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  1. Eric

    Garuda Linux

    I just ran into a really weird problem. I had to take Garuda Linux off the old MacBook Pro, although it is still running in a virtual container on my current MacBook Pro. It was causing kernel panics and locking up on the old machine. So, I decided to install Linux Mint on there instead. This happened. Linux Mint installed correctly enough on the old MacBook Pro that everything appeared to work, but it decided the thing had two screens attached. I've been doing this a long time and I haven't run across that one before. Now that it is fixed though, the old laptop is running great.
  2. It is a great movie and him singing part of the themesong when the credits rolled was touching.
  3. Eric

    Garuda Linux

    All I had to do was install a synaptic input manager for the trackpad and everything is working. I thought it was going to be a fight. I love this OS.
  4. I imagine the ones that are probably get sick of the jokes though.
  5. Eric

    Garuda Linux

    It just occurred to me that my old MacBook Pro was just sitting in the safe, drawing dust. Leaving it in there as a spare copy of the old data was a little silly. I stuck a fresh drive in it and just installed Garuda Linux on it as the only OS. Everything works, so far. I was just watching the progress bars of all the downloads on the post-install update. It never occurred to me to wonder why they called their package manager Pacman. Flickering back and forth between the red upper and lower-case ‘C’ characters at the end of each progress bar does look like Pac-Man eating the little zeroes in its path.
  6. I really don't normally go out and buy, or eat potato chips and other snacks every day, but I just spotted another new product today and got a bag. It's a keeper. The newcomer is Lay's Cheddar Jalapeño potato chips. There is a bit more heat than most of the contenders, but it still isn't hot. There is just enough heat there to leave a mild tingle on the tongue. The cheddar flavor is distinctive, without being overpowering. The struck a nice balance. If this were a thicker, ruffled chip, I would have a new hands-down favorite. As it is, it definitely makes the Top Three list. Well done, Lay's.
  7. As in Messerschmitt ME(BF)-109 NAZI fighters. Messerschmitt made all sorts of things after the war, to keep their doors open. They made a 3-wheel tandem seat car too, that was basically a stretched fighter cockpit. Post-war Germans needed jobs and they needed cars.
  8. They need to through some high-volume, high-pressure pumps into Lake Michigan and give that town an enema.
  9. A factory-supercharged 1957 Ford Country Sedan wagon. Nice.
  10. You are going to have to explain your meaning of the word ‘broad’, in that context.
  11. Yeah, he has a whole room full of cars with huge engines, from aircraft, tanks, etc. they all look like they were built that way originally and that takes some doing.
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