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  1. Personally, I never understood why cops stopped carrying rifled slug guns. They will cure what ails you.
  2. Killing the engine is a good start though. The vehicle will only lose enertia at that point and it instantly becomes a hell of a lot harder to aim it. Some well-aimed gunfire shouldn't be the whole plan, but it should certainly be in the mix.
  3. Brenneke Penetrator slugs are 1-1/3 ounces of super-hard lead, traveling at 1,650fps. The company designed them to penetrate just about anything, including engine blocks. If you put a few rounds into the center of the engine compartment, you stand a good chance of killing the engine. If instead though you put a few rounds into the driver's area of the vehicle, the slugs are not going to get deflected or slowed down much by the vehicle's glass or cabin structure, or by the driver's structure.
  4. I would position officers with 12-gauge slug guns at the approaches. Those slugs will work equally well on the assailant and his vehicle.
  5. Fine. He had pulled the cords out of their sockets before he went medieval on them. Access to the window and the cords is now well blocked and I wired the tree lights into a variable power supply that I use to test electronics.
  6. If your dog gets tangled in the light cords for the Christmas tree lights while trying to look out the window, panics and pulls the cords out of the plugs, they will then most likely shred the **** out of the cords and everything in their immediate vicinity, in retaliation. Carry on.
  7. I prefer copper. PVC doesn't age well and it doesn't like the cold. I've had it burst before and like you said, it can be interesting. Copper costs more and it takes a little longer to install, but it is forever.
  8. I grew up in auto shops. Seeing electrical conduit and copper pipe for compressed air just feels like home.
  9. I’ve wired a lot of shops. It is nice to be able to set everything up exactly where you want the power to land. It takes a little longer to run conduit, but I like having the failsafe ground path and protection for the wire. I guess I indulge my OCD demon a little when I do this sort of work too.
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