here. I’m not sure how to ask any more clearly. I don’t want content like that in the public forums on TBS.
  3. Eric

    Zombie land 2

    I saw Zombieland 2 this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. These sequels seldom compare favorably with the originals, but this one was as good as the original. Maybe better. The only fly in the ointment was that we inadvertently purchased tickets to a 4DX movie. This is where they have the full-motion seats and even wind and rain effects. The seats bucking and rolling were uncomfortable and distracting. That experience lasted about 5 minutes and then I took matters into my own hands. I used the light on my phone to find the electrical plug in the back of the bank of seats and unplugged it. After that, it was a lot of fun.
  4. Eric

    Random Posting

    Tom Cruise and Wilford Brimley are the same age in the photos below. That Diabeetus is a bitch.
  5. Eric

    Name That Movie

    Hamburger Hill. Good flick. That came out when I was in the Army. There must have been twenty guys from my platoon watching it together. I think we made the rest of the audience uncomfortable. Apparently, twenty guys yelling 'Get Some!', in a firefight scene is frowned upon, in polite society.
  6. Eric

    Name That Movie

    Come on, you can do better than that. Weird Science.
  7. Eric

    Name That Movie

    It was a made-for-HBO movie called El Diablo, starring Lou Gossett Jr and Anthony Edwards. It isn’t well known, but it was funny as hell.
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