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  1. Actually, that kinda works: One row Two rows Brown rows Blue row.
  2. You need teeth to say teeth properly.
  3. Eric

    Have You Ever…

    After I got out of the Army, I went to computer school during the day and worked for a while in the evenings, loading trailers for UPS. One guy would fill about one trailer per shift. That is a hell of a lot of cargo. All in all, it was a good job though. Time passed quickly and the pay was pretty good. Cheaper than a gym membership.
  4. I used to pack a rucksack like that, in the Army. Everything was compartmented in separate zip-lock bags and there wouldn’t be enough room left in there for an extra stick of gum. If you learn nothing else in the Infantry, you learn how to pack efficiently.
  5. I don’t know. When the voices in my head are getting along, they are pretty funny. Of course, when they argue, they are downright hilarious. What good is insanity if it doesn’t keep you entertained? Anyway, I have found less and less that engages me on TV for many years and things reached a tipping point for me a couple of years ago. I am sick of the social, racial and ideological propaganda that pervades every aspect of TV & movies any more. As for commercials today, one that I saw a few weeks ago epitomizes them all for me: That cop-hating, gangster wannabe scumbag Snoop Dogg telling me how I should buy a whistling doorbell to keep all those evil white thieves from stealing my packages and breaking into my car. I’ve had enough of this bull****. I don’t think this is just me getting older and more crotchety either. It sickens me where this country and its culture is being dragged and I am tired of watching its progress. The few things on TV that still interest me can be had on a couple of streaming services. I want no part of the rest.
  6. That is complete anarchy! If you aren’t going to arrange them by order of ascending height, at least alphabetize them, for God’s sake!
  7. It’s been three weeks or so for me. How about you?
  8. Well, it was the Master’s estate.
  9. Eric

    Random Posting

    Some cars have knee-level airbags. If you get in a wreck, you could end up getting pistol-whipped in the nuggets.
  10. Looked back at your day, estimated the amount of weight you loaded & unloaded and had a retroactive hernia?
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