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Lone Wolf Distributors


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Lone Wolf Distributors is the manufacturer and dealer of a wide variety of parts and accessories for Glock pistols, plus a wide variety of other items.

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I have been dealing with JR and Dan for years!!  Great people. I have a lot of their stuff in my safes!!!

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 Lone Wolf has so much to offer and free shipping over 25 bucks. They have fair prices. Buying barrels I've stopped counting after getting 25 of them.

 Lots of Glock items. The slide machining and refinishing has been excellent on my parts.

Just sayin.

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I just purchased an Alpha Wolf Barrel for my Glock 40.  All 3 types/brands of 10mm do not load properly in it HSM, Remington, and Sig Sauer.  I have called their customer service and they said they will fix or replace the barrel after I send it in.  I will send it in, but if and when they find it is their problem, I will ask them IF they do not offer to pay for my shipping it back to them.  Again, IF they do not offer something fair, like that. 

They were wonderful on the phone and I realize not everything can be perfect always, so I will wait and see what happens.

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